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Many know I like to tinker with metal detectors and customize them to my personal tastes......So that is what I did to my Simplex. Since it is not the version with the wireless headphones and need to use the supplied wired headphone adapter, a mod was made. The supplied wired headphone adapter is too short, the wire kind of whimpy. Also, did not place the headphone wires in a position that wasn't cumbersome. A much longer adapter was made up, so the headphones can be plugged in by the arm cuff. Now the headphone wire will run up the side of the body. Out of the way. Less chance of snag ups or pulling your headphones off the top off your head when you lay the detector down. Not pictured, when the headphones are plugged in, the wires is secured with a cable tie thru the arm cuff strap slots. I can also go wireless using an aftermarket wireless headphone. I can plug in the transmitter into the adapter jack and place the transmitter in the convenient holder under the armcuff. Very nice set-up. As you can now water hunt, a bit deeper. Pictures below.





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Some have asked if I make them for sale. Sorry to say, cost wise for parts is expensive here in Canada when shipping, Customs fees from the supplier is factored in. Then add labor. For what they would have to sell for that people would pay. There's really no profit. Then shipping from Canada is also expensive.   You can make one yourself.  Pin out is the same for the Kruzer, Anfibio and Simplex.

A stereo jack  https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/switchcraft-inc/838/SC2735-ND/361544

Microphone wire  https://www.parts-express.com/cat/microphone-cables/670

M12  8 pin plug.  https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/amphenol-ltw/12-08BMMA-SL8001/APC1731-ND/5253125

MK M12 Pinout.png

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Hi Seven, you think this would work on the Vanquish? I just got one today and it has rained all day. I would like to try this on it. Mine is the 440, not with wireless headphones. I may not like it, if not, it will go down the road. Thanks  Dean


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Well done!

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20 hours ago, Dean Stone said:


Will only work if you know the pinout of the Vanquish and wire it accordingly. 

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    • By Sven1
      Videos on Facebook Nokta/Makro site
      Some folks were complaining Target ID numbers too jumpy at depth. To make the detector less chattery with bouncy numbers. They reverted, detuned  the target ID, so after a certain depth it will not generate a target ID number. Mainly for those who want a quieter detector.
      Updates Made :
      ID stability and depths have been changed back to the same levels of version 2.68. This will NOT affect the overall depth and sensitivity of the device.


    • By ☠ Cipher
      I can't blame anyone for expecting the Simplex to perform like a top tier machine. You had NM marketing it saying the only thing entry level about it is the price. To be fair, I think they've been careful to manage expectations through Dilek that although it punches above its weight class, it's not intended to be top tier, but nonetheless there are many visible users people look to out there claiming that it is performing at that level.
      NASA Tom was so impressed with it that he claims it's top notch material, even outclassing the Impact at least on depth. If I'm remembering correctly, he also seemed to suggest it was holding its own against the Equinox in some scenarios. My detecting tastes don't agree with his and a couple machines he discounts are ones I favor and tend to do very well with. For a fellow who has the grey matter to understand complexity, he nonetheless seems to favor simplicity, so I'm not surprised he took a shine to the Simplex. When you get a user at his level talking like he has about the Simplex it's going to have a substantial effect on expectations, especially if that's what people want to hear. They tend to ignore the apparently very mild soil conditions he generally operates in and generalize it.
      I will say that that my primary hunting buddy picked up a Simplex around the same time I just picked up a CTX-3030. I've been very curious about the Simplex so I paid close attention. In Upstate NY, Catskill Mountain soil, although I was much better able to tell trash from treasure, that Simplex depthwise, so far has hit anything the CTX has hit. It could also take a faster swing where there were adjacent targets, as you'd expect. But I do wonder about the disparity in reports and what to attribute it to. There are also plenty of people on the other end of the spectrum saying it is not all it's cracked up to be and they aren't getting impressive results. From what I've seen so far, it's on my radar as something I might like to have around. 
    • By rled2005
      I knocked the Idea around to find a Tesoro Silver Sabre or Eldorado, some thing in the 10-12khz range, so I could have something not too expensive to throw in the trunk, just in case. And if it gets stolen somehow I'm not out the price of an Equinox 800. After researching, I purchased a used Simplex+. I think it will fill the bill nicely!
      I asked Notka/Makro if there was more selection on coils available. I got an email back;
      Dear Randy,
      Thanks for showing interest in our product.
      Simplex compatible only with SP28 Search coil (11''). In the near future, we are planning to launch more coils for Simplex.
      Hopefully, the product will be added to the accessories soon.
      Best regards!
      Burak Tunc
      Regional Sales Representative
    • By Ridge Runner
      What I’m wondering if I haven’t updated the 2.76 yet can I just update 2.77 and is 2.76 included in it ?
       I can’t find my answer on the net so I was in hope someone here knows .
    • By GaryM
      Not sure what the issue might be, but, when I use the pinpointer it seems fine, other times, it will detect a Target, go back over it a while later, and it won't. Volume can differ on same target. Sent a video to nokta, they say it looks ok. Have been told also it's sounds like a ground balance issue. Thoughts please!
    • By Gwcracker
      I have seen absolutely no info on the smaller coil for the Simplex? If all still quiet after this time, I will take for granted that those of us that purchased the Simplex after being lead to believe accessory coils were in the works were just screwed.
      Lesson learned.
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