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Yes Jason, I reckon your right about getting 95% of the gold in 10% of time spent, I am with you on that one, I don't mind leaving 10% that takes 95% of the time to get the last bits.  Way better to spend the next amount of time getting the next 95%.

Same goes for chaining/gridding, I just believe going over the ground once and keep moving along, to me you get 95% of the gold available in the first instance and keep moving.

cheers dave

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Jason, thank you for the hours of effort and the great report.

Have a good day,

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14 hours ago, jasong said:

Today I spent 7 hours of detecting with smoothing off, threshold at 24, bumped my gain back to 16 and slowed down to a glacial crawl and scraped or dug every single subtle, semi-repeatable tiny warble in the threshold I could pick up in 2 patches which I had just run the 17x12" and 17" round over. I started thinking all those barely there signals I got tired of messing with previously might have been nuggets after reading JP's thread so it was worth a go with brighter, non processed audio, to see what I missed. I've flogged these spots with the Z14 at least 6-8 times each too, plus a GB2. Originally ran with a thold of 12 and low smoothing on the Z14, as it was my go-to for Gold Basin. I knew there were some iffy signals to investigate.

I got about 30 or 40 hotrocks (mostly BIF and magnetite clusters buried 3"+ deep), a lot of small lenses of hot ground and black sand concentrations, a lot of disappearing signals, and I found one 0.17 grammer with quartz in it. That nugget was not audible in the ground on Difficult and I would have missed it if I tried tamping down the hotrock response by moving out of Normal, it sounded just like a barely audible buried BIF chunk. 

One thing I still know for certain is that kind of detecting still isn't for me. I know it's next level to find the almost non-existant signals and turn them into gold, and I know I could if I wanted to spend the time doing it. But, I believe I can get 95% of the gold in 10% of the time running low smoothing, 8-12 threshold, 18-20 gain, HY, Normal, out here generally and that lets me enjoy the time outdoors more, just my personal preference. The Z really does make signals pop and if you are on the gold and running hot settings, it's going to tell you without much effort or scrutiny required, the X Coils really do seem to sharpen up the responses even more on top of that too. A 10" or 17" X with low smoothing will hit stuff a Z14 with no smoothing can't hear even faintly. No equivocation. 

I am liking the 17x12 less and less and the 17" spiral round more and more. The 17x12 has a real problem with desensitivity at the ends, to the point that the 17" round is actually easier for me to pinpoint with and covers a ton more ground at greater sensitivity, paradoxically. The form factor of the 17x12 is greatly preferable, but I don't feel as if it's a lot of use when the coil isn't very hot at the ends. Maybe it's just my coil, dunno. I'll post a video tomorrow or sometime to show what I mean.

One thing - I cannot for the life of me run in Semi Auto with these X Coils out here, only full Auto. Otherwise I'm digging hot rocks every 2-5 feet. This is ground that I wouldn't call it exactly normal to dig more than 4 or 5 hotrocks a day in detecting normally. Ground is quiet though and it will balance fine. Another observation -  I haven't had a single "zed warble" target with the X Coils yet, not even trash, which is just an oddity and not a bug. Might just be my targets.

The reason you are having to use Auto over Semi-Auto is the rocks are high in X signal, because the coil does not balance X signal properly you have to rely on the combination of G and X balance tracking associated with the Auto mode. 

Just as a suggestion if you decide to go down this path again, try running your threshold on 27, Audio Smoothing OFF, Volume 8 and lower, Sensitivity on 9 and let the detector do the work. I feel the way you had the detector set up your enhancing natural variation into the target space which is very fatiguing especially in High Yield Normal. In essence your usual settings were using Smoothing as a filter to control the increased audio response that higher sensitivity levels create, lowering the threshold below 27 is tending to suggest you are using it as a volume control measure because it sounds too dominant at higher levels, problem is the threshold gets very stop start below 27 surging constantly.

Instead when using the settings I’m suggesting keep lowering the Detect page Volume to control intrusive non-even responses when using the lower sensitivity and higher threshold of 27. High Yield Normal has oodles of sensitivity even with sensitivity set to 9. Do not be afraid to lower the Volume right down to 4 or 5.


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School's in...

Also, isn't it kind of cool that we, unlike so many, are involved in a sport that already dictates social distancing and not hanging out in crowded places?

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18 hours ago, jasong said:

with smoothing off, threshold at 24, bumped my gain back to 16

Just out of interest - what are your Volume settings at and do you use a booster of any sort?  

