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Jeff McClendon

Deus, Orx, Nox 800, Gold Kruzer, 24K Test

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This is for those of you who may be wondering about purchasing an induction balance gold prospecting detector using mid to higher frequencies or just for the curious. I had a chance to do some comparison testing with the detectors below. Sorry, I did not have access to a Goldmonster 1000 or a Fisher Gold Bug 2.  These are outdoor air tests in thick EMI and cold temperatures, 28F. I tried to set these up as close as possible, but coil size, DD or Concentric, and EMI susceptibility were out of my control. The detectors were placed on the ground with the coils perpendicular to the ground and each coil made contact with the ground at its heel. All detectors were ground balanced and noise cancelled or frequency shifted for the best possible EMI protection. The only detector that was really handling the EMI well was the 24K. I actually could have run it at maxed out settings, but to be fair I lowered them a bit to try to match the other detectors. Also included is one depth test for these detectors using each detector's coin/ jewelry mode that was used in the air test. This depth test is for a 5" deep US nickel (no snickering please since the Deus and ORX mineralization bars are 3/4 full or more in my dirt). This nickel has been buried for 2 years and currently the ground is frozen. So, these are tough conditions. From my experience with these detectors their air test results here (due to EMI) are very close to actual in the ground results within an inch or so depending on mineralization levels of course. Please notice the coil sizes used in the test before making a judgement.

I'm not trying to start an argument here. I like all of these detectors very much and they are all excellent gold prospecting detectors. This is for reference ONLY. Your results may vary a lot!!!!!!



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Jeff, I find your tables quite informative.  I hope you don't mind that I reformatted them.  I wish they had better resolution.Jeff-McClendon_gold-detector_comparison-table_5.thumb.png.4220c77655b1703e5c0db5db00eca3b4.pngJeff-McClendon_gold-detector_comparison-table2.thumb.png.5be7c51a1d5eaebfd341f39bcc5b1939.png



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I have zero problems with you redoing those two tables. Formatting stuff is definitely not my thing. Typing is hard enough for me!!!!!!! I may copy your version into the original post if you don't mind. It is easier to read for sure..



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Gotta love a gold machine that uses concentric coils.  The 24K gets some great reviews for an IB machine.

Am I right that they have a waterproof version out now? 

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there is a waterproof version, the GMX, which has the same operating features as the 24K but is in the much heavier waterproofed MX Sport body housing. 



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    • By palzynski
      As I like the Vanquish serie ( I already have a 540 ) 🙂, I decided to buy a 340. Over here the 340 price is 240e , 
      so quite cheap ,almost the price of a coil ... My plan was to do some tests with the 340 and resell it later ..
      A few days ago I did my usual static depth tests. See pics below. I could see that the 340 had the same depth 
      than the 540 V10 , either on a big coin at 11inches or a small coin at 6inches, so very good news for the 340. 
      I could also check that the 340 is as sensible as the 540 V10  on tiny targets lying on the surface like small
      hammered coins , good news again ..
      So today I went to an open field cultivated with wheat. Sandy low mineralized soil. Low to medium iron trash.
      Actually the conditions were not ideal because the field has not yet been ploughed and I had to sweep the coil 
      3 or 4 inches above the ground because of the cut wheat. I found many targets , mainly 1st WW rubbish... 
      Among that stuff I could find 2 coins , a 16th century copper coin and a tiny roman bronze coin .. 
      Very happy with these 2 coins 🙂, the copper coin displayed 15 id and the roman coin 11 id . 
      The 340 is very accurate and deep, the same as the 540 V10 actually , I did not see any difference in the field, 
      the only thing there are only 3 tones for the 340 instead of 5 for the 540. Iron separation is the same between the 340
      and the 540. The V10 coil is excellent for coin shooting , and very light .. 
      The only limitation I see for the 340 , the same as the 540 and other multifreqs MLs , are high iron trash areas , 
      so the 340 is a little too chatty and slow on these areas . And unfortunately there is no dedicated "FA" ( fast ) mode 
      like on the Teknetics T2 ... On such iron trashed areas I prefer to use my Deus .
      So if you dont need wireless and backlight and you detect on low/medium iron trashed areas , 
      the Vanquisg 340 offers a great performance for a very limited budget. Even experienced users will be happy with it ...
      I was thinking of reselling it but eventually I will keep my 340 for the moment .. 🙂 

