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Great little finds you got, and they do add up over time.

What type of detector did you use and how much trash did you have to put up with.

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Yesterday was an overcast day which meant lower temperatures, the perfect opportunity to focus on a little spot I have that has very little shade cover. This year has been a weird summer, I have never

Dogodog, I have tried panning in the past and almost always don’t find much fine gold at all. These little tackers are liberally scattered around a reclaimed area where the bulk of material was remove

Hi JP.  I have experienced the same thing in an area like that which maybe a change in the season temp or atmos pressure. Last October I went to an area that I have been all over with my 7000 bef

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Hi JP.  I have experienced the same thing in an area like that which maybe a change in the season temp or atmos pressure.

Last October I went to an area that I have been all over with my 7000 before. This area has been scraped before and piled up for dry blowing a long time ago. In two days I picked up 39 pieces all small and very close to the surface, see my photos. Great fun for little reward. I have picked up in the surrounding area larger deeper pieces during the years but this blew me away as how I missed bits in such a close proximity. (check the size of the piece on the left side, would not register on the scales on its own) cheers Sturt




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7 hours ago, sturt said:

(check the size of the piece on the left side, would not register on the scales on its own)

It would surely have registered on my scale 🙂 You should see some of the small stuff that I find at times (BB size or smaller). Really fun to recover those with the 14 in coil...Thanks for sharing the pics. Very cool! Aussie land is just on a different level than anything we have here in the US.

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Thanks for taking the time to explain that to me. In my state we just don't have the gold. I'm very impressed with you gold guy's. Your explanation makes me want to try this even more. Good luck in the future and please post more.

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Excellent post, Jonathan!  It is great that you responded with a positive and real explanation of that spot...great experience and memories when times were lean.



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Thanks for posting the pictures and the explanations, nice to know you're just out having a good time at a spot that holds a lot of memories for you.

All the best,


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I'm going to go out and hunt some white gold this weekend, toilet paper...   I know a few places that are abundant with it, so if any Aussie's want to swap some of my white gold for some of your popcorn chicken gold I'd be willing to make a deal. 👍


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23 hours ago, Jonathan Porter said:

The whole point of this post was to try and “get off the roundabout“ and away from equipment being used 

Fair enough, but a few people did ask the question as they were obviously interested & wanted to know. It doesn't matter what equipment was used. It doesn't have to turn all ugly & doesn't have to go any further than what gear you were using, unless you have something to hide. You hadn't answered them which is why I made mention of a NF coil for the Zed. Simon made mention of a white coil in a couple of your pics, which I hadn't seen, of which you then obviously edited out. I thought that was a bit odd, like you do have something to hide. We have all heard about NF & a supposed coil they are working on for the Zed & it could well be that you may have been trialing it. 

Weather it was the Zed & ML 14" coil or an X coil or NF coil....it doesn't matter, does it? It is just a detector & coil finding gold which it why we are all here. People are always going to wonder what gear was used just out of interest when you show a post of gold you have found. Most people share that info or have photos showing it. You seem to have gone to great lengths to conceal it. I just find that all a bit weird & sure others do as well.  

Nice gold too by the way.

Good luck out there

JW 🤠 

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    • By idahogold
      Exciting Dig!😆Cheers from 16f Idaho! Ig
    • By Jonathan Porter
      This thread is a place were I can share and continually update pictures of any of my current gold finds, kind of like a gold diary of sorts. Sometimes I’ll include narrative other times it will be just pictures of what I found for the day. I get out detecting regularly and I use a lot of different equipment some of which is not open for discussion. This thread is NOT about equipment but about the gold I find as I find it. I will try to include pictures of the terrain so people can visualise what the areas look like where I‘m detecting. 
      I would prefer if others do not post up pictures to this thread but ALL DP members are more than welcome to comment and ask questions about detecting related subjects, especially about targeting locations and mind sets and approach. It’s OK to relate to a post and talk about your own experiences, in fact I insist on it. That’s the whole point of a gold thread, to share my daily gold finds and talk with like minded people about how much fun it is to find gold.
      The Last couple of days detecting things have been a little slow as I revisit old haunts not visited for years. I’m targeting areas associated with old gold finds looking for indications of other nearby locations that are conducive to nuggets being present. The signs I’m looking for are gravels that are exposed at the surface, especially with pieces of ironstone in the mix, then working off the edges into the soil covered zones. Clermont does not have channeled gravels that were originally associated with creeks and rivers but instead has deltas of wash that spread away from the source becoming water worn in the process, this means you can have quiet large areas of deco clays with very little gravels then hit an area the size of a kitchen with good wash that contains gold, sometimes it can be associated with a weathered down localised quartz reef which has acted as a trap for mobile gravels or it will be made up entirely of gravelly wash that has moved on-mass and delta’d out in a fan shape. The trick is to find these areas hidden amongst the tree cover and fine surface soils that hide them. Quite often you will head downslope following the gold then hit a blank of deco that goes for 30 meters then the gravels will start up again. The trick is to try and push the boundaries until either a major drainage gobbles up the contents of the slope or the ground becomes barren. The hard part is to try and decide if the surface soils are laying over gold gravel or just deco with nothing underneath. 
      Pics are of the last couple of days in two different locations.

      Day two

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      Cheers" from 20f Idaho! Way to go Bill! 😃 Ig
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      The police found it!
    • Guest AussieDigs
      By Guest AussieDigs
      Hi Guys n Gals.
      I’ve never ran a detector but very much looking forward to it. I live in the Nth East of Victoria Australia with access to what was some of the richest gold fields. I have no idea as to what the ground is like but it would be a fair guess that it would be at least reasonably mineralised.
      I know i will be a beginner but i dont want to spend my limited budget on a beginners detector. I’m willing to do the hard yards with the likes of an intermediate detector. The areas that i would be concentrating on is Beechworth and the Buckland Valley etc, so the ground will have plenty of iron and the likes and mineralised. I will be working mostly around the mines on hillsides etc. 
      I noticed a used Nokta Fors Core for sale so did a little research. Nice detector. VLF struggling in the mineralised ground or does the Nokta fair not too badly? A good used GP3000 is going to be twice the price and above my budget but i could work on that. Lack of descrimination would probably be an issue at these workings? Whites SPP? I’m finding it hard to get too much info on these but from what i have read they seem like a good detector.
      Because of the likes of the trash and mineralised ground, i’m finding it difficult to choose between the VLF and a PI. I could start with the likes of the Nokta and purchase the likes of the GP or SPP further down the road.
      Does the SPP come under another name or as an updated model?
      Thanks all.
    • By araratgold
      Just back from our first prospecting trip after taking early retirement and moving to Kambalda in Western Australia . Did really well for a 5 week trip with 216 pieces for 376 grams. Biggest pieces 10, 11.5, 27 and 155 grams.
      No more working for the man !

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