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The Little Silver Kitty Returned

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    • By havingstl
      I am going to write a little bit about my outings with the GMX.  It will be fun and maybe I will be able to harvest some advice from more experienced detector/prospectors.  I did go to a creek/swimming hole but had very little time with the detector. I have a very young family and it can be hard to concentrate when 1 of my 4 kids is getting hurt or stuck or ....  so I gave up on it pretty quickly that day.
      I was able to get out to the Lynx Creek withdrawal area with a friend.  He's new as well and using a Time Ranger Pro.  I looked on Google Earth and picked out a wash that ran parallel with the main creek.  That way we would be able to detect in and out on our hike.  Unfortunately,  the borders of the withdrawal area are not marked well on the maps I found available but the private claim the wash was on is marked really well once you get out there.  We hiked along the fence for a while looking for area that might be interesting to detect.  The only spot I found was a large hole.  The material excavated was a different color than the surrounding soil so I dug a few iron targets from the pile.  It doesn't seem like anyone has thoroughly gone through all that material with a detector and there are many hot rocks and pieces of iron mixed in with the material.  Eventually, we hiked down to the main creek bed.  My partner moved quite a bit faster than me and found many tin cans along the way.  I tried to be as meticulous as I could whenever we found a wash to detect and found only one large can.  I think I will bring him on my future trips and send him in front of me to remove large trash items.  We detected up the mostly dry creek bed and dug trash target after trash target.  I heard it was trashy here but I had no idea it would be this bad.  The area had many hot rocks which would send my detector into overload if touched.  I ended up needing to set the detector down to level 3 sensitivity just to get around  without overloading constantly.  All in all it was a fun outing with some rugged hiking and a near heart attack when a deer jumped up about 5 feet in front of me.  I was using the 6inch concentric coil but would like to take the 4x6 double d out here and see if it is able to handle the hot rocks any better. 
      Outing 3 was to the same area but I wanted to try the mineralization tracking feature of the detector.  Lynx creek is more known for gold panning so I thought I might have better success that way.  I swung it around and everything in the area is really mineralized.  I was able to find a couple spots with a bit of an increase on the meter and it was really did seem like there was quite a bit more black sand in the areas the detector was interested in.  I panned for a while in these areas but found no gold.  After a while I wanted to try detecting up the hillside in front of me.  It was pretty steep and, I thought, difficult enough to deter some prospectors.  When I got up there it was definitely steep and full of loose rocks.  I was only able to detect a small portion of the hillside but I found plenty bullets.  Many of the loose rocks were quite hot.  At this point I was getting better at listening to the detector and figuring out which sounds are hot rocks but it was still pretty challenging on this hillside  I was worried about pushing one of the rocks out of the way and killing one of my kids who might have wandered underneath me.  After a short time of this I could tell that my families patience had run out and we probably needed to head home, still gold-less 
      Unfortunately, there is a new issue in this area.  The management of the forest forgot to renew the mineral withdrawal and now large areas are now private claims.  The area i had originally planned on going the 3rd outing was all claimed up with fresh signs everywhere.  I can only assume fences will follow.  In the end I don't know if Lynx Creek is a good area to detect.  If I come out here again I will bring my TDI and see if that makes the hot rocks anymore bearable.  I am digging all the targets anyway so I don't know if the discrimination afforded by the GMX is helping.  I will try and head out again soon.  Hopefully the temps here in AZ will go down soon and I can get into more of the GPAA claims in the area.

    • By mn90403
      Last night I wanted to go out and see the Comet so I needed to go to a dark sky.  I know a couple of very dark sky places where I have hunted nuggets in the past.  I had checked the weather and it said it was going to be 106 for a high and still at 100 at sunset but it was a pleasant 88 when I got there.
      I left the coast at 4 PM and the trip was just awful with traffic.  It took 4.5 hours for a 3 hour trip.  I got to the viewing area at a good time and couldn't see anything because the sky was still too bright because the sun had just set.  Before I could get my boots on a couple of the red ants had already stung me.  While I was waiting I started to detect.  I was getting some little bbs and some trash so I was in an area that had not been completely worked.  Meanwhile the sky is getting dark and then I see a faint glimpse of the Comet.  I tried to take some pictures but I don't have those skills so I'll show a sunset picture.

      I could see the Comet well with the unaided eye but it is not possible to see details.  It has quite a long tail against the dark sky.  I was detecting with a light and checking back against the sky until it became too difficult for my eyes to adjust from lighted ground to sky.  I concentrated on my detecting as the Big Dipper rotated and the Comet got too close to the horizon.  At midnight I had no nugget and I wanted to make a short move.
      As you can see the moon is a sliver and it set so the desert is a very dark place.  I think I would be there until sunrise if I didn't use the GPS on 7000.  The car gets lost after a 100 plus yards or so.  
      I had two detectors with me but I was determined to use the 15x10 Xcoil and find its first nugget.  About an hour at the new location and several hot rocks later I got an almost 'ghost sound' and decided to scrape.  The signal got better and it wasn't surface trash but I had dug hot rocks this deep already.  When I got down 6-7 inches the target was out.  I knew it wasn't big but I could see a little hot rock and I captured it with the magnet.  I waved over the spot and the response was still there.  Could it really be an end to the skunk?
      The last time I detected for gold was April 3.  I had been out 3 other times this year with no result.  I had dug bullet pieces tonight that I was 'wishing' were golden in color but all were dull gray.  I separated the scoop material and heard a little thunk and saw a glimmer of gold.  It was time to relax.  This was a .4g nugget.  I've found larger nuggets, smaller nuggets and more nuggets than this night but I had accomplished my goal.  I had seen the Comet and gotten a nugget.  