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22 hours ago, jasong said:

One thing I still know for certain is that kind of detecting still isn't for me. I know it's next level to find the almost non-existant signals and turn them into gold, and I know I could if I wanted to spend the time doing it.

Thank you for this description of THAT!

I can't find the time to detect that way either.  The Arizona gold I've found talked my language and I keep looking for more talkers.  I did write down JPs 'try these settings' and will try them when I go back again.

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14 hours ago, Northeast said:

Just out of interest - what are your Volume settings at and do you use a booster of any sort?  

12, I think? Whatever default volume was, I've never changed it from factory on my 2nd GPZ. My hearing is pretty good and I've never had to use a booster, I still have a ton of volume to go up on the GPZ itself if I needed it, but I've never felt I needed it. Much bigger problem to me is audio fatigue where my brain starts selectively ignoring stuff when there is a too much of a threshold drone and too many spurious signals.

17 hours ago, Jonathan Porter said:

Just as a suggestion if you decide to go down this path again, try running your threshold on 27, Audio Smoothing OFF, Volume 8 and lower, Sensitivity on 9 and let the detector do the work. I feel the way you had the detector set up your enhancing natural variation into the target space which is very fatiguing especially in High Yield Normal. In essence your usual settings were using Smoothing as a filter to control the increased audio response that higher sensitivity levels create, lowering the threshold below 27 is tending to suggest you are using it as a volume control measure because it sounds too dominant at higher levels, problem is the threshold gets very stop start below 27 surging constantly.

Not so much using smoothing as a volume control as a way to make the audio cleaner so I can detect more ground, faster. Not by swinging faster but by concentrating on spending my time digging signals with a high probability of gold, versus spending time digging signals with a much lower probability of being gold or spending time stopping and analyzing signals that are largely just ground noise/EMI. Do I miss stuff? Yes.

I am not in the camp that I need to hear the ground under me. I understand it's not PC to say this as most the experienced guys generally say they want to hear how the ground changes under them. My eyes tell me what I need there though and I don't need to know if I'm over hot or mild ground as I move. More important is for me to look at the geology and topography around me. I want a quiet threshold so I can pay attention to the world around me and just have targets jump out at me, it helps me stay on the gold more than listening to wether the ground is varying. 

I do understand what you mean about the start/stop nature of the threshold, but that's exactly what I'm going for. I like my signals to be sharp and definite, and my threshold to be minimal and in the background. I know I occasionally miss faint threshold variation stuff as a result, but my experience is it pays better to spend time hitting more ground than spending time chasing these types of signals. 

I've done some experimenting on in-situ targets here where I detect, and I've found a big difference between running at 9 gain and 19 gain. Low gain misses a ton of tiny blips that are to me very definite gold targets in my smoother, but high gain settings. I have some video of almost exactly this somewhere, might be on my computer at home and I'll look when I get back. Turning gain down, but thold up and smoothing off could not not hear a target I had just found with smoothing on, thold around 12, and gain at 20. In the video it ended up being a 7 gram target in the wall of a wash, maybe I have it on my GoPro here, I'll check tonight, I gave up on posting videos last year though and lost track of all the stuff I was going to compile. I've experimented similarly before on in situ targets and it generally shows me the same, higher gain/lower threshold hears things that lower gain and higher threshold/no smoothing miss.

Maybe it's just my conditions, maybe it's my lack of skill or lack of patience, but this is what works best for me here. 

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4 hours ago, jasong said:

am not in the camp that I need to hear the ground under me. I understand it's not PC to say this as most the experienced guys generally say they want to hear how the ground changes under them

In essence what your saying is your a prospector and not essentially focusing on being a detector operator. People would be horrified if they saw how I detect when I’m out “prospecting” as it is a totally different approach. Time is the most valuable commodity and there is no time to dilly dally, leaving a few nuggets in the ground is OK, they are fuel money for later excursions.😜😇

From a PC OCD perspective I just cannot bring myself to use any sort of filtering when the GPZ is so learnable/usable with the Noise floor at its lowest point, I start with Zero Audio Smoothing and go from there, it is immutable AFAIC. Because you are running such high sensitivity levels you're forced to lower your Threshold.

I presume your using headphones? Or is it just the WM12? If headphones 12 is WAY high and could be the cause of the instability you are describing. High Yield has an inordinately high amount of volume in its own right, this is why people who are able to use Normal struggle so much when they go to Difficult, because it sounds so muted and strangled unless the ground signal is extremely bad.

