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Gpx-4500 Finds 100's Of Nuggets And A Sunbaker!

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Beautiful Country! Tremendous Patch! Enjoy! Ig 😜


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Nice pile, wish that was in my ceral bowl!  😃

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    • By And
      Hello friends,
      I made a two-part video about how we use Gold Detectors in European creeks. I first was scared of sharing it here, cause we really are no experts on metal detectors and you Pros here will sure find some things, I messed up. But maybe it's entertaining for you, to listen to a detector-non-Pro 😃.
      Please cut me some slack. I tried to focus on the things, I do have some experience with and that's how we use the detectors in our creeks... Enjoy
    • By mn90403
      Victoria still has some gold.  I didn't find much of it but maybe I needed these new maps!
    • By Erik Oostra
      This article caught my attention as I've also been on the receiving end.. 

    • By geof_junk
      I have updated my files for historical goldmines in Google Earth and have put them in PDF file that makes it simple to get the type and state that you want.
      Historical Gold Mines in Google Earth.pdf
    • By Smithsgold
      Finding Placer Gold with a Metal Detector and a Breaker Bar 
      Armed with a Breaker Bar and a Minelab SDC 2300, a White's Gold Master V-Sat Jeff and Gary ( Two Toe's ) head back to the Gravel Bar to finish up the search for Placer Gold Nuggets !!!!!
      Jeff brings the Big Breaker Bar and it boulder moving time on the creek while Gary searchs the high and Low bench for those elusive Nuggets.
      See what the guys find with there Metal detectors while working the Bedrock crevices both High and low !!!!!
      SG 037 Thanks for watching
    • By Smithsgold
      Moving Boulders to find Placer Gold 
      Moving Boulders to reach Bedrock Crevices to locate those Placer Gold Nuggets that are hiding just out of sight.
      Jeff and Gary ( Two Toes ) use a Come-along and a Breaker bar to move the boulders then check the bedrock crevices with a Minelab SDC 2300 Metal Detector.
      A Come-Along is a hand operated winch used to pull objects in this case Boulders !!
      SG 036
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