    • By speedman2049
      Hello from Canada!
      Long time lurker here from Canada reading up on many many pages on here (and others) on detectors and needed some advice/user experiences that people have had (and thank you in advance as i appreciate any reply taking the time to do so!).
      This would be a first time detector for me and ideally i would like to spend around $400usd and can maybe stretch it to $600-800usd if i wait, although i'd really like ideally something in the $400 range.
      My primary use would be for small tiny gold nuggets in my area (~0.1g-~1/2g) mainly hunting placer gold in rivers/riverbeds, and some relic/coin hunting on the side if possible with coil swaps.
      A couple of detectors that made my short list:
      -Bounty Hunter Time Ranger (non pro) ~$300usd (Pros: comes with 8-inch search coil and 4-inch Gold Nugget coil   Cons: Operating frequency 6.6 kHz) Seems like it can get the job done and used for both gold nuggets and coin/relics, price hard to beat, only downside is the 6.6 khz on smaller nuggets i think.
      -Minelab Vanquish 440 ~$300usd (Pros: Multi IQ Frequency 5-40khz   Cons: Not specifically designed for nugget hunting, no small 4-5" coils) Also seems like it could get the job done with the v8 coil although more geared towards coin/relic, still with possibly playing with sensitivity and no discrimination could be a viable option and was thinking about this one heavily.
      -Fisher Gold Bug 2 ~700usd (Pros: 71khz frequency   Cons: Specifically designed for gold nugget hunting, high price, not multi versatile as not many coils) On the higher end of the budget with price, not really versatile in the sense that i can only really use it for nugget hunting, on the other hand excels at nugget hunting but that's all.
      -Minelab Gold Monster 1000 ~700usd (Pros: 45khz frequency  Cons: Pretty much the same as the Gold Bug 2) Again high end of the budget, same as gold bug 2 except lower khz but easier to use.
      -Minelab Explorer 2 ~300usd used! (Pros: 1.5khz-100khz, multiple coils  Cons: Discontinued, Not designed for nugget hunting) I found a user Minelab Explorer 2 that comes with a carbon fiber shaft, 10" coil, 7" coil, 2 battery packs! I think for the price it's a steal! I also read that although general consensus is that it can't do gold nuggets, however a couple people had tweaked the settings and were still able to pick up nuggets that were as small as 2grain (0.1gram) with small coils!
      Please let me know what you guys think would be a good fit, as well as any others that you can think off, and again thank you in advance for reading this and replying!
    • By Steve Herschbach
      The waterproof pulse induction field is very limited at this time. It divides into two classes. Pulse induction metal detectors that ground balance, and those that do not.
      A pulse induction (PI) detector by its nature tends to ignore mineralization, so much so that in milder conditions a PI works fine without a ground balance circuit. As I noted above however a PI is not immune to mineralization. A non-ground balancing PI detector will sound off when raised and lowered over true black sands. The more concentrated the magnetite, the more intense these signals will be. The bottom line is that on real bad black sand beaches even a basic pulse induction will sound off if the coil height is varied too rapidly over the beach. In the water with troughs and depressions false signals are all but impossible to avoid. The most extreme situations require a ground balancing pulse induction (GBPI) metal detector.
      Pure white non-magnetic coral beaches - most any detector will work well Even a hint of mineralization - a multifrequency detector has an edge over single frequency VLF where there are both saltwater and magnetic minerals. Moderate mineralization - you want multifrequency or pulse induction. Severe mineralization - at some point a ground balancing PI (GBPI) is required. The above conditions grade from one into the other seamlessly. Hot rocks are a wild card as hot rocks in a normally mild beach can cause false signals on a PI detector that lacks ground balancing capability.
      Finally, I should note that PI detectors with ground balancing capability have a crude sort of tone discrimination that can be used to advantage.

      Fully submersible pulse induction metal detectors
      Here are the current mainline waterproof PI detector offerings:
      Bounty Hunter - no PI
      Garrett - Sea Hunter Mark II (PI) and ATX (GBPI)
      Fisher - Impulse AQ
      Minelab - SDC 2300 (GBPI)
      Nokta/Makro - no PI
      Teknetics - no PI
      Tesoro - Sand Shark (PI) (Discontinued)
      White's - Surfmaster Dual Field (PI) and TDI BeachHunter (GBPI)
      XP - No PI
      Finally, here are the key specifications for comparison:

      Fully submersible pulse induction metal detectors

    • By Gerry in Idaho
      As a very fortunate and experienced gold hunter who has had my share of success with a variety of gold detectors and found my share of heavy metal, I get asked this question all the time.  Yes I have my favorite but will not share it at this moment.  The reality is,  there is no "the best", for all situations and or people. 
      What I'd like to see, hear and read is your input and answers.   No wrong answers as this is your opinion. In fact,  even those who have yet to find gold with your detector,  your input is wanted.   After all,  why did you decide on the model you own? Was it price,  features,  weight,  depth,  warranty,  or referral from a friend?
      There are many to choose from.  Just off the top of my head,  I can think of 20+ different current models of gold detectors. Surprisingly each manufacture makes more than 1 so there is a reason. 
      Some on here are well known salty pros,  others are seasoned veterans and quite a few accomplished rookies.  Now with the price of gold we are seeing a new run of wantabees.  Realize everyone's experience is different,  so please also mention your level at gold hunting with a detector.
      Thanks for sharing your time, input,  thoughts and knowledge. 
      Me personally,  I've been chasing Au for 25 yrs.  Again,  I'll mention my favorite at a later time. 

    • By Steve Herschbach
      What do you think? Here are my top three contenders.
      Garrett Ace Apex $425

      Minelab Vanquish 540 $369

      Nokta/Makro Simplex+ $254

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