I have areas in Australia where I have used Normal constantly, last year was one of those times and I pulled many many ounces taking full advantage of the High Yield Normal timings. I was also able to take full advantage of the 17” round X coil as well which kicked proverbial😜 thanks to its very good near to coil sensitivity and of course extra depth due to size. In the more variable areas I just lowered the TARGET Volume to compensate for ground signal variability that started to dominate the threshold, you can easily do this in High Yield as the timing has oodles of grunt. All you have to do is subdue the “in your face” twitchyness by controlling the most powerful control which is the Target Volume (Volume control on the Detect page). This is why I use a booster because it gives you more control over volume without having to resort to using the Target Volume which is too coarse!

As a suggestion try using these with a quality booster such as a B&Z or Steelphase. The audio in them is quiet so a booster is required, but the noise cancelling is incredible and allows you to hush out a lot of noise pollution whilst still feeling connected with the world.


Everything I‘m saying is suggestions only, I of course will be experimenting with the way your running your machine. However in my experience ramping everything up then being forced to then dumb a lot of it down through filtering is counterintuitive. If the busyness of the machine is annoying then just lower the Target volume till it is subdued, so long as you can hear a smooth stable threshold you will hear targets. Applying Audio Smoothing is telling the detector you do not want to hear anything below a certain point, no amount of sensitivity increase will get it back again once its filtered out.

It can take quite a long time for your ears to readjust to a lower volume/sensitivity, your brain does a heck of a lot of filtering on its own. Your old patch is a brilliant opportunity to experiment now that you’ve gone over it in your preferred style and removed all the targets, dependant on your time allowance of course. If you had time it would be a good place to spend and hour or two going over it again experimenting with the Target Volume till you had a clean audio that did not punch up all the variable responses but allowed “Good” metal targets to stand out. In Normal I am ruthless, a target signal needs to have good “lead in” and “tail out” especially the deeper ones. “Lead In” and “Tail Out” are hugely affected by filtering.

Lastly I mean no offence and sorry to harp on. I understand where your coming from and the way you like to run your machine and how it compliments your detecting style, clearly you’ve spent a lot of time experimenting to come up with what works for you.


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One thing that I do agree with is just how good the Bose earbuds are. Expensive but brilliant. My other option is the Aldi Bauhn noise cancelling headphones. They work better than many of the more expensive options. (AU$40.00). I use both these audio systems in conjunction with Quest WiFi (not necessary with GPZ of course). The Quest Rx has a volume control, so I have not found the need for a booster, but for those with reduced hearing this could be an option.  Quest is not the most expensive WiFi, but the best that I have used so far. Add an X coil to these, and you're 'cooking with gas'.

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5 hours ago, Jonathan Porter said:

As a suggestion try using these with a quality booster such as a B&Z or 

I have this exact headset and I love it. Never used it for detecting though as I was afraid the noice cancelling feature would add to EMI, or any other electronic component of the detector would be compromised. Do you recommend to use it, in combo with a booster like the SP01? Is this headset made for hearing the right detector audio frequencies? I know this can be an issue.

I often hunt in howling wind which would make this a nice tool to have, assuming it would not compromise detector performance in any way. Thanks.

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  • Similar Content

    • By Mc30
      Picked up my 10 inch x coil during the week, good to get out to my usual spot, picked up these in 2 hours detecting, really impressed with this coil. 

    • By phrunt
      I was very keen to go for a gold detect this weekend, only problem is the weather forecast wasn't really detecting weather, I wanted to go back to the spot I did very well last weekend where I found .865 of a gram  I just had a funny feeling there was more in that hole as I was getting faint signals with the GPZ but at the time I wasn't sure if that was just the hot rocks, this particular spot is full of hot rocks of all shapes and sizes, right down to pea size up to giant bolder.  I was hoping my assumption there might be more gold there would be correct.
      There was quite a bit of snow overnight but the skies had cleared and went nice and blue so I sent JW a text message asking what the weather was doing up his way seeing he lives 10 minutes from where I was going to look for my gold.  He responded it wasn't looking too good so he will decide when I arrive if he wants to go detecting.   Nothing was stopping me however, I had a mission and I was determined to find gold!
      About 10 minutes after I left my house things went downhill with the snow

      Started to get pretty thick, fortunately they'd plowed the road but it was still slowing coming down.
      Then up ahead the traffic was all at a stop, by traffic I mean the one car in front of me 🙂  It was due to a car that thought it would be wise to tow a caravan in the snow.  Not a good idea, the road was icy and slippery.

