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Jp’s Gold Thread

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Absolutely enjoyable reports, thanks JP. Always an inspiration.

Just curious, in the places where you hunt is the gold originally coming from lode deposits near by? I am not familiar with the geology in your area, but where I hunt known lode deposits can erode quiet substantially into massive alluvial fans. Interestingly, in these fans the heavy material travels up, not down. Hence, heavier gold can be quiet shallow in these fans. I was just wondering if you have a similar situation there. Your gold is nice and chunky. 🙂

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22 hours ago, Jonathan Porter said:

Clermont is not known for its lode deposits, there are a few on the southern end but generally it was a very large alluvial gold producer in its hey day

Very cool, thanks JP. Sounds really interesting and thanks for the detailed description. It also shows once more that good  knowledge of the geology is the foundation for success, with you being a living example 🙂

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Onya, JP!

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Been a while since I added to this thread, travel restrictions have eased so I did the trek south to go see my Mum who’s been in lockdown and not seen a soul since this all started (she in a high risk group at 80 years young). Since returning home the shop has prevented me getting out much so only a couple of sessions over the last week or so, thankfully the good thing about gold is it doesn’t rust.😜


Some of the nasty ground I’ve been working (holes will be refilled)


Few pickers I got just on dark


Yesterday morning’s session with a bonus chunkster 🙂 


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Great finds JP, thanks for sharing and good to see more posts from you on this thread.

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