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Steve Herschbach

Nokta Makro Multifrequency Detector In 2020

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It has been common knowledge among those paying attention that Nokta/Makro has been working on a new simultaneous multifrequency detector for some time now. The Simplex+ has been specifically stated as being the potential housing for the new unit when it appears. This post from 2/17/2020 reconfirms work on the new model:

"Hello all... yes, the name has been chosen and the machine is in the works. Cannot confirm the release date as of today but hopefully I will be able to share more info further into the year. Hope this helps...."

People often bring up patents as a reason why new multifrequency units have been so rare to appear, but the fact is patents on machines like the 5 & 15 kHz Fisher CZ, White's 3 & 15 kHz DFX, and Minelab BBS (billed as 17 transmitted but more likely 2 - 3 processed frequencies out of 17 transmitted) have all expired. Nokta/Makro has plenty to work with.

Given the speed with which Nokta/Makro has brought new machines to market in the past and the fact they have a mostly proven housing in hand now via the Simplex, I expect an announcement by this fall with a detector available either before Christmas or next spring. If I was them right now I would be collecting warranty claim info to make sure the Simplex housing is bullet proof before launching the new unit, and that should be going well by now. In the meantime work can proceed on design and testing of the circuit.

Frankly, there is no need to do anything radical to be successful. If Nokta/Makro simply did what Fisher should have done years ago and mage a digital clone of the CZ but with target id instead of meter, put in a waterproof Simplex box with wireless, and at their normal great pricing, they will have a winner. Many people would kill for a Excalibur BBS clone in a Simplex style housing. The main thing multifrequency offers is good VLF saltwater performance, and a Nokta/Makro Multiplex (my guess :smile:) model would be an easy sale for a lot of beach hunters plus the general coin, relic, jewelry market.

There will probably not be any real news for some time but when I hear anything, this is the thread I will post on.

Nokta/Makro Multifrequency metal detector?

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53 minutes ago, Steve Herschbach said:

It has been common knowledge among those paying attention that Nokta/Makro has been working on a new simultaneous multifrequency detector for some time now. The Simplex+ has been specifically stated as being the potential housing for the new unit when it appears.

So it is funny you posted this , Steve, as the last time I was out with the Simplex I was thinking it would be great to have the Equinox in the Simplex package.  So when Nokta finally delivers on a simultaneous multifrequency detector, my wish might be granted. 

I must say that despite the similarities to Equinox, I really prefer the ergonomics of the Simplex configuration both in terms of the handle design and navigation of the modes and settings (for example you can go back and forth between modes on the Simplex, whereas on the Equinox, you can only cycle through modes in one direction).  If Equinox adopted a fwd/reverse approach to switching modes and switch the user profile and frequency buttons, I would be ecstatic.  Otherwise, the Equinox is ok.  However,  I really like the Simplex handle design.  It is not constrained by having the battery compartment in the handle, therefore, it has a more natural pistol-like grip (though the battery capacity is fairly small compared to Equinox at 2300 mAh vs. 5000 mAh for the Equinox. 

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Story of our lives, always chasing the next best thing. Sometimes our hobbies cause us great anxiety. (should have I waited a little longer) What fun would that be !!!!

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