      Things did not go well for them, they lost control, spun around and their caravan basically exploded.

      Not much left of it.  Further up the road the weather was getting worse, and I'd forgot to put my chains in the car, if it got too bad I'd have to turn back.

      After a bit more driving as I got towards the lake nearer to JW's house the skies cleared and there was no snow up that way.

      I stopped at the shops to get a few things and picked up a tool from the hardware store expecting to have to smash through rock to recover nuggets like JW has been doing.  That seems to be the way nuggets are mostly found at this spot, my nugget in the hole last weekend was a bit unusual.  JW always goes straight to detecting the rock where he's doing very well, 10 or so little nuggets most days.  I got to JW's and he decided the weather was good enough so off we went.  JW went to his rock wall again, that thing just keeps on giving.... and I went to my hole.
      It was not long at all and I had my first nugget, then another.... and another, they just kept coming.  The damp soil I suspect was making them stand out even more, both JW and I have noticed this in the past, they light up in wet soil.

      I had my first 3 within about 30 minutes I would guess... I took my watch off during the virus lock down as I never needed to know the time anymore and I've never put it back on.  I got used to not caring what time it is.  That little guy is 0.034 of a gram, and the 10" X-coil found it with no troubles at all.  I run my GPZ in HY Norrmal, Manual GB with gain on maximum, all else defaults.  I don't bother with the little yellow ferrite ring, I feel it doesn't help at all in our soil.  I don't understand Minelab's decision not to make a small coil, they probably don't even know the full potential of the GPZ on small gold as with a small coil it's absolutely deadly, the tiniest bits very comparable to a high frequency VLF like the Gold Monster.  I think with the 8" coil it will easily match the Gold Monster.  I think they didn't want to take the SDC 2300's market away from the GPZ owners, they'd rather sell them a second detector than a coil - more profit!

      And here is a video of the detector response on that tiny little nugget, insanely sensitive.  I can't wait for my 12x8" and 8" round to arrive, you would think it would not be possible to get more sensitive than the 10".
      This was my first time finding one so tiny with the GPZ, JW does it all the time and I was watching him do it last weekend so I was using that as a learning experience of what to listen for.

      I just kept scraping more off the hole in layers, I was having a bit of trouble with tiny hot rocks but I didn't want to change off HY normal / max gain to calm the hot rocks down so I just kept fishing them out whenever there was one there and throwing them far away, often using the Nox to assist with narrowing their location down.
      During my digging I found a weird little skull, maybe a dinosaur 🙂

      There was other bones right next to my hole too, perhaps an animal had been using my hole as it's dining room.

      The gold didn't stop coming, I've never had a day like this, I had so many bits by now I had lost count, I didn't even bother taking photos as that would waste valuable digging time.  I just kept scraping more away and detecting each layer after removing the hot rocks by using the Equinox with 6" coil and picking out any rock that it detect as a hotrock (-8/-9).... If you've got good gold eyes you may spot the bit of gold in the photo below, I spotted it sitting in my scrape.

      And this was it.

      I got to the point a big rock was in my way so I had to swing around and attack it from the other side where the sticks are

      This side was a bit wild, you can now see how much I've dug out, the original ground layer, it was on a downhill slope.  right up where a tree root was I had a really nice signal with the GPZ, it was too loud so I thought perhaps a bullet or something so I grabbed the Equinox to see what it would come up with, it had no signal.
      I removed a bit more soil then suddenly I had a solid 16.  I used the Equinox to recover the target and to my surprise.........  The biggest nugget I've ever found!!!!!!!!!!
      Oh yea! a beauty.  You'll see up above that my little tiny bottle, it's my emergency bottle that I keep inside the zipped up GPZ cover as I have forgotten to bring a bottle a few times I keep that little guy as my spare.  Fortunately I did as I sure needed it on this day.
      I took the following photo today as I went back today to hunt the spot again, this photo shows exactly where I found the big nugget.

