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from Whites Electronics.........enjoy,



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Since I'm not going to risk a large fine by venturing 'out', this was a bit of fun. Hope I'm not the only one who has run a machine over my back yard and front lawn. Hot tip, use a small coil and check under the washing line.. 

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Interesting they put the 6” round concentric on the GMX and 6 x 10 DD on the 24K, making it seem like the GMX gets more depth, even though they are the same detector. There actually is a 6” concentric for all models used in the test, which would be more apples to apples. Some of what you are seeing here is coil differences, not detector differences.

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Now, if Minelab and Garrett would do some instructional videos and commercials with a delightful person like the tester in this very fun video.........would they sell even more detectors???

Hopefully phrunt does NOT watch this video!

Steve, I guess they just wanted to use the stock coils. They are the same detector except for the color, battery system and waterproof baffling on the GMX speaker

Karelian, I am going to break the law, leave my county (the county line is two blocks away so what the heck) sneak off to the high mountains two hours away and try to find some more of the beautiful shiny stuff since she did such a good job of testing the GM24K/GMX Sport. I didn't get stopped last time so I will probably be okay this time too. My GM24K is hungry.

I have done the backyard thing several times but not under the washing line. I found a 1919 wheat penny next to where I buried one of my cats.


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1 hour ago, karelian said:

Hope I'm not the only one who has run a machine over my back yard and front lawn. Hot tip, use a small coil and check under the washing line.. 

Yup, found an old UK penny and a broken silver ring in my yard 🙂

These Whites videos are a tease for me.  I want but I can't have...... at the moment.

Too late Jeff.! 🙂

I like the screen on the V3i, it looks like it's running Windows 3.11

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So by these tests all I need is the 6" concentric coil. No need to get the 6x10 coil for more depth on jewelry. Now all I need is an 8" or 9" round concentric coil would be perfect to get deeper on gold rings.

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The 6 x 10 DD is for high mineral ground, will pull ahead of the concentric in the worst ground. Air tests only tell part of the story, duplicating "no mineral" ground conditions. That's good enough for lots of people, especially loamy park type hunters. Not so useful for me as I get half the depth these air tests show.


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My ground is mild so I get the depth but no gold nuggets so I hunt for jewelry.

dd coils are better than concentrics in high mineral ground. I always thought that. So why did the 24k/GMX come with a concentric coil? It's a nice coil for me. So that's why everybody wants the 4x6 dd coil. I get it now :).

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The concentric is the only coil I'd want for it, that's what makes it different than the other VLF gold detectors I own.. 

They usually release the detectors with the coil you don't want so you're forced to buy the one you want too 🙂

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2 hours ago, Rick N. MI said:

My ground is mild so I get the depth but no gold nuggets so I hunt for jewelry.

dd coils are better than concentrics in high mineral ground. I always thought that. So why did the 24k/GMX come with a concentric coil? It's a nice coil for me. So that's why everybody wants the 4x6 dd coil. I get it now 🙂.

The concentric is exceptionally hot on tiny gold and still works fine in the worst ground, just not as good as a DD. When nugget detecting 1/4” or 1/2” is a big difference one way or the other. And most people who buy nugget detectors never really do that much detecting or know the difference anyway. As I have noted much of my ground is mild and the concentric would be my main coil. A lot of ground in the U.S. is not that bad. My haunts in Alaska were like New Zealand, very low mineral, and concentric the way to go. But there is magnetite serpentine ground in the Sierras as bad as anything in Australia. That’s when the DD comes in handy.

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    • By Theraker
      False signals every time the coil touches anything.   Twigs above the coil touch the wire that plugs into my coil and it gives a false signal.  If my coil touches the ground while I sweep I get pounded with false signals.  I’ve cleaned the coil, lowered sensitivity, raised and lowered Vsat, locked ground balance and manually grabbed ground, discriminated.  I’ve tried new frequencies, factory default, but it won’t stop.  Any bump gives a signal.  Any suggestions? My first nugget is so close I can smell it!  Here are my last finds after 3 or 4 hours but had to stop due to the chatter from my detector. 

