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Many know I like to tinker with metal detectors and customize them to my personal tastes......So that is what I did to my Simplex. Since it is not the version with the wireless headphones and need to use the supplied wired headphone adapter, a mod was made. The supplied wired headphone adapter is too short, the wire kind of whimpy. Also, did not place the headphone wires in a position that wasn't cumbersome. A much longer adapter was made up, so the headphones can be plugged in by the arm cuff. Now the headphone wire will run up the side of the body. Out of the way. Less chance of snag ups or pulling your headphones off the top off your head when you lay the detector down. Not pictured, when the headphones are plugged in, the wires is secured with a cable tie thru the arm cuff strap slots. I can also go wireless using an aftermarket wireless headphone. I can plug in the transmitter into the adapter jack and place the transmitter in the convenient holder under the armcuff. Very nice set-up. As you can now water hunt, a bit deeper. Pictures below.





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Some have asked if I make them for sale. Sorry to say, cost wise for parts is expensive here in Canada when shipping, Customs fees from the supplier is factored in. Then add labor. For what they would have to sell for that people would pay. There's really no profit. Then shipping from Canada is also expensive.   You can make one yourself.  Pin out is the same for the Kruzer, Anfibio and Simplex.

A stereo jack  https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/switchcraft-inc/838/SC2735-ND/361544

Microphone wire  https://www.parts-express.com/cat/microphone-cables/670

M12  8 pin plug.  https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/amphenol-ltw/12-08BMMA-SL8001/APC1731-ND/5253125

MK M12 Pinout.png

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Hi Seven, you think this would work on the Vanquish? I just got one today and it has rained all day. I would like to try this on it. Mine is the 440, not with wireless headphones. I may not like it, if not, it will go down the road. Thanks  Dean


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Well done!

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20 hours ago, Dean Stone said:


Will only work if you know the pinout of the Vanquish and wire it accordingly. 

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    • By Lovey7
      Hello I have a simplex + that's almost a yr old I love it but recently it's giving me a hard time when charging it.. Seems to be a short in the adapter that has prongs on it. Has anyone else had issues with this? I'm so frustrated...
    • By Germanrazor
      Well after over a year since selling my last detector I have re-entered the game again.  I was intrigued by the Nokta Makro Simplex+ so I bit after watching and reading reviews.  I have been a loyal Kellyco customer over the years so I saw they had a package deal with the WHP and PulseDive pin-pointer.  
      I know that’s a Nokta package but Kellyco has always been good to me.  It came today and I got the headphones and pin-pointer wirelessly hooked in and all systems charged.
      My previous systems have been a Garrett ACE 250, XP Deus, Nokta Fors CoRe and now a Simplex+.  
      Looking to get to know this machine in the field.
    • By Germanrazor
      Anyone observed on full charge without use how long it takes the battery to deplete to maybe 1/2 charge?  Wondering the dormant time on the battery and if it should be stored full charge or depleted somewhat?
    • By MIKCJ7
      I have just purchase and received the Simplex +. This detector is a upgrade addition to my already collection of detectors.
      Thanks to all for the ID information that has been posted here. This will help me a lot. I have never had a detector with a DD coil before so I am trying to get use to how it react to coins. 
      To all that has purchase the Simplex + has anyone notice the screen icons flicking or has a heylo look on the screen?  I notice this two days ago when I was out detecting.
      I have already been blessed on my first outing with the Simplex and found a 1943 Walking Liberty Half Dollar. My first ever. I was just shocked.
      That's all for now.  Everyone have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and stay safe...
    • By Timbens
      Hi Folks, First Post on any site,first metal detector. Reaching out to the more experienced detectorists to ask if anyone has seen or heard of problems with the Nokta Simplex +.
      Last August I purchased my first detector ,a Nokta Simplex. The Battery was at 3 bars ,half charge, when taken out of the box. My job of 140 hours a week,  never allowed me to go detecting once last Summer. I put the detector in the closet . Yesterday I got it out to look it over and charge it and it still had 3 bars. I properly connected the charging cord and charged it 3 hours. It still only had 3 bars. So I turned it on and let the battery decharge until it showed no Bars and exclamation point. I hooked it back up to charge and gave it 3 hours.
       To my disappointment it would not take a charge at all ! Is this Detector known to have battery problems ? The battery cannot be replaced by me, only factory. 
      This was my biggest fear of an internal battery. I am thinking maybe for all its hype. It being a good dependable detector. Very dissappointed that before I even have a chance to try this exciting new hobby I am pretty negative. $300+ Dollars wasted ? 
      Any help from you folks would be so appreciated.    Tim
    • By Sven1
      Just before fall in Sept, sent my Simplex to my nephew in the US as he wanted to get started in metal detecting. Gave him the newest 8.5 round DD coil.
      Still had a spare Simplex control box sitting here and the new 5x9 coil. Decided to make a project out of it.
      Thought I would make a custom handle for it to attach to a round tube straight shaft.
      Its super lightweight with 4 thick rock hard coats of epoxy.
      By the way, its a perfect, comfortable fit for my hand. A project to keep me busy on those rainy days.
      Recently finished it off with 5 coats of spray on Truck Bedliner paint.
      The new handle was mounted on a round tube straight shaft with a White's lower rod.. Still have to tidy things up a bit.
      A  higher sitting Bounty Hunter arm cuff was attached, making everything fit and feel very comfy. Overall now balances better, feels lighter and easier to swing than the stock
      straight shaft.

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