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Great water hunt, and sorry for your loss on the ring.

Wish I lived close to the ocean and had the same gear you have.

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Well done !!!Thats a lot of gold!!



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Bet your going back looking for that one that dropped, I know I would go nuts thinking about it.

Doing great out there.

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I'm  not sure if I've ever been that skilled or even lucky finding gold rings. good for you! great finds!!, I would love to hunt ocean water but I don't do sharks. 

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May Poseidon and Amphitrite reveal the treasures of the ocean to you. Hope I'm correct on my Greek mythology. If they do please post more photos my friend. Keep warm

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That’s awesome Joe! Great finds! Sorry about the one that got away. .but it’s waiting there for you. I would love to water hunt but our Southern California waves are brutal and I would just end up getting my butt kicked. Good luck my friend!

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  • Similar Content

    • By mn90403
      Yesterday I went on a detect and didn't get much until a little area on the beach where I found a chain.  It didn't have a definitive sound but it looked like it could be silver (it's not).  This made me check the area more thoroughly as I had nothing else going.  I came up with another chain which is a bit of odd construction.  This one would be a bracelet.  And then as I was exiting this little area I got yet another chain but this one is rusting quickly.  

      This is chain #2
      During the mile back to the car I thought about how the ocean can be very fickle.  No coins around these chains but 3 of them.  I wanted a 4th because the rhyme and title to this post was already stuck in my brain.  It didn't happen.  I got the cheap ring instead of a chain.
      Today I was going to detect with the 800 headphones again as a result of a purchase from a forum member.  I was glad to confirm to him that while they were sitting on his shelf uncharged they charged for me and also paired.  Great.  I was now on another beach but it was also sparse pickings.  No coins to speak of and I got to one area where someone left their grid marks so I skipped that.  When I headed in the other direction on a mid-line I got a small tone.  When I lifted my scoop up I could see the balled up chain and I knew this one was silver.  My 'line' was rescued and now I could post the title.

      This is chain #4.  It is only 1.6g/.925.
      Searching the slope proved unproductive so I headed away from the beach to a dig out and found the costume ring which I think is old style but of no value.  That was my beach hunting.

      The old costume ring.
      Later in the afternoon, I took my son to the park and one of the nannies said she needed my help.  They normally give me help and advice so I wanted to know what I could do.  She said she had lost her ring in the sand.  The sunscreen had loosened the ring she bought in Peru that was 18k with some little diamonds.  I had my detector in the car so I tried to find her ring.  She didn't have a good idea where it came off so it was unsuccessful.
      While I was looking for her ring after she left I did find the 1.1 g/14k ring with a heart shaped amethyst!  I don't find many rings in parks because I don't hunt them often.  This should probably change.  It is just good to get out.

    • By Slimpickuns
      Did pretty good using the AQ Ltd last month in the wet sand low tide slopes...1 gold per hunt on 3 different hunts! spending a lot of time hunting in "Tones" mode. I love how this machine screams over gold! Almost like it's telling you "You better dig this damn target right now If you know what's good for you!!!" 😄
      The total weight for all 3 gold is 17 grams and all are 14k. The stones & pearl account for some of the weight of course so total gold weight is probably more like 14-15 grams maybe? just a guess..
      Working on April now 😉

