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Well done on closing the spammers door,actually its been around for a long time,i was a moderator years ago on both a big US and UK websites as well as owning my own.It was not uncommon for new members to join and look as if they are respectable new members but after a while they also use to go back onto older posts and amend them with live links back to other websites.

Its was and possibly still is the case of SEO and building backlinks from high profile website like 'detectorprospector' the main aim was to gain backlinks from high profile PR sites as that was often seen as the holy grain of getting your new website higher up the rankings.

A few years back Google for what ever reason decided that they no longer want to use the 'Page Ranking' system so although its still not use as much the still try many methods both legit and not so legit.

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There's also the Report Post in our messages so we can help you to Steve.  I have seen very few of the posts that you mention but I know its you doing what you do best.  My thanks.

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On 4/29/2020 at 9:53 AM, DDancer said:

There's also the Report Post in our messages so we can help you to Steve.  I have seen very few of the posts that you mention but I know its you doing what you do best.  My thanks.

Absolutely! The forum volume is such I don’t watch every post, just the newer members. Bottom line if anybody sees a post with a link to a site totally unrelated to the thread, please use the report post button. You kind of have to look for it and on some devices have to click on the post to get it to appear. Thanks!

Edit: the Report function has moved to the post menu in upper right, denoted by “  ...  “


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More than 70% of spam comes from the good ol United States.

There are many online books and courses in spamming. I can see how a natural slacker down on their luck would hope to make a buck by spamming. Of course in the long run the only one making a buck is the guy you paid to teach you how to spam. There is truly a sucker born every minute.

Even though the spamming percentage of return is really low theoretically that can be offset by massive volume. These spam instructional materials put an emphasis on the skills and knowledge needed to pretend to be from Nigeria or Romania to cover your tracks. It's pretty easy to spoof your origination address so this isn't a high tech thing.

It wouldn't be very difficult to change the internet protocols to stop this waste of bandwidth and time. Unfortunately sovereign actors use these same loopholes to hack and infect each other so it's impossible to get any consensus on change. I won't make a guess in public about what percentage of internet traffic is generated this way but this side of the internet is really big and much more difficult to track and defend against.

Forum spam is a very minor part of the world of spam. Most spam is email advertising and scams. About 45% of all email is spam. About 14.5 billion spam emails are sent every single day.  The average return for spammers is about 1 reply for every 12.5 million emails sent.

That is a lot of emails but the spammers cost is nothing but their time. They hijack other peoples servers and spam through them. That's a big danger for server operators because they can get blacklisted and shut down for being the "source" of spam.

Luckily this forum's software prevents takeovers without the forum owner even being aware of the thousands of server hack attacks per day. Since I run my own servers I see every attempt to hack and takeover those servers. It's not a pretty picture out there.

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I toyed with setting up my own server but poor internet connection at home was first problem, the other is my not wanting to deal with it. My hosted server is someplace on the east coast I think. I’ve not even bothered to look where Pair has it after the last move.

The sad part is many website owners are paying for link spam! When you pay that outfit promising to boost your Google ranking, some do it by trying to place links to your site. Too much bother to ask or negotiate so that sometimes gets farmed out to the spammers, especially if you are paying some bottom dollar outfit who contacted you via email.

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Your vigilance is respected by all mate,thanks. Sadly due to Covid it has been a year of lock down here in Victoria Australia so nothing to post as we havent been and still aren't allowed out to travel, even detecting local parks is out. As soon as this has passed l will start posting as l want to chase up an Whies SPP detector for my grandson and those that have them over here wint part with them so 1 out of the States will probably be my only option. Hi to all and keep up this great site! Thanks Steve. Lennie.

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I would have thought maybe a day would have long enough for the edit feature? 

I usually edit within about 15 minutes.

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I had no idea Steve, the things you do to keep your forum running seem endless. . . .

Thanks for your dedication and hard work, truly!

All the best,


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      I also do not mind dealers advertising in the Classifieds and in fact again, I welcome it. There are limits however. First, you must identify yourself as a dealer in your ad. Second, only advertise real deals. Genuine limited time offers that people would regret not knowing about. Do not "flood" the Classifieds with ads. A few good quality listings is better than sheer volume. As a rule a dealer should have no more than two ads in the Classifieds at any one time; if more are posted I may delete the oldest ones at my option. And do note that no ads stay up forever unless updated regularly. After 90 days any ad may be deleted. Again, at my option and I am not looking to be draconian but am pretty forgiving. I try to see what the intent is and work with that.

      In particular, dealer ad listings for used detectors and demo units are most welcome. Offer the members of the forum real deals, and you will be appreciated.
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      This site will always put regular member interest first over dealer interests. Any member who has a problem with or objects to the behavior of any dealer on the forum, please PM me with your concerns. One person complaining that a dealer did them wrong may not sway me but on the other hand I do not want to support dealers in any way that do not make a habit of going above and beyond for their customers. Since this is all an experiment I am making up as I go you can bet I will be watching like a hawk and make adjustments in practices and policy going forward as I see fit.
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