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Tarsacci Test W $5 Gold Coin Between Square Nails

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Whoops!  This video is the same one you posted on the other thread, using a quarter, not a gold coin.

Try again!  Thanks for making the videos.


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Maybe I wasn't clear enough.

The video in this thread is about a quarter.  The thread's title says it's about a gold coin.  I think you put the wrong video in this thread.  It's the same  video you posted in your other thread, the one about a quarter.

I look forward to your video about a gold coin when you post it.


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Hi Tom,

Ah.....ok. I’m still trying to get used to Steve’s forum. I’ll try to fix it. You can always go to my YouTube channel and check it. Thanks!



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Ok Steve, thanks a lot for taking care of that!

You have a great website!


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      Got my new coil. Looks great!  I can't use it til I get my lower rods back from Steve . But it feels solid.  Weighs 1lb 5.6oz 

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      Most detectors that come out will start with a large coil and then work their way down in size .
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