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Test Our Beach On Gold Ring: Vanquish540 Vs Equinox800 Vs Tarsacci MDT 8000

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Interesting videos.  Seemed like pretty fair and reasonable comparisons.

I would have liked to see the other two frequencies (6.4 and 12) tried on the MDT 8000.  Variations in sweep speed and angle would also be nice.

I'm sure some additional settings for the Nox would have also been interesting.  Nox experts can suggest some, certainly.

But that's the nature of test videos -- we all see other settings and techniques we'd like added.

Glad to see these posted.  Hope to see more!


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Tarsacci was badly falsing in between the targets so sensitivity was way too high.

Other machines were nice and quiet which means they probably had some power to spare ?

Good test really especially swinging in between targets to gauge falsing.

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Hello Thierry has been very successful in the last few weeks........lots of gold with the 3 machines.The nox is able to get coins at 18" by experts. if a ring is detected at 40cm i think a large copper coin should be ok at 45cm on the beach.I may get his Tarsacci on loan when he will be able to post it du to the Virus.............i shall report once i tested it,i still want to get one but the import TAX are just cranking up the price beyond my reach for now,if i find more gold i shall invest.




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    • By canoe
      Still have not bought the 800 but I am close. A question--it appears to me from the pictures I have seen that the so called wireless headphones plug into a little box  (receiver?) that you hang on your belt.  Is that the case?  If so I do not call that wireless.
      I think one would be better off with a low latency transmitter plugged into the audio output and velcroed to the machine that is paired to a set of Bluetooth headphones for a truly wireless set up.
      Anyway, for those of you that own the 800 what is the deal with the little box?
      Upon reflection, maybe the cord, that is shown in the pictures, next to the little box is to recharge it?
    • By Tom Slick
      I've been using an Equinox 800 since they first came out. I was one of many that were really hoping that Minlab would release other coils for the Nox. I bought all three and sold the 15" shortly after buying it as it didn't do anything for me in my type of hunting in my sites. The more I used the Nox, the more impressed I became with just how well the 11" coil works. For most of my past and present detectors  I've had a whole collection of accessory coils for different situations. With my Multi Kruzer as well as most of my past Makro detectors I've had 4 or 5 extra coils for each. As much as I'd still like to see some other Nox offerings, I can honestly say that if Minelab does release any other coils for the Nox, I probably won't buy one. For an 11" coil, it does remarkably well at unmasking. Going over the same areas with the 6" afterwords seldom pulls out extra finds. Maybe one here or there but for the most part, I think the 11" does great. 
      During this Codiv-19 break, and the fact that's it's just too darn hot to detect, I've had a chance to do quite a bit more testing and the Equinox with the 11" coil can really hold it's own. My XP ORX is a hair faster, but in testing the Nox with 11" coil against quite a few other "Iron Hunters" The Nox is a real winner. Is it the coil, the detector, or both? I don't really care as long as it works.    
    • By ColonelDan
      Anyone interested in a report on the 440 can find it here:
      My hunting buddy Gary and I collaborated on the report for Kellyco and they published it on their website.
      We found this a very impressive machine for $279 but you can read the report and judge for yourself.
      Note: Gary and I are not employees of Kellyco nor do we have any financial interest in or relationship with Kellyco.

    • By GB_Amateur
      Out again today in my current favorite (century old) park.  Three Jefferson nickels in the first hour -- very first find was a consistent 12 (no 13) TID on the Minelab Equinox -- something I've been skipping over given the thousands of pulltabs in this park.  I figured it was going to be a nickel kind of day but with 30 minutes left of the 3 hour hunt I had only added a couple corroded Zincolns.  Then in a picnic area I got a nice shallow 13 TID, which could still be a pulltab but it was my 4th nickel.  Shortly after I was about 1 foot from a utility pole and got a low-mid 20's signal which sounded very good in one direction but flutey at 90 degree angle of attack.  I was also hearing some iron grunt, but when I shortened the swing amplitude over the target down to just a couple inches there was no iron sound.  Strength indicator (what is popularly called "depth indicator") showed 4 bars = moderate.  So far, so good, but as most of you know when near a utility pole, lots of decent sounding targets can show up -- copper and aluminum wire, copper lugs, steel bolts.  And in a picnic area (which I was), the dreaded aluminum screw cap, especially when flattened, can sound good with TID low-mid 20's.  It was even possible I was hearing an Indian Head penny or early Wheat penny.  Digging down in the 4-5 inch range I popped out a disc which looked about the size of a nickel, but it was green (copper signature) and the TID was too high for a nickel.  My next thought was 'token' but it was smaller than the tokens I'd been finding in this park, although could still be a different variety.  A spray of water showed part of a shield.  Hmmm.  Shield nickel (no), 2 Cent Piece (unlikely) so I'm still thinking it's a token.  But using a magnifier I clearly saw '1864'!  What is a 150+ year old coin which hardly circulated even 125 years ago due to its unpopularity doing in this 100 year old park?

      Just in the last 9 months I can find three posts of USA 2 Cent Piece finds:  post 1, post 2, post 3.  Those are in better shape than mine, but it's the first ever 2 Cent Piece I've found so I'm going to count it.  Mine is also an 1864, which I guess isn't too surprising given that 44% of all 2 Cent pieces ever minted in the USA had the 1864 date.  (Throw in the next year, 1865, and almost 3/4 are accounted for.)  Nice article in Wikipedia points out that they were first minted late in the Civil War in an attempt to alleviate the shortage of coins (caused by hording) but after the war ended and coins were in sufficient supply their popularity dropped considerably.  1873 was the last year of mintage and those 1100 were proofs for collectors.  In 1872 only 65,000 were minted for circulation.  Many (but unknown number) were returned to the mint and melted.
      We've discussed the small motto vs. large motto version of the 1864.  Currently mine is so badly encrusted that it's difficult to tell.  I can only see the 'W' in 'WE' and the 'R' in 'TRUST'.  I'll get a friend with high quality camera to take better photos and maybe we can figure this out.  (I'm still on hold cleaning with more than soft brush in water and olive oil until I can do more research on cleaning coins without damaging.)  Odds are certainly in favor of it being the more common large motto, but I can still hold out hope, can't I?  (fingers crossed)
    • By Rick N. MI
      I would like to see an 8" round and 5.5x9 coils. And how about a 4x7.5 coil.
      I kind of doubt we see any more coils for it. Maybe when the new detectors come out but still have my doubts.
    • By Seandub
      Sorry if this should be two different posts. Both these issues popped up yesterday at the same site. In fact, the front of the property had a section with overhead electrical wires, a sewer drain in the street past the sidewalk, constant chatter in all-metal, and chatter in both Park 1 and Park 2 despite noise reduction and attempts to ground balance (may have been EMF, as chatter reduced away from the lines). I'll return with the 6" coil, but this seems like something proper knowledge of settings could ameliorate. I'm less than 6 months with the Nox.
      Ground Balance
       I do better when I ground balance, but what do  I do when I can't find a signal free area in all-metal to perform the auto ground balance routine? Should I attempt to manual ground balance? Or set to zero?
      Working around sidewalks
      Loud response from sidewalks - sometimes from a foot and a half away all along, or in intervals. I've tried swinging parallel as well as perpendicular. Sometimes the effect is reduced with the 6" coil, but not always enough.
      Should I be reducing sensitivity? Any general tip for the Nox around sidewalks?
      Thanks In Advance!
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