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My Lucky Horseshoe (silver)

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Out digging with the MK 9 inch coil and man did I get lucky. I decided to head to an old sight and hunt in the woods. I was hunting around an old spring about 300 yds from an 19th century house. Was finding my usual shotgun shell cases and wire, buckshot and a 32 cal. bullet. When I got a huge signal!! I new it would be iron so I dug it anyway. Found myself an awesome horseshoe. Thought to myself that's got to be good luck. I stumbled around for a little bit and found an old spoon and a weird piece of twisted copper wire, seem's hollow with solid wires inside (no clue). I got onto a bunch of aluminum, not even sure how it got to where I was hunting. I was ready to call it a day when I got a big aluminum hit but it was different, it was a much lower tone. Dug to about 8 inches and popped a big coin, It was a 1942 WL 1/2 dollar. Man did I get excited!!! I decided to stay a little longer. About three feet away I got the same big signal. Dug that and popped another 1942 WL 1/2 dollar. I spent the next three hours finding nothing. I guess the horseshoe thing has some merit.

Shotgun shell cases,    two peter's Large P circa. 1915 to 1927

                                         one UMC co. circa. 1900 to 1910

                                         one USC co. circa 1926







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Two Walkers in one day?  You can say 'lucky' over and over but I don't think that will do it justice.  Nice!

1 hour ago, dogodog said:

I was ready to call it a day when I got a big aluminum hit but it was different, it was a much lower tone. Dug to about 8 inches and popped a big coin, It was a 1942 WL 1/2 dollar.

Could you explain this?  You got a very strong target indication and thought it was likely a big piece of aluminum?  But a low tone?  Most detectors are set with high audio frequency tones for high conductors.  Does the Makro Multi Kruzer allow you to set the tones by conductivity and you've chosen low audio frequency tone for high conductors?  (I've read that some relic hunters do that.)


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I set my MK with a Tone of 15-70-35. Most times I hit large aluminium it will give me a 70# with a high pitch. With this set up on the DD Silver always gives me a low grunt like tone. Don't ask why I just stumbled on this but 99% of the time I know if its silver or aluminum. I've experimented a little with different aluminum alloys (my guess) i.e. Different cans, pull tabs, small foil, large foil, flat stock ect. and I get a wide range of numbers on the screen from 15 to 80. This was the first time I hit on half dollars with this machine so I needed to dig to make sure I wasn't getting a weird or false hit. The 35  is the non fe tone. Not the gold/non fe. tone. I was playing with the tone one day and lowered it from 50 to 35 and noticed that any silver target gives me this low sound. This happens in all KHZ's. Hope this helps. 

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Awesome run!

Not sure if this helps or not, I'm still learning the tones here. I went back to SP mode so the numbers have proper bias based off the frequency. 14kzh has been working good for me in the woods but occasionally if I hit a high trash area I will switch to 19khz and get more of a spread on the aluminum. Much of my woods hunting I been using 2 tone with iron disk up to 15 depending if I get a lot of chatter or not. I try to run the disc as low as possible. I also keep deep mode at 0 disc with gain at 99. Sounds crazy but i use that for quick iron check if I run into contaminated ground. I can tell if there is another object bit better and hear the iron around it. Sometimes you get a piece of flat iron like an ox shoe that has a good iron halo that can show up as a good target if you have iron tuned out too much.

Yes GB you can change the tones and tone breaks on the Kruzer. I just leave them at default.

Quick rundown on the settings

Gen is all metal (tends to lack depth and works like vco  pinpoint on a Tesoro)

2 tone is iron audio + vco for everything else where pitch is louder as objects are bigger and/or shallower. Runs very deep.

3 tone runs shallow, has iron, mid and high

4 tone has an additional split on the low conductors iron, low, low mid, high, also runs deep like 2 tone.


Deep mode, actually runs similar to 2 tone but maybe an inch or so deeper at best. Seems to give more solid vdi on fringe targets.

Lastly all modes except Gen have EUD option/toggle so get a VDI off a fringe target. I think it just ranges the vdi a bit deeper. So far I haven't really found it super necessary as the objects all been pretty much in range.


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Nice finds there and hang the horse shoe up for good luck.

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    • By Cowkiller
      I got a equinox 800 last week and my first two hunts i got nothing good. Watched you tube til I found the end of coin shooting. I made adjustments and bam one 1943 mercury dime, some wheats a 1967 peso and a cool brass button that reads California Highway Patrol. The picture I took sucks sorry about that. Whats the best way to clean these guys up? youtube is all over the map....

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      ...a pretty good day by Oklahoma standards! 

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      This weekend I went to a cool new location with multiple late 19th century cellar holes. Was using my Orx with 9” X35 at 17 KHz   
          A few interesting relics found but by far the best find was this 1864 2- cent piece which is in really nice condition with a great patina. Only my second 2- cent but the first was smoked by the fertilizer used in the park it was found in. Could barely identify it. 
          I’ll be going back to the spot multiple times as I haven’t even explored the area yet.  Also found an 1884 IHP
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      Went to the same location where I had 42 quarters. I used the same settings, but this time I swung the Samurai sword 15" coil. I had a bit more time today (11:20-1:20), but the humidity was really oppressive. No mosquitoes this time because they don't even want to be out in the Florida heat!
      I believe 55 quarters is a first for me in 2 hours. If I were not the one going up and down all those times, I would not believe these coins all came from 2 hours of detecting. Most were within the first few inches, so they were a quick dig. With all the stuff dug, that is an average of about 1 item a minute. I think I know what I can save up for...knee replacemnts!
      I left a scad of dimes in the ground, so there are still plenty of targets for my friend. 😁
      The bracelet was a STRONG 9-10. It looked amazing coming out of the ground, but it was not silver. There was also an iPod Nano, but my son snagged it in hopes of cleaning it up.
      Now, time to focus on the jewelry!

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