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Blue Tooth Headphones Fell In Water , Repair Take Apart ?

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Dropped the headphones in salt water ;(

Has anyone taken these apart ?

Want to try to clean , also I assume [ always dangerous ] that this is not covered under warrantee ?


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Remember that when you dry them put them in a bag and fill with rice. The rice will draw out more water over a couple of days than the air will. Let them dry for several days and they should be good.

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For more reasons than I want to get into , but for long life ?

I do circuit board repair , and do not accept rinsing with distilled water or especially the rice thing as a fix / repair , but can be parts to a complete repair .

Not that either do not have some beneficial aspects , but are very limited / incomplete in trying to solve any water issues 

Fresh water has many kinds of components in it - depending on the source , and most all leave corrosive effects  .

In electronic manufacturing - they use deionized water for cleaning , mostly to replace some other chemicals .

In repair isopropanol alcohol is most common .

Then in this case - salt-water is where I might start using as clean of water available !  - but on a boat away from any of the above , so being able to open the case and rinse off and scrub with drinking water is the best that can be done at this time ?    

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So still looking to open up , anyone open one of these ?

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I'm still left with a couple questions .

Anyone open the headphones ?

And I would feel guilty , but is dropping in water / accidents under warrantee , about 5 months old ?

Found the same old junk on FL beaches , money & jewelry , no treasure yet 😉 

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Call ML for the absolute answer to that question (but I think you already know the answer).  The warranty is against design and production defects if used in accordance with the specs.  The BT headphones are not designed to be exposed to or submerged in water according to page 61 of the user manual:

”Do not expose the headphones to liquid, moisture or humidity, as the headphones are not waterproof.”

You can attempt to plead your case with the repair center, but the words are pretty clear.  You took a risk, gambled and lost.  There are a number of water resistant  BT APTX LL earbuds out there that cost much less than the ML phones (~$30).  Clone (non ML branded) or similar equivalent BT headphones cost between $40 and $60.  Quest makes a rain resistant over the ear low latency BT set at about $90.  Frankly, if you are regularly entering the water to detect, you should probably get the appropriately certified waterproof phones because even the water resistant phones mentioned above likely can’t survive an accidental dunking. 

Attempt to repair them yourself or just take your medicine and buy a new or used replacement pair, if the repair center does not take mercy on your situation.  

Internal salt water damage to electronics is pretty obvious to a repair technician, so being coy about the actual failure situation will likely not get you anywhere.


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Again my main interest is taking apart - I have repaired lots of electronics , but this may snap together / apart ?

Or may be glued , so crack apart , would like to know in advance to either snap or crack 😉 ?

Now home and want to expose the boards & connections , figuring that the only long term fix is to scrub with alcohol . 

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They should snap  together like several other brands that I have repaired before. To keep from scratching them I had to use a small blade dull knife to open. I heat them up a little to make the pieces more flexible.


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Ok got them apart ,  they unscrew .

1st have to pull the ear pads off by squeezing the pad with a couple fingers and also try to get under the plastic edge with another finger nail .

Under that is a flat foam pad just lying there , under the foam pad are four phillips screws , now apart enough to start repair .

Most of the damage was in the micro-USB , and the switches , so soaking a bunch with alcohol , Q-tips & rubbing with wooden toothpick .

I will wait and clean again tomorrow , then treat with one of the top contact cleaners Deoxit Gold .

I'l try to get some pictures & post .  

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