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Is Gpex Forum Gone?


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I stumbled onto this topic today, and thought I would respond.. I  used to check out Gpex very frequently in the past, but due to schedule changes, that slowed to once in a while.. A while back I tried to check the site out and could not find it, so I went onto a computer geek site  ( cant remember the name off hand) that sends a computer "ping" to determine if the problem was my computer or the website. I sent a "ping" to GPEX and got a reply the problem was with the site, not my computer..

When Larry Ame past, it was handed to someone else ( cannot remember his name off hand, as that was quite a while ago ) the fellow who took over said in an email to me that he really did not want to deal with the site..   .I hate to say it-it seems that GPEX is not there anymore...With the price of gold being so high right now, there probably is a decent demand for a Canadian site like GPEX was..

Nite Hawk

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There is a possibility the site is blocked by your internet provider. They could be black listed. Some hosts are sloppy and allow spammers to run ramped which gets whole blocks if ip #'s black listed. I ran into that with my company a while back and ended up changing host. One of my 3d programs site and forum are blocked by my provider and I have to get on the phone for any techy stuff or quick look up on something as the manual is online.

You can do a Who is and look them up then check on black lists like the dinks at sorbs and others that deem it for them to play internet gods.


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     I too was an avid content supplier for Larry's website back in the day. I think his site opened around 2006 or so. He had a unique way of dressing up his wordiology so that what came to the page had more flamboyance than you'd ever expect from a rugged old prospector. Not sure how much prospecting he did at that time in his life but he enjoyed buying and selling claims from his manufactured home just on the outskirts of Hope BC. I actually had a couple different accounts on his GPex website throughout the years since I really enjoyed the social aspect of the whole hobby and well, also Larry and I did not always see eye to eye. Anyways, he had his shortcomings but he also had many positive aspects that he brought to Gold prospecting. He was knowledgeable and his enthusiasm was what drove his dream foreword. Our differences seem kind of small now as they do with most of our differences as we all age and hopefully become more forgiving of one another. May God bless you Leah for posting something about your father.

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