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Test Our Beach On Gold Ring: Vanquish540 Vs Equinox800 Vs Tarsacci MDT 8000

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Interesting videos.  Seemed like pretty fair and reasonable comparisons.

I would have liked to see the other two frequencies (6.4 and 12) tried on the MDT 8000.  Variations in sweep speed and angle would also be nice.

I'm sure some additional settings for the Nox would have also been interesting.  Nox experts can suggest some, certainly.

But that's the nature of test videos -- we all see other settings and techniques we'd like added.

Glad to see these posted.  Hope to see more!


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Tarsacci was badly falsing in between the targets so sensitivity was way too high.

Other machines were nice and quiet which means they probably had some power to spare ?

Good test really especially swinging in between targets to gauge falsing.

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Hello Thierry has been very successful in the last few weeks........lots of gold with the 3 machines.The nox is able to get coins at 18" by experts. if a ring is detected at 40cm i think a large copper coin should be ok at 45cm on the beach.I may get his Tarsacci on loan when he will be able to post it du to the Virus.............i shall report once i tested it,i still want to get one but the import TAX are just cranking up the price beyond my reach for now,if i find more gold i shall invest.




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      Minelab has five key products under development. It should be a pretty good bet that with the CTX 3030 being so old it does not even appear on the timeline below, that a product refresh is in the works. We also all know Multi-IQ was a big success. And one thing I know about Minelab, is the V2 version of anything is the one to die for. They usually come out with something totally new as proof of concept, and then the next version or two refines that into everything it really can be.
      The main question I have is the hardware. Will the new model still use the existing CTX housing? It’s a little heavy, but well balanced, and does allow for much more battery capacity. Or do they use the Equinox design? Hard to imagine in an upscale model, so I’d kind of doubt that. Something brand new, with the best features of CTX, but lighter weight? A new design would help keep the price down, which is a key now if you really want a best seller.

      New Minelab Ultimate
      The most requested thing in Equinox is more target range, so mating a CTX type display with Multi-IQ would seem a bit of a no-brainer. All I know is that if a Minelab can successfully put the best of CTX and Equinox together in a single detector, something that would make owners of either of those detectors want one, it could be another major home run for Minelab. And yes, it is the next detector that I personally am waiting for, now that I finally got an Impulse in my hands. Well, and whatever follows the GPZ 7000. Impulse plus CTX replacement plus GPZ follow up is what I’m shooting for as my future personal lineup.

    • By Dances With Doves
      I buried my 1.2 ounce 14k yellow gold   chain at measured 10" in very wet    dirt and tried pk1 sens.21 50 tone recovery 4 and F2-7 which I never use in     turf and a got a soft but   not bad signal with mostly a 2id with almost no  iron id showing up.i would dig this if I was going for chains. That is more then I expected for park 1 with high iron bias.This is the  limit for this target for a    signal you would dig on target information.
    • By Nuke em
      Yesterday i took my XP ORX to my dealer and swapped it for the Vanquish 540 Pro .
      I know i have said a few things in the past about it and i said i wouldn't buy it . Well i have .
      When i opened the box i saw the red (still yuk) , thank %$&* for a box cover lol
      I unpacked it and put it together and apart from the awful colour i thought it was well made . Apart from the battery cover which i think will cause trouble . I think there will be a few breakages . I also noted the different shade of red of the cover. 
      The control box buttons layout is fine but like other machines i have seen the coil lead goes into a tight spot in the side of the control box. Chubby fingers might not like that .
      Unfortunately the upper 2 shafts are painted , they should have been Carbon Fiber , i can see the paint being chipped a lot like they do on the ET / Explorer's .
      The stem locks look good but i dont like the coil bolt idea. Desi Dunne said that on his last video i saw before he passed away. Its a pity the middle shaft didn't collapse up above the top one like the Deus does . Could have collapsed to around 20 inches instead of 30 in.
      The coils look a good size and the small one will be good for Irony / trashy places . Pity the target numbers weren't 99 instead of 40 .
      I tested a few coins and the depth seems good at full sen's and the recovery speed seems good .
      I checked my new Maz headphones to see if they worked with my adapter and they do , i also paired the headphones out of the box and listened to them . They seemed ok but both sets of headphones seemed quieter than if just going without headphones. That might affect targets being heard for the hard of hearing . 
      I will also not be using the batteries out of the box , being only 1.2 volts and not 1.5 v that many disposable batteries have i will use disposables and use rechargables as back ups. I am used to getting a lot more power from batteries and Minelab's tendency to chuck any old stuff into the box ( batteries / Headphones ) lets them down and the RNB batteries of the ET prove that Minelab could do a lot better . 
      On the Nox there was an update that helped with knocking out crown caps , i think the Vanquish could do with that update if it can be done.
      Overall it looks not to bad a machine but like the Nox did it will have its place . I wont use it everywhere . As i think most that know me my ET is my main detector and Minelab will have to come up with something much better to prize my hand off that . 
      I still think that Minelab have made a machine that looks to much like a red Garrett Ace just in time for Garrett to come up with something that might be a lot better at the same price ? 
      I have to say the Vanquish is mega easy to set up . If Nokta/ Makro didn't think of it Minelab could have called this machine the Simplex . I will call it " Piece of q!55 " . I hope it finds my beaches a piece of q!55.
      If my beaches look right late next week i will use the 540 then . Before that i need to find some bicycle tyre innertube to put over the upper painted shaft to stop it scratching on the stones on the beach . 
    • By Dances With Doves
      I tried  the gold chain from my Gmx test with my 11" coil on my nox and this machine just walloped it on multi freq. gold2 mode with sens. at 22.It gave me the proper #4 id mostly on this 7" target with a few 3or 5 numbers if I was off center a bit.I could raise   the coil over 10" and    still get it.In 20 kz. at 22  sens. it hit it very hard with  very bouncy  id from 2to  11  .In 40 kz. at max sens.  it pounded it very hard also with less bouncy id from 2to 8. I am very impressed with this mode on this target.
    • By Walter S. Fowler
      Just throwing this out in case anyone else has had this problem or for future reference.in case anyone has it in the future.  I bought my Equinox 800 in April 2018 and it has been great with no problems until  a month ago. I started getting problems ground balancing and getting very different ground balancing numbers even over the same ground.  I tried factory reset but didn't help .  Also, it didn't always have the problem. I called Minelab and they had me send control pod and 11" coil to their service center in PA. in early June as it was under warranty.  (thankfully). After getting message they had it and processing might be delayed due to Colvid-19 issues I finally heard back from them July 7.  They indicated "after much testing the unit has begun showing issues.  However, the issue is very sporadic and does it when it decides too.  The issue is a ground balance issue. When trying to ground balance the unit it will ground balance correctly.  The unit will be wildly off in the 80's.  Next it will ground bale to 0, all in the same location of a couple of feet. The difficulty of pin pointing it however is that it seems to do it even when replacing an item.  Our test coil will experience the same issue on the customer's pod.  The I tried the customer's coil on our control pod and will experience the issue again.  I have done factory resets and reloaded the latest firmware to insure it was not just a software problem. Out of an abundance of caution, I strongly recommend the replacement of both the coil and the control pod.   NOTE: There will be a delay on the control pod as there are parts difficulties due to Covid-19. Once art is received  we will update the ticket and return the unit to the customer."  This all was very weird.  I recontacted Minelab about what the new timeframe might be for getting my detector back and why I just couldn't have them send me a brand new detector(minus wireless headphones] .  No response back as yet.  
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