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Blue Tooth Headphones Fell In Water , Repair Take Apart ?

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I do my own repairs , but typically I'm last in line ;(

Got deeper into the headphones today , and realized  I was out of flux for doing ic chips .

Got the main IC off the board after taking a closer look & seeing corrosion on the edges .

Took some bad pictures , will take some more after I resupply and clean up more .

After removing the IC with hot-air station , and turning the chip over you can see [ bad picture ] corrosion - yellow on a couple edges .  



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Being fast with such repairs is key.. we keep our fingers crossed 🙂

I've precautionary snagged a ZZSY BT80 for 13€ including shipping. It should arrive today. Hopefully it pairs with low latency 😁

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I looked those up , only replies were from Amazon , and none available .

I did not have the option of getting into them for a couple weeks , so not real hopeful .

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