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Hello to all ,



So i went back to the beach after another storm nothing really changed as i think it is protected from the ferocious sea.

I managed few improvements in my detecting with the nox,first the finds pouch is now located where my heart is (yes i got one:)) which doesn't got down anymore every 2 minutes.And i found out that the bluetooth connection isn't that powerful that why it is cutting while i am digging or detecting in a certain way so i hang up the module WM08 on the pouch of my smock jacket work a treat.

i started on the wet sand and after not much luck(tide was short anyway) i moved where the gravel/shingles break with the sand and mud,and my session turned into mudlarking something i am really familiar with, so my skills prevail not easy to retrieve the targets from a thick heavy black mud but here are the finds: a silver ring with mother pearl,a large medal few fishing weight a 50 cal bullet(maybe from a dogfight this time :) i may return now with the PI or try again those muddy patches.


The next day i did a session of beach crawl with a mate digging into shingles is a night mare pinpoint isn't great and retrieving the target is worse i found few coins nonetheless and left with the question of what could be better to dig there than a spade..................hopefully this week i will do some Thames sessions.

Last pictures is my now my full home made carbone set up cost me not much maybe £25 max and 25 minutes job.The main stem is longer but i am tall the lower one is slighter shorter and thiner the arm cup is the old style XP one.I will weight it once i got find a scale :).The big round stuff is a lead weight i guess must be at least 800gr










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Nice one Regis,interesting information about the location of the WM08 module,think i may experiment with mine.


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Great finds, and that looks like the bullet that the planes did use, I could be wrong but it sure looks like them.

I used to be in the Air Force and have been to many re-enactments of dog fights. The amount of ammo they used to fight with was amazing and it sure added a lot of weight to the planes.

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    • By Coilpower
      It was a rather strange day today ......broad spectrum of finds and dates of coins.  BUT .........I got a tiny 9ct gold stud earring in black sand mix. A nice old penny, the other penny is just too far gone to see a date. Another coin for the scrap. Hubby ran off with the stainless steel hose clip thingys......guess some junk is useful eh? 

    • By Smithsgold
      Mountain Lake Detecting - Metal Detecting is a great Hobby, teaching the younger generation how to find hidden treasures underground is a great way to spend the day and pass along knowledge . Me and my friend Adrian hunt a Mountain Lake's Beach for hidden Gem's and Treasure's from Hot wheels to Pull tabs see what we uncover on the adventure  (SG 014)
    • By Gerry in Idaho
      I recently returned from a MD’ing trip to Cancun and the 3 of us used Minelab Equinox detectors.
      Finds included 100’s of coins, probably 10+ pairs of sun glasses, with 1 of them being Ray-Bans, 2 cell phones, numerous ear rings with 1 of them being 14K gold and another was a diamond stud.  Chains, bracelets and metals, some broken and others hole.  Over 30+ rings with many sterling, a few of the modern Tungsten and Stainless wedding bands and even gold rings (both white and yellow gold).  2 rings really popped out that were both 14K gold.  One was the blue sapphire with diamonds and the other a wedding ring with a nice 1+ karats of diamonds.  Even the 1st time lady digger scored a nice 14K white gold wedding band with a couple cool sterling rings.  I managed 21 of the 30 rings so I won't complain but the amount of gold was certainly off my standards.  Pic of rings on my hand were the ones I found minus a sterling that broke when being tumbled.
      We all enjoyed the warm weather, water and experience.  The Equinox detectors performed as hoped.
      Used Beach Mode #1, GB on, open screen by pushing the Horseshoe, SENS around 17 to 19 and Threshold so I can hear it.  All other settings were FP.
      What amazes me is the gold to modern metal ratio.  The resorts I hunt used to produce more gold than modern metals and now it has flipped.  in years past, I'd come back with 15 or 20 gold rings on a weeks hunt and never a modern Stainless or Tungsten.  Now it seems I'll get more of them than I actually do the gold ones?  Well the wife still likes going down there so I might as well get used to it and realize 5, 6 and 7 Gold ring days are long gone at those places.  Guess I'll jump into a lake and follow BeechNut around as his gold ring counts are still good.


    • By NV AU Hunter
      Heading to Mexico (Riviera Maya) in a couple days (if Coronavirus doesn’t get my Flight cancelled). Plan to use my Nox 800 mainly in the ocean in probably  4-6ft of water. Anyone have any tips or advice on settings and any good experience/finds in this area?
      I imagine I’ll run it in beach mode 2 and do an auto tune and manual GB once chest deep in the water. Sensitivity I imagine I’ll set to around 19 +/- as needed to stabilize. I’ll ignore everything in the -9 to 0 range and 12, 13 & 14. Threshold 0, recovery speed 5. 
      don’t have a set of waterproof headphones yet so will be running volume on 25. Hope I can hear this. I’ll be snorkeling with head under water. Any good suggestions on waterproof headphones for Nox 800 ?
    • By Rivers rat
      Hello to all back from the coast where i visited the G Beach again and another couples of beaches.
      1st night i went to a local one 10 min drive and had £3.20.........hard to dig shingles i changed spade compare to last week which make it easier the box is capable of finding tiny none ferrous target on the beach i knew about his capacity to find gold when i met Goldrat in OZ in March last year.....(time flies......).
      in the morning on the 2nd day i was at G Beach at 5 am with my newly modded sand scoop i replace the shaft with a 1250mm stainless steel tube 1mm thick and sold with 2 U bolts welded which fit perfectly the sand is called EVOLUTION will put the link later.
      Back to the beach not much to declare where i spent time in the last couple of week and where i found the Gold ring,so what i did is moving using the groynes as reference points.And i realise the further i was moving from the "main beach" the more i was finding bullet (14/16 on the nox) few coins and few fishing weight ,also spotted a shiprwreck will try to see if it is listed on a map later at 9 o'clock i throw away the towel.I ll be back with hopefully more gold between bullets
      It was super windy and raining so i couldt take my pulse,tested some new gloves and was very happy with them,tired to spend 20 quids in gloves and throwing them super quickly.
      The 3rd morning i wanted to try a another beach closer to G beach as it has huge sandy beaches but despite my hard work i found not much the funny bit is actually showing what the nox can find you in the immensity of the beaches...........my  machine is running quite hot and it s sparkly but with the new Digger i didnt leave a single target in the sand no matter how deep.
      Pick up plastic trash and 4 cans of cokes almost sanded to the thickness of a cigarette paper,ECO-BEACH GOLD MINER should me my new pseudo
      Sorry for the poor quality of the pics,my sleeping night are short and i can see the lack of focus.
      May Neptune bless you all 

    • By marieregina
      Was reading with interest forums on metal detecting after beach renourishment which happens often here on Tybee Island. The locals were saying it's not worth it but I went out anyways. Bought a Garrett Pinpointer and wanted to try it out. Found out I need to read instructions when I couldnt even get it to detect a quarter, lol. Was trying to figure out exactly where in the dirt should I start. Where they first place it further up on shore, or close to the ocean where they sand has been washing out to sea? It's the first time in a long time that I got to go metal detecting and that's why I went. Found a quarter, pencil, ice bucket and toy truck. On another question was looking in the White's catalog at the VERY expensive metal detectors, like the $1500 ones. Says they are for finding large amounts of treasure? Why wouldnt a regular metal detector detect that?
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