      It was on top of that rock below the tree root.
      I found a few more nuggets, another 4 I think after the big one but I didn't take any photos, it was starting to get dark so I met back up with JW to see how he'd done on his rock wall, he'd got 9 nuggets, not bad! He was impressed with my whopper and my haul, it is a very big nugget for NZ.
      We walked the 20 or so minute hike back to the car but as we got close to the car for some reason I checked my pocket to see if my gold was there, and it wasn't! $#@$#@$#@ My heart stopped! We went into panic mode checking my pockets 20 times and emptying out my backpack, nope! Nowhere, it was very dark now and my phones light wasn't helping much.  We decided rather than walk back with my phone light we'd go back to JW's house and get a torch and come back and look for it, it either had to be on the path we took or any of the last areas we walked at the nugget spot.  We arrived back with the Torch, JW was a lot more confident we'd find it than I was.  He said we'd be best off going back to the spot as it likely fell out of my pocket when I was crouching down packing all my stuff back into my bag.  We retraced our steps back at the nugget spot and within about 10 minutes I spotted it, sitting in the long dead sparse grass!!!  Thank goodness! That was a close call, my best gold day ever and I'd lost it all.
      Now for the weigh in.

      All the little ones, I can't even remember how many, 15  I think it was for 2.113 grams

      And the monster! 4.081 grams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      The total for my best day ever,  6.195 grams!
      JW offered for me to stay at his place but I wanted to go home and show my wife my find, I didn't expect my 9 year old daughter to still be awake as I got home about 9.30pm and her bed time is 8.30 but my wife let her stay up to see my big nugget, she was very excited and shocked to see how big it was.
      I had plans to go back first thing in the morning to start again, this hole had to have more, I dug my last one about 5 minutes before stopping last night so I was sure it wasn't finished.  This time I was going to come more prepared, better pants with a zip up pocket to hold my gold bottle and a bigger white bottle so I can't lose it after the previous scare, a crow bar as we call them or San Angelo bar in America I believe? and a big magnet on a pole to try help with the little hot rocks.  The ground was a bit frozen when I arrived but not too bad.

      The magnet on a stick is cool, and worked well, shrinks down to put in my backpack too, it helped clear up the hot rocks quickly.

      A pretty big strong magnet on it.
      I had to give the area a tidy up and clear all the sticks before starting as I was heading that direction with my digging.

      Doesn't help with these giant hot rocks though, but the crow bar dig them out and moved them for me, I'm certain they mask the gold targets when they're nearby
      A quick video of the Nox on the hot rocks
      It came in handy for giving me an ID on them.
      Day two was going well too, I'd lost count again on how many nuggets only taking photos of the bigger ones.

      Quite meaty!

      And another one!

      This rock even had a little one stuck in it.
      I had to be home by 3pm so I called it quits, JW is still there now, hopefully he finds a big one! 🤞
      So my total for today

      11 Nuggets for 3.310 grams, and my two day total

      9.546 grams, what a weekend! I love the 10" X-coil on the GPZ, what a killer combination.  I'm really excited about the smaller sizes coming (8" and 12x8")
    • By phrunt
      I have ordered a new size X-coil, it's a 12x8" X-Coil,  It's already in the post however it's delayed in shipping due to international shipping delays the world over.  Hopefully this coil arrives soon. I am very excited about it as I think it will be the perfect size for NZ.
      It's even in NZ's black and white colours.

      This should be good in our rocky terrain on small gold.
    • By phrunt
      I haven't had a chance to go prospecting since our lock down ended a few weeks ago, once lock down ended I was busy catching up on everything that couldn't be done in lock down 🙂 NZ has done a stellar job in eradicating the virus so our lives are essentially back to normal now except for no International tourists which in our part of the country are a big part of our economy.  We haven't had any new cases in some time and there is now only one person left in the entire country that is in quarantine with the virus. 

      The one case left is on the North Island, so no problem for me down the bottom of the South Island 🙂  Every morning lately has been a heavy frost so I was intending to do my gold hunt in the afternoon once the ground thaws out.

      This was my yard before I left.  A bit chilly 🙂
      It was good to get out prospecting again, my wife and daughter wanted to tag along as they were going to ride their bikes along the cycle trails in the area so my day was limited, I only had a couple of hours.  We parked up and I walked to my usual spot and showed them where I'd be so they could come back and find me.  My first target was a shotgun pellet, damn it, I'd forgotten they existed, I had a hard enough time remembering how to use my detector it's been so long 🙂
      I was then walking across to the spot I wanted to have a snoop around and on my walk there I got a signal, it wasn't a booming target and it sounded too good to be a shotgun pellet.  I dug the surface away and the signal was still there, looking positive, it was at this point I took a quick video in case I was lucky enough that after only about 15 minutes I had my first nugget.
      I wasn't too sure on this one as the spot where it was located didn't really feel right, not the usual place we'd been finding gold around this spot so I turned the video off and started the recovery, possibly expecting a deep old bullet shell or something.    It was a really scrubby area too, lots of prickle bushes and old sticks everywhere.  In all of my excitement of my first find of the day I didn't even get a photo of the area, but the video shows it.  I had to dig a fair way down to get to my target, It was stuck in some layers of the rock which I had to smash out to get to it.