      It was time to get back safely and not fall asleep on the 3 hour drive.  I got back at 5 AM before the traffic this time.
    • By Coinboy
      ...to my uncle! I was detecting a local park when I got a solid 55 at 4 inches with the simplex. When I dug it out I saw a big fat ring in the hole! My uncle was visiting our house and when I showed him the ring he immediately took it and said is this tungsten? Yes, I replied confused. He said I lost this 2 years ago on my last visit to your house! I was in the park and when I got home it wasn’t on my finger! I was stunned and I happily offered it to him. He thanked me a million times and almost cried. It feels really good to make someone’s day especially your uncle! Thanks for looking!

    • By DF in TX
      For the holiday weekend last week I was determined to get a little more time on my new Nox 800 despite the heat and humidity.  Most of my old permissions have changed hands now, so I headed to a bed and breakfast owned by my sister just to try to learn the new machine more.  I'd been there a few years ago without much success, but recently studied a map from 1872 and saw there had been a fairly large house across the street where they have one of their cottages now.
      The door to the 1872 house appeared to be approximately where there is now a rock and gravel driveway.  Knowing I wouldn't last long in the heat even though it was the morning, I left the driveway for another day and moved to the grass under some trees near the ditch, hoping for some old coins.
      Within a few seconds I got a solid (but elongated in one direction in pinpoint mode) repeatable tone in the lower to mid 20s.  In the bottom of the plug there was a partial old red brick, and the edges of two more bricks in the side of the hole.  I took this as good potential in terms of time period.  Anyway, I removed the brick from the bottom of the plug and found a square nail with the pinpointer.  Knowing that wasn't what I heard, I probed deeper in the plug and pulled out an intact skeleton key!  Didn't detect anymore because my brother-in-law came out and we visited for quite a while, and it was getting hotter by the minute.
      The next morning I went back for some more.  About 4' from where I found the skeleton key I got a solid 24 signal that seemed to be shaped more like a coin.  This one had broken glass in the hole and plug.  I have to admit I was a bit disappointed when I pulled out what looked like jewelry with lots of rhinestones instead of a coin!
      A little while later my sister came by and I showed her the piece of jewelry.   She took it inside and cleaned it, and brought it out on the porch while we tried to figure out what it was.  We finally decided it may be an old hat pin?
      Anyway, my sister said that the rhinestones were a really good quality.  I took my pocket knife out and tried to scratch one, but it was too hard.  Hmm.  For the fun of it I got a piece of the broken glass I'd dug out of the hole and cleaned a small area on it.  Would the "rhinestones" scratch the glass?  They did!  I felt kind of sick for a while!
      I know there are other things that can scratch glass besides diamonds, but just the thought that these might be real diamonds was pretty exciting.  But it looks like the metal was silver plated and not solid silver, so I'm thinking that real diamonds wouldn't have been set into cheaper material.  I plan on taking it to a jeweler to find out what the rocks really are, but that probably won't be very soon due to the current pandemic situation in my state.
      Thanks for looking, and happy hunting!  Wow, just realized this was the length of a short novel--sorry!

    • By ColonelDan
      I received a text message from a friend yesterday telling me that one of our neighbors up the street lost his wedding band while playing on one of those large inflatable water slides.  He asked me if I could help.  Of course I said yes and my friend picked me up in his golf cart and we headed to the man’s house.
      Our neighbor was standing by the water slide staring pensively at the ground--his face and body language told me the whole story. 😰
      He pointed out where he was standing when he shook the water from his hands and felt his ring fly off.  He and his young son had searched the area for over an hour...even using a magnet in desperation--not very effective on a gold ring. 🥴
      Fortunately, the suspected area was only about a 10 foot square.  I cranked up the EQX in Park 1, noise canceled, lowered the sensitivity since this would be a surface find and started to grid the area.  I hadn’t gone 3 feet when I got a nice solid mid tone.  I pulled out my Pro Find 35 and told him to look exactly where it was pointing.  He parted the grass, which was about 3-4 inches high and there was his ring.  The look on his face was one of total relief and incredulity.  
      He couldn’t believe I found it that quickly (neither could I). I’d spent all of 1 minute at the most swinging the EQX before it sounded off.  
      To say he was mightily impressed would be an great understatement.    He then asked me all about my equipment and detecting since he knew zero about any of it.  His wife came running out of the house and thanked me profusely saying her husband was no longer in the dog house!  
      Quick find; quick return and all is well. 🙂
    • By TreasureHunter5
      I found this in April of May of this year. I cleaned it, my brother put it on the grinder, and showed it to my dad. It looked shiny then, but since it darked and starting to chip. My dad looked at it and said it was probably my grandfather who had lost it in the 1980s doing yard work. He used to wear old jeans and maybe fell out of his pocket. My dad told me used to clean his pipe with this knife. My grandfather had passed in September of 2018, so I never got to show or ask him. It is a Trim pocket knife by Bassett. It was made a producer of beauty products I believe and my grandfather ran his own barber shop. I believe he got it through that business. It will never be like new, but it holds sentimental value. I only wish I could have showed him.

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