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Hello Kac,

This particular area, is both slightly higher in mineralization and in some areas full of old iron.    

I agree,  strongly feel a Vaquero with the 12”x10”DD coil will do extremely well here.  I’ll probably get one,  owned one before but failed to try a DD coil.  Have tried Concentric here but every time suffer stability, DD is my best option.

Appreciate your input, Vaquero is definitely on my list.  Tejon is a a little too hot for this particular area, Vaquero is perfect!

Thank you,


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Only thing I don't like about the Tejon with the 10x12 is bottle caps kill me. I just can't hear the difference on that machine with quarters and really have to split hairs with the 2nd disc. Not an issue with the concentric.

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15 hours ago, Paul (CA) said:

Hello Monte,

Thank you for taking to time to share information with the Cortes, Deleon and both Lobo models, that’s good to know especially with the original Lobos manual GB ties in with both modes.  Because of our soil in my area,  I’d probably stay with a DD to help stability a concentric may sway the opposite due to our mineralization.

You’re doing well keeping your equipment count down,  18 at present yes that’s quite a bit hopefully you can hit yourself target of 10.

      I had planned on selling the bulk of my top end, been saying that for years hopefully this year will make time to list them. As for the vintage models, probably keep those including all the modified ones.  

Yesterday,  tooK out four ID models to the same site.  Tekentics Mark III, CoinScanner 2 Pro, GoldScanner Pro and a Whites 5900 with manual GB. Only three pistol balls surfaced, and a pouch full of trash. Still, a fun day. Peaceful surroundings, an orchard with shade trees. Owner drove by and we waved to each other, he let’s me detect here.  Land is an 1850 settlement, now an orchard.

The Tekentics Mark III, is a 1&2 filter detector. It’ll adjust itself based from mineralization, overall a good detector even for relic hunting.  Use a fisher DD coil with the Modded Mark III, good depth and good coverage and surprisingly very good separation.

Someday when I get close to retirement,  will join one of your ghost town hunts. Probably bring a few vintage models for the hunt, Just thinking of the hunt brings a smile ear to ear 😊

Thanks again Monte!


Old detector and memories.  Again, I enjoyed the photo.  Of all the White's models from the '90s until recently, other than the XLT, my favorites have been the 5900, 6000 Pro XL/XL Pro, and a modified IDX Pro.  I loved the 5900 and the only reason I let it go had to do with weight and balance.  That's one of the main reasons I have been trimming my Detector outfit a lot the past couple of years, to go to lighter-weight and well-balanced models.

It was good to see the 5900, although my personal preference is the all yellow display instead of the colorful back-plate.

The Coin Scanner, with John Earle's 'Vari-filter' aka 3-Filter circuitry, wasn't a bad concept.  Kind of ahead of its time (since we didn't see the 3-Filter White's MXT for another dozen years)  and sadly it was at a rough time in this industry when Compass, like many others, was struggling and going under.

I have several detectors I just listed on my Buy/Sell/Trade on my ahrps.org Forums, and maybe two more to add to the list, and if I don't count my seminar demo units, I am down to 9 or 10 detectors.  All well balanced and comfortable to let me stay-in-the-game a bit longer.    But after the lst couple of days I need to buy one more 'accessory' item .... a wooden cane.  I use smaller-size coils most of the time but this week I worked the round 11" DD on the Simplex+ and yesterday the 9X12 DD on the Vanquish 540 and the larger-size coils sound-off if swept too close to my aluminum cane.  The costs of falling apart. :sad:

Close to retirement?  You don't need to retire to make it to a Welcome-to-Hunt Outing ... just take some time off and come have fun.  Anyone is welcome, and our 12th WTHO is in just 3 months from today!  June 3rd thru 7th in Wells, Nevada.

Folks use some modern digital detectors, some slightly older and more featured equipment, and in my case I have my dedicated relic hunting detectors to tackle the dense iron debris, and that includes my good-working analog, non-display Tesoro's.   I'm sure you have a great selection of models to fit right in. :biggrin:



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8 hours ago, kac said:

Only thing I don't like about the Tejon with the 10x12 is bottle caps kill me. I just can't hear the difference on that machine with quarters and really have to split hairs with the 2nd disc. Not an issue with the concentric.

I'm a Tesoro fan ... of some models ... and the Tejón isn't one of them.  I hunt mainly very littered sites, especially with a dense ferrous contamination, and smaller-size coils are a must, and Double-D coils do not work so well on Tesoro models for that.  I only use a 6" Concentric on my favorite Tesoro models, but use either a Concentric or DD on my other units based upon what works best for the site environments I encounter.  I hunt more mineralized locations, too.

As for those Bottle Caps (the pry-off type "crown caps"), they can usually be easily 'audibly classified' with smaller coils than lager-size, and a Concentric generally does it easier than with a DD.

I'm curious:  What types of places do you usually search that call for the use of a larger-size search coil?  I presume they are relatively trash-free/target-free areas, right?


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I use the large dd in open fields, meadows and some woods hunting. I use the 8x9 concentric in high trash areas like parks and ball fields. DD coils in general will put flat iron objects up in the copper/silver range whereas the concentric coil will be much lower below aluminum where logically it should be. Just a quirk with dd coils in general.

I do like the dual discrim on the Tejon. In a park I will put the first disc at the foil line and second at the pull tab. This makes coin shooting pretty easy for me. Nickels, medium gold rings hit in the same range, most square tabs hit at the high line of nickels and usually have a longer sound vs a nickel and sometimes a slight pop less roll depending on orientation. At least thats how they sound here. I use the default audio pitch as it has a bit of range to it rather than user set that is flat. The pinpoint works good to better judge size and depth.

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