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Jp’s Gold Thread

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  • 2 weeks later...

I am not offended, Jonathan...

 I may be a bit envious of your location and opportunity to hunt gold.

Your choices will save your family and that is a wonderful thing!

The pictures and lessons give me strength...please do not stop.

 Thanks, Fred 

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JP, I'd be happy to see your gold finds as its the only gold im going to be seeing for some time. I also like seeing the sort of country and the lay of the land you prospect in. Sure is more interesting than just seeing a picture of a hole that the gold came from.  

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Your effort to inform is always appreciated. Thanks. It's pretty hard to imagine being able to go out near where I live and being able to detect. 

The information on Saturation and how to deal with it is fascinating.



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We are all anxious to see pictures from your archives.  We don't need to know how recent they are.

I'd also say that making solo or family trips out into the bush or desert is sometimes necessary social distancing.  It also helps to be showered with copious amounts of UV light.

Several of the people on this forum who live in campers and trucks are not violating rules on open land here in the states when they prospect.  They are complying with the stay at home rules because they are not a lockdown.  Heck, some of us are stretching the definition of 'home' to include our claims and getting out without as much success as yours.

Keep it up.


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