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So I Bought A Used Sovereign Xs-2a Pro

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Got it off Ebay from a gent in California. 

I also got an amp for it and it works pretty good for 22 bucks off Amazon.





And a straight shaft which fits the lower Minelab shaft almost perfectly for 20 bucks off Ebay.



Got the idea for the straight shaft from those crazy Aussies!  




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Only complaint with the crutches is the handle is different than the one shown in the Ebay photo and is a little shorter than the one he used but I couldn't find a pair of crutches like he's using on US Ebay.  So I'll have to think something up.


Next is a remote PP button and a Plano waterproof box. 

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The Sovereigns have very good volume, so not sure you'll need that headphone amp, unless using very weak headphones. 

The Sovs are still one of the most powerful discriminating beach machines imho. 

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The amp is supposed to help with hearing those really faint threshold breaks in All Metal mode.  You can turn down the threshold level a little bit lower with the amp on and hear the tone breaks of deep targets. 

Haven't really used the Sovereign that much yet.  Still learning the machine.

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What are your goals?  What are your expectations?  Never heard of anyone having a concern over the volume and the threshold breaks.              First:..#1... Learn the Machine.....…..Random notes...……. The original BBS coils were a bit heavy and sometimes unstable  Great performance using an  8" Tornado coil  and  a Detech SEF 10X12  or  13" Ultimate coil which should cover 95%  of your needs. Later if you're feeling manly and want to really dig deep get the 15" WOT coil. If you have the digital ID meter it will help speed up the slow learning curve for recognizing the tones associated to the target responses. Ron in Mich. makes an affordable 180 VID meter. The original VID meters are heavier, about 2X the price and read out 1-550 VID numbers. With a mod they can be converted to 180 meters which most have found this number scale to be more stable and user friendly  The control box is a very sensitive piece of electronics:  hint if you open it up and fold back the shield, touching the component board could XXX out your machine. The only control box mod I know of is one for adjusting the internal pot for increasing the tone and that is posted on youtube by Keith Southern.  I did install a remote PP toggle in the rod for my index finger. It allows me to carry the control box back under my elbow for better weight balance. I can toggle between the discriminate mode and the all metal PP mode with ease.  The wiring has a M/F plug at the box so I can add an extension when I remote carry. This thing is heavier than I prefer so I use a harness.

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i think detech just realease a 15" coil right ????For the sov of course



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      To begin, I can absolutely discern a nugget response. I am lucky enough at this point to have found nuggets every day detecting with this detector since I’ve owned it. But questions, they have arose and I hope that by sharing my curiosity and (hopefully) receiving feedback, I may learn to use this machine more effectively and shine more light into the world for other GPX  operators.
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      Second, I’ll ask about ground noise/ground balance. I seem to be getting quite a bit of noise from the detector which I am assuming is, the infamous ground noise. I’d describe this noise as a chatter and all the likes of little burps and chirps that are not repeatable. Now I assume I could quiet all this down via settings, but again, I’m finding nuggets so I’m willing to endure for now even with the awareness I may be missing nuggets at the same time. But I think my big curiosity with this is the fact that sometimes it seems like I can’t ground balance. I even am careful to gb over multiple spots in case I was trying to gb over a target, but it just won’t smooth out. Though it seems to smooth out once I start going even though it wouldn’t during gb. Is this common at any level? I made a sorry attempt at a specific balance once, but I was finding nuggets still, so I haven’t really been diligent about pulling off a good Sgb.
      Now my last noise question is about EMI. I can identify when I’m getting false bump and vegetation signals, but what I’m thinking of as EMI can be really bothersome and seemingly malicious! Is EMI the totally false booming signals that sound like a target but are not repeatable and also don’t really match up with my sweep speed? I’ve tried playing with some manual adjustment after doing a tune, because sometimes this noise that I’m thinking is EMI is so bad that I’ll do an auto tune every five minutes or so. I wouldn’t really think the area I was in would have so much EMI. Maybe the Sun has been a bit more excited lately???
      I know I’ve just asked a lot and I have even more questions than this, but if anybody would be willing to even partially help out. I’d be very grateful. I’m very interested in the way that the GPX settings work and what’s actually going on even deeper than what’s described in the manual. So if there is any literature out there with some more depth into this machine, I’m asking to be guided. I absolutely love the GPX and I want to get a couple aftermarket coils for it now that I’ve seen how it is with the stock coils and reading about how much more of a performance boost some of the coils out there can give it.
      Thank you!!!

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