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Primarily my time out in the desert is spent detecting on the chance I’ll find something larger, but checking different spots for fine gold I think might help with that too so I’ve been looking for a little Drywasher I can fit in my Jeep and will be portable for sampling different spots without to much hassle. Every time out I bring home 5 gallons of dirt from promising spots except my choices haven’t been very good yet and getting rid of the dirts a hassle so I’m moving the show to on location. Coincidentally starting with their mower I’m building an inventory of the EGO 56v garden tools some with batteries some bare bones and now have 2, 2.5 amp-hrs and 1, 5 amp-hr battery all interchangeable. In the collection is the leaf blower they claim out performs equivalent gas models and it seems to be true. I’m sitting here testing it now on a low medium speed with the 5 amp-hr battery I got 90 minutes and with the other two batteries on hand I should have somewhere around 3 hrs continuous run time total. They also sell a backpack contractor battery for over a $1K I think must be around 28 amp-hrs (correction) if you need long lasting power. Couple days ago I ordered a Royal Explorer Drywasher the size was right, wasn’t to expensive and seemed what I was looking for to pair with the electric blower and then will head out for a real test although I suspect this will be perfect for what I have in mind. I’ll post a video and pictures when I get a chance and have the little dry washer in hand.


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Sounds like an interesting build, I look forward to seeing the video.


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FedEx showed up at my door with my little Royal Explorer drywasher late Tuesday, the Jeep was loaded to head out to gold basin in the morning so I made a quick trip to Home Depot to pick up a 3 inch air hose to connect my 56v leaf blower to the drywasher. sadly Home Depot’s not really a hardware store any more so it’s hit or miss sometimes finding what you need and I had to settle for a 3” clothes dryer connection for my test, they were also lacking in any suitable adaptor so I was also stuck using the leaf blower nozzle for my reducer for my test while the dryer connection worked it’s less than ideal for regular use.

setup was easy and the battery powered leaf blower worked perfectly powering the drywasher, the fan speed was very easy to control and I wound up using a low medium speed similar to the setting in my time test, the leaf blowers controls made subtitle adjustment easy. The battery operated blower is much quieter than a gas blower, no fumes, weighs less and starting and stopping is just a flick of the switch. 

im having trouble uploading videos to YouTube so for how here’s a couple pictures of the setup.


I did email EGO directly to let them know their leaf blower might be desirable For this use and consumers have been requesting a shop vac version hopefully sometime in the future they develop a shop vac/blower version similar to the gas powered vac/blower units in use now.

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