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Underwater Metal Detector Scuba-10gr

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Technical detail Metal Detector Scuba-10gr
There is no analog part in the device at all except for the pre amplifier
The device adapts to REALTIME, in fact, the platform is universal, the transmitting circuit does not have rigid bindings to any output amplifiers and capacitances, which will be set programmatically and will be on the transmitting winding.
Any waveform can be generated from meander to sawtooth and any frequency from 500 Hertz to 176 kilohertz
The sensor has 2 independent receiving and 1 transmitting circuits. thanks to this configuration, it is possible to calculate the depth of the target, the size of the target, and the volume of the medium. Also, in the future, we plan to configure each of the receiving circuits for specific needs. The device is configured by the PC program
The plans include PC software where the user can interact with the platform completely, change the system parameters, change the main processing algorithms, and configure the platform for certain particularly complex search areas.

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    • By Joe Beechnut OBN
      Final Modified Version of my Excalibur. Was able to silence the machine in rough waters by removing all of the knobs except one which ..and it is sealed from the saltwater by a o-ring and custom easy, fine tune knob. Stability is very good close to shore where water is smacking the control pod and the coil wire... I do need to get a shorter Allen set screw for the sealed on/off threshold knob I made...but for now the allen is coated with aquaseal and the internal shaft on the pot has a plastic cover to break contact with the SS knob shaft. Not real happy about the toggle on the handle which is used to go between PP and disc. But I had a bad batch of the IP68 yellow momentary push buttons ..... had two fail on me.... I was right in the middle of a good hunt and had one go out on me..so I pulled it out and chopped it off to finish the hunt., got home and made more changes to the excal.  Hopefully in the future they can get better quality switches. 
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      The battery seems to be working fine for now, we will see once I get out on the beach. 
      All of the connections look in good shape too.  
      Let me know what yall think I should do to get this puppy back up to par.

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