    • By F350Platinum
      Went early today to the larger beach. Another beautiful day, even the water was tolerable. Low tide is strange here, you go from having about 50 feet of beach to over 200. It's difficult to read but thanks to advice I've been getting from y'all I did great, at least for me and the 4 hours I was out.
      I searched along the tidal pools for a while, walked about a mile. Didn't find much of anything, not even an iron grunt until I found a couple of coins and this metal anvil. I assume it's for making jewelry. Shown with the ring I dug yesterday for size:
      Ran into a guy swinging an Equinox like a golf club, thought of getting a video, it was comical. Exchanged pleasantries and moved on. Only detector I saw all morning.
      Did a little more beach reading, some advice I got was to go knee to waist deep in the water, but the tide was so far out from where it normally is it didn't seem worth it, so instead coming back I aligned myself at knee to waist level to high tide. Here is a photo taken from where low tide was:
      Here is a shot showing the slope and where I found the coin line:
      The umbrella is at high tide. Hit the coin line! Did pretty good for a novice in only about 1/2 mile:
      1970 Mexican Cinquenta Centavos piece, (fitty cent), 4 relatively new clad quarters, Jeff nickel, dime, and a memorial. Most money I found so far. Copper bracelet and a Stainless spinner ring.
      Best find of the day and hence the title:
      Little gold wave ring. ID'd at 1. Not sure if it's solid gold but it's certainly 24k plated, really waxy feel. No marks. My wife loves it. Found it leaving at the entrance. She took the spinner too. 😀
      Here's my take on that - People get to the beach and are so glad to be here they run and drop all their stuff. I found the bracelet and both rings near the beach entrance along with the Mexican coin and the Jefferson. By then there were so many people in the beach it was time to go.
      Tomorrow I'm hitting the areas early where everyone sets up . 😈
    • By UtahRich
      It's one of those days that I had to go to Plan B.  Last minute plans for some detecting with a friend at an old ghost town fell thru. So, I decided to play catch up on some shallow water ring hunting I missed out on last year due to moving.  

      The last several years, I've been scouting places to hunt for lost Jewelry, specifically, rings. Taking a page out of Mike Hillis' post on Inland Jewelry Hunting Tips here on detector prospector, I've been making changes. Some great info there. The last few years it has been paying off for me.  Compared to previous years, my ring count is way up.

      Arriving onsite, the place still looked promising. Once geared up, i walked the shore and picked a place to start. Moments later, first target - a solid 16 on the EQ800 target ID. Some difficult digging in the rocks and the signal is out of the hole. And there is a men's black tungsten carbide ring with a center insert that looked like wood under epoxy.   I was hoping it was going to be a good day. And it was. 

      More hunting; some pull tabs, some square tabs, some fishing lures, a couple gold rings, a .925 silver bracelet. a couple more 'other' rings and two hours later, I was out of area I could hunt with the gear I brought. Looking in my finds pouch I see 5 rings, 2 of which are gold, a 3rd is a maybe and the last 2 are definitely NOT made of precious metal. 

      After arriving at home, the magnet test shows the unmarked white gold looking ring responds very faintly to a super magnet. Rats. First water hunt of the year yields 2 gold rings (1 marked with a very worn 14k, the other unmarked) and 3 others, 1 Mex .925 silver bracelet, and a finds pouch with miscellaneous junk / garbage found where people meet water. 

      While I missed out on having a go at an old ghost town, it was nice to turn up a couple of gold rings and a silver bracelet to get the shallow water year started.  

      Rich -



    • By F350Platinum
      Another beautiful day here, what a week so far. Every day is getting warmer.
      Today I put my water shoes on, got my CooB scoop and Limbsaver detector sling and hit the beach early with the Equinox. I went to the fishing beach again because I really haven't done all this and it was better to try it out in a place with fewer people. The main beach is loaded by 9 AM.
      Hit those odd piles in the sand again, found nothing but crusty Zincolns so I moved down to the water. That area must be a place where detectorists dump junk coins or something. 🤔 Wasn't disappointed for long, one quarter, my first Jefferson nickel ever, and a beautiful 1967 penny, along with the 2014 penny that must have been recently dropped. The '67 was DEEP. I found the coin line and those 4 popped right up, one after another. Sad that the streak didn't continue.
      Using the scoop was pretty cool, the sling kept me from picking my detector up all the time. Dig and sweep.  It was especially great near the water because I didn't care if the hole filled up with water. What made it even more interesting was dealing with these:
      Virtual mini tsunami when they pass. All the water disappears and then the 5 foot wake comes in. Fun. Carrying the scoop wasn't bad either, it weighs about 3 pounds, half what the M16 I used to carry weighed.
      At one point I thought I wasn't going to find anything else, I turned inland to avoid some fishermen, and bam. Got a solid 6. Y'all gave me such great advice, I dug that sucker and got me a nice Tungsten ring. Fits perfectly. Thanks! 
      I hope to find my wife something nice tomorrow. 
    • By Erik Oostra
      This morning I found a silver Queen Victoria six-pence (1900) in the same hole as this little beauty! I thought at first it might be a pull-tap but Foxy Noxy kept reading a solid 13 instead of flicking between 12/13/14.. am glad I had another dig..  

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