    • By bigtim1973
      Have recently got a hold of a nice V3i......I had one about 8 years ago and I decided back then it was not for me. I have Been comparing a MXT pro to it. Straight out of the box the MXT is way faster on recovery and obviously way easier to set up.
      With the 6X10 DD coil the V3i cannot see a penny about 1-1/2 inches from a piece of iron.
      If I put the same coil on the MXT it picks it right up. Very well actually.
      I have fiddled with the V3i on and off for a couple of days. I am on the fence about hanging on to it. I have been talking to a friend here locally who swears by the V3i and it is his go to machine. He told me that once I get it figured out it is deeper than the MXT.
      I guess that is possible.
      I am not a fan of the D2 coil as much as the white 6X10 DD coil. With the white 6X10 DD coil on the mxt I can hit an 11 inch nickle in my test garden with just turning the gain up.
      With the same coil on the V3i I have to go and adjust the ground phase and the recovery settings plus SAT as well....Sorry I do not know what all they are called but it used to be pre and post gain or AC and DC or whatever was on the XLT and such. Plus there is also the transmit gain and all that too that I can adjust and I am trying to just hit a 11 inch nickel with the V3I!!!
      I have messed with the recovery speed and the internal filters and have managed to get pretty satisfactory results after lots of hair pulling and time out in my back yard.
      I paired up the 13" DD Coil to the V3i. It made the machine way more sensitive without hardly doing anything else to the settings. It is like a match made in heaven actually on the V3i.
      I normally am a turn on and go kind of guy. I guess once the V3i is set up the way I like to run a machine it would become a turn on and go unit.....It will just take a bit to get there.
      I am on the fence kind of. I know there seems to be a little more action here with a few of you who still use a V3i so I am going to ask, is there any way the V3i can be adjusted to be as deep and as fast as the MXT pro??
      If not I may just wind up selling both and sticking to lighter machines....... Had a blast with my Equinox yesterday!!
    • By Steve Herschbach
      I just purchased a brand White's V3i from the factory as noted on another thread. The brand new machine much to my surprise comes with new new redesign of the White's D2 10" round DD coil. I say surprise because I ordered a scuff cover for the coil, and although it went on the scuff cover is larger than the new coil, especially along the inner edge of the right side and so there are large gaps between the edges of the coil and the scuff cover. The new coil has been shaved here and there for a thinner more modern appearance versus the older squared off look.

      I looked and have seen no change in the part number on any sites nor any mention of this new coil anywhere. White's needs to make this known and hopefully a properly fitted scuff cover is available or in the works. It could be it just happened and I am one of the first with this coil and so jumped the gun a bit while dealers clear old stock.
      The old D2 coil has been quoted at 17.9 oz or 498 grams which I have to question as my new coil weighs 1 lb 2.6 oz (18.6 oz) or 526 grams on my postal scale. Can anyone get get an accurate weight on the old D2 coil? Include the cable as I have done - I hate it when cable weights are excluded, as if we are going to swing the coil without a cable. That may account for the discrepancy as I find it hard to believe the new coil weighs more than the old coil, unless the internal windings are different/heavier.
      This coil is also compatible with the White's VX3, all versions of the MXT, the MX5, M6, and DFX.

    • By bigtim1973
      Well here she is. I ordered the coil last week. It is the 13" Detech Ultimate. I cannot believe how light weight it is. I am totally like a kid in a candy store today!!
      I put the Sun Ray probe on it a little different than how most people mount them. 
      It really had some awesome separation too for such a large coil. I am not totally sold in the depth aspect just yet. I will have to do some.more testing. But for now it is awesome. 

    • By bigtim1973
      Of the 2 mxt machines the original tracker or the pro which one is your favorite and why?? 

      MXT vs MXT All Pro display pod showing new touch pad buttons
    • By Joe D.
      Hello all, 
          So, i found myself in a very unusual position this past week of trading a detector, and buying a detector! 
          I just want to preface this by saying, I'm not crazy (hopefully)!! Or on any mind altering substances of any kind!😂
            I'm sure many of you saw Gerry of Gerrysdetectors.com looking to sell a brand new White's MXT Pro! Or trade for a used Nox 800!  Well, i did the trade!😬   I'm sure there are those of you that think I'm crazy! (All comments and opinion's welcome)! Well, I'll try and answer that puzzle?! 
          I've always liked the old school (not old) detector maker's that i grew up knowing! And I always wanted a Whites! And this was one i liked! I already had a few Bounty Hunters, and a Garrett! But due to my too long hiatus from detecting, never got around to the White's! I figured that they would still be around when i was ready! Well, we all know that story! So i was looking to add a  new detector to my AT Pro, and Nox 800! Seemed easy enough, and i had been feeling out all the recent models! Than i saw Gerry's ad, and decided to take a different route! I offered to buy, or trade my 800 for the MXT Pro! He went with the trade, which I'm confident we will both be happy with!🤞 They are shipping past one another as we speak! I felt like i wasn't using the 800 to it's fullest extent! And i also knew that next year i would be selling it anyway, before the warranty ran out! So that was where my mind was at!  And i knew the White's supply was drying up relatively fast; and i could always revisit a Nox at a later date!
           Than i saw The post about the Pinky Camo Technetics G2+!! I didn't think i would find a better price close to this, so Sold!! Another direction change! Again, I could have gotten a newer kid on the block, but again decided a tried and true alternative!
          That's my story for now! I welcome all comments and suggestions! Coil and accessory suggestions, etc... for both detectors!
      Tell me what you all think!! And if they were bad decisions, it's all Steve H's fault!! I found both of these on his forum!!😂🤣(kidding Steve)!
         Thanks all for your input!
      And to Gerry and Steve, for furthering my detector addiction! 👍👍
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