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Rick N. MI

Would Like To See This Update For Gold Kruzer

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 Deep mode with 0 disc makes it very sensitive and deeper to tiny gold as with tests on an earring I would like to see if it's possible for an update adding notching. This is the first time I ever wanted notching. I would like to run the Gold Kruzer at 0 disc in deep mode and notch out what I don't want. Notching would be my disc if It had that feature. Would probably be good for nugget hunters also because 0 disc in deep mode makes it very sensitive and deeper. This would be a great addition.

So for me notching would be perfect for jewelry hunting and I thing it would be good for nugget hunting also. 

The Gold Kruzer is a great water hunter for jewelry including micro jewelry.

Maybe Nokta could add this.

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    • By Rick N. MI
      Has anyone used this coil? I'm thinking about trying it in the water and I hip mount the box so it might work ok. It's said to weight 503 grams which is light for a big coil. There should be a good depth increase over the 9.5x5 dd coil on gold rings.
      Or even hip mounted would be to hard to swing in the water.

      Nokta/Makro 13” x 15.5” GK40 DD coil for Gold Kruzer
    • By dogodog
      I've watched Callabash diggers video on the AF-35, running on the Anfibio, but are their differences between the Two machines that affect depth? I have recently come across some places where I've maxed out in depth. I'm finding a lot of newer coins at about 2 inches and some 1960's + coins and pull tabs at the 9 to 10 inch range. Not sure if a 60's era coin and pull tab can sink to that depth without some help. (topsoil added).  I have the 9'' concentric and the 11''x 7'' DD. I get about two inches in depth difference between the two and find myself liking the 9''over the DD. But the unmasking on the DD is a little better. I pretty much can tell if two coins are on top of each other, or two or three targets together. My question is will this coil give me the extra depth that I (think) I need, say another 3 to 4 inches? And will it perform the same unmasking ability that the other MK coils have? I know That soil conditions play a big part but I'm looking for some info from anyone who actually has used this coil on the ground and can share the good with the bad. Also this is about as large as I want to go due to weight. Any opinions will be greatly appreciated.

      Nokta/Makro 13” x 13.7” AF35 DD coil for Anfibio/Kruzer
    • By Rick N. MI
      Deep mode and Micro mode. I haven't been able to get out yet. Snowing today.
      In my tests I like them both. On my 10" test dime I don't see a lot of difference. A slight edge to the deep mode. Deep mode does scream on shallow targets which could be an advantage on micro jewelry hunting. 
      What are your finding on both modes jewelry hunting and micro jewelry?
    • By kac
      If anyone is interested, here is how some of the targets listed in the chart's vdi #'s change based on frequency rather than the same set of vdi #'s across all freqencies. This is invoked by holding the - and + arrows at the same time.  Some may find this handy when running in parks or high trash areas and need a wider spread on low conductors in the 19khz.

    • By dogodog
      Forced myself to go out in the 38 degree + 20 mph winds to do some testing on the new 9 inch concentric. First place was an old park near my since passed grandfathers house I haven't been there since I was 11. I only brought a screw driver to dig, and didn't want to get in trouble even though the park rules didn't mention detectors. I really couldn't dig any deep targets but the 9 seemed a little off. I was hitting iron nails in the 60's +, not all the time though. Ran 5 - 14 - 19 khz It seems settle itself in 14. Tried multiple settings of disc. and gain in each khz. This 9'' almost runs like a DD which has me wondering if its not a true concentric? I'll get a 15 to 20 reading. spin get a 45 to 54 reading, spin again and get a 4 to 7 reading, Also was getting a pretty good sized halo effect on most targets.  I'm not sure if this is some of my red clay soils causing this, plus it was extremely wet. I'll dig the target and get foil most of the time. I understand that running for silver and gold will get you to dig most targets. Has no problems with the clad signals but copper seems a little weird. If you run the gain in the 80's you loose a lot of depth, most times I was sticking to 92+ gain. Off to the next spot, 10 miles away. Pretty much the same thing, weird copper signals, clad good and the halo effect. This could be user error, I'm very new to this type of machine but I'm not getting this from the 7x11 DD. But both coils unmasking ability is incredible!! First photo park finds, Second photos are the last site, notice the clads that are fused together a clad penny and nickle and 2 quarters and a penny this MK could tell that they were 2 coins and 3 coins together, they all registered as separate targets (not used to that). Did anyone feel like they lost a little confidence in a coil when they first tried it? Not overly disappointed, but think more practice might be in order. Any Thoughts?

    • By dogodog
      Last Sunday I detected a new property which has me discouraged. This place is an early farmstead that has a 1650 structure still standing on it. The property was once about 800 acres and is now reduced to about 10. The soil has my multi kruzer going crazy. so far I detected about 1 1/2 acres. I'm dealing with not dozens of nails and small iron and slag but hundreds of this stuff (no joke). There is not one square foot that my detector is quiet and i'm getting readings on the display from 10-12 to 57-65 to 84-91 all in one square feet and every square foot. I've dug multiple times and found targets ie nails, 22 bullets, lots of brass and zinc all in the same hole. My question is how do you guy's deal with a place this hot ??? I have tried 5 - 14 - 19  frequencies and dozens of other settings still the same thing. Don't get me wrong i'm finding stuff but do you just dig everything and let your ears rest later? I had high hopes for this property but I think the 20th century farm practices has this place ruined.
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