      A decent size too! woohooo, what a start.  I like when they're big enough my Carrot narrows them down.

      Just after I'd found the nugget I was rechecking the area and heard a bike pull up, it was JW, we hadn't seen each other in some time due to the lock down but he'd been coming to this spot again the last few weeks once lock down ended.  We had a chat then got stuck back into it, he went to his usual spot where he's been doing very well, and I went back exploring the side I've been attacking.
      No good targets for about 40 minutes now then in between some bedrock I had another nice sounding target that survived a few scrapes of the pick, always promising.

      These small coils are just brilliant for our hunting grounds here, the smaller the coil the better, the small 10" X-coil has brought this old hunted out area back to life as you can get into all these little tight spots and it paid off again, the coil only just fit between these rocks too, there is still a lot of ground the 10" is too big for but it does get a majority of it.

      I'm no photographer 🙂 but in the shadow in front of my coil is the dig hole, right between the two rocks.  A bigger coil would have missed this gold.

      The bedrock is shallow here but I have done this ground with the Equinox a few times and missed this piece.  If you look hard you'll see the crack in the bedrock where it was.

      And the nugget, typical sort of nugget for this area, all water worn looking smooth bits even though none of the rocks around the area are rounded water worn rocks.  
      A few more junk targets and my phone dinged, it was my wife saying shes done bike riding and was on her way back to collect me so I walked over to see how JW was doing.  I had heard him banging away at the rock for ages while I was detecting around so I assumed he'd done well.  When I arrived he was digging out a big hole in the bedrock cliff face, all the soil was out of the crack and he was breaking apart the rock with his screw driver and hammer. So far he had one bit of gold but another signal was in there, so we tried to use my Carrot to narrow it down, no luck so he kept smashing away.

      He had created that big hole, the big bit of rock at the bottom of the photo was from the hole, the rest were thrown down the side off the cliff.

      After smashing some more up and trying to find it he still had no luck so we tried the Carrot again,  this time it picked it up, real good. It sure helped speed up the recovery.

      A big one too! Carrot detectable size again.  Unusual to get biggish ones and now we've both got one!
      He checked the hole again, and another signal

      A tiny one!, Rechecked again...... another signal, unbelievable.  A lot more smashing out of the rock and out it pops

      The hole was getting bigger and bigger

      And more kept popping out.  My wife and daughter arrived on their bikes now to collect me so I called them over to see the hole that keeps giving, it still had a signal in it now that we were working on recovering, each target as needing more rock smashed out

      This 10" Coil can really pick up some incredibly small nuggets.
      And they just kept coming, my family were watching on with interest.  More nuggets kept coming out then JW checked the soil and crumbled up rocks that came out of the hole and more signals, all over the place

      Absolutely nuts, what a hole!

      All from that one hole,all were in the rock needing smashed out.  I had a ball helping with that recovery, 13 nuggets at 1.8 grams total weight.  JW said yesterday he found a similar hole on the same cliff face with 10 pieces in it.

      And my total, sorry for the glary photo, was taken at night once I got home, and the houses LED lights mess up photos.  0.865 grams for 2 nuggets, 0.76 of that is the big one.
      I really love the small GPZ X-coils, I can not wait for my 12x8" X-coil to arrive as it may get into the spots the 10" coil can't.
    • By phrunt
      There has been a lot of  talk lately about gold being found on or off bedrock, I've personally done well finding gold in soil, even my biggest bit to date has been in soil.  JW found this little soil ridge well up above bedrock, it's soil all the way to ground level 50 to 100 feet below along the top of the ridge, as you go down the sides of it the gold disappeared, oddly right at the top of this ridge has been a very productive spot for gold for us both.  We did a number of posts about it at the time last summer when we were going there on the bike ride of death along a little track with a big drop.
      Today I was given a couple of videos of more gold being found and again the gold was in soil so I thought I'd show you the videos.  Gold is where you find it 🙂 Rules don't seem to apply.
      These two videos are the 10" X-coil and filmed yesterday.
      This sort of thing is familiar to me, this is often how I have found gold, just in soil and oddly most of my biggest bits have been found the same way which I've often posted about in the past and they've been in spots hammered by everyone around here, so the likely reason I found them is nobody bothered to detect the soft loamy soil areas instead targeting mostly the bedrock.

      Here is the photo for the total of the day

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