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    • By Dan(NM)
      Dean Ricker has screen covers available for the Simplex. I've been using his covers for quite some time, excellent quality. I paid $25 shipped. Here is Dean's e-mail addy where he can be contacted..... rickerskpd@cableone.net

    • By CCRV
      Hey guys, 
      I hate being the guy asking for help on the forum. But, I'm really struggling and hope some of you with more experience on the GPZ might be able to share some insight.
      So, here's the scenario. I have what I think is an old equipment pad I've been working. I've nicknamed it my "trash patch" since it is just hammered with trash, probably why it doesn't appear to have be detected much even though close by areas have been beat to death. I found my first nugget in there with my GPZ at about 8", The problem, so much trash I couldn't even keep a single target under the 14" coil. I went back this week and spent 2 1/2 days (sun up to sun down) with my GB2 cleaning about a 2500sf area of trash. I can't begin to know how many targets were removed, but I can tell you my legs are so sore from that many squats I can barely walk today. Once I got the area clean, I was super excited to get back over it with the GPZ and see what I could find.
      And, here's where we get to the help part. This entire pad has basically been built with about 3" of crushed hotrock. I thought getting the trash out was the biggest issue, but it wasn't. I can't figure out setting on the GPZ to get through the top layer. Either it just wobbles and whines all over the place, or you choke the settings down so hard it won't pick up anything. I can't find a working medium. Short of racking and shoveling 3" of rock off this area, which moves way outside the bounderies of enjoyable hobbie for me, I'm not sure what to do.
      Anyone have some detector settings I might try, or other ideas would be greatly appreciated.
      Attached are 8 little micro nuggets I pulled off the surface cleaning trash with the GB2. Everything I have got more than 2"s below the rock layer has been larger.
      Thx, Beau

    • By jasong
      I'm not sure if it's coincidental but since the update I've run into a number of areas that cause a strange oscillation on the GPZ.
      Basically, I can set the coil on these pieces of ground and not move it at all and it will just go "wee-woo-wee-woo" constantly and loudly as if there is a target underneath, it never balances out, manual or auto. Rebalancing over the ferrite does not seem to affect it, wether the ferrite is over that spot or away from the spot. 
      At first it was small spots and I thought it was EMI related, but now I've found entire washes that do it, yet the next wash over is fine. I was inclined to think it was due to salt, but there is so little salt around here that I went ahead and tasted some of the dirt (yep) and it wasn't salty. Usually I can taste salt if its bad enough to interfere with my machines. These washes have a lot of black sand and a lot of banded iron formation chunks laying about. usually running in normal and switching to difficult takes it away for the most part but sometimes it's still there.
      Just odd that it never balances out. Has anyone else run into ground like that before? Most bad ground won't sit there and oscillate if you stop moving the coil even if its bad enough to not balance out.
    • By normmcq
      When the upgrade first came out, a lot of ZED users were reluctant to change. I for one, thought if it was recommended, I should do it. I personalty believe it is more stable and more sensitive. I started to find very small pieces of trash in some areas that were virtually target free and some gold that was missed by some competent ZED users. The seven smaller pieces were found at Rye Patch and the others were found close to home in a very pounded area with all kinds of detectors. These were all found after the upgrade
    • By Condor
      I know Lunk covered this last spring, but I want to reiterate. This morning I got the classic faint mew tone, repeatable in both directions. This is the kind of tone we live for, I knew it was gold because I was out of the trash zone and it was obviously not a surface target. I was running HY, Normal, smoothing off, gain 12. I decided to play with the settings a little. First I switched to HY, Difficult, same sensitivity. The target was barely audible and I doubt that if I was in regular prospecting mode it would have been sufficient to stop me. I already knew it was there, so I had too much advanced knowledge. Then I switched to General,Normal, same sensitivity. The target was still very clear. I toggled back and forth, clearly the Difficult setting faded the target. Low Smoothing had little effect, but I was in very quiet ground. My conclusion, at least for this quiet ground in Sunny Yuma, use Difficult as a last resort. The nugget was about 5 inches deep.
    • By goldenoldie
      G'day all,
      Been some time since I posted on this site and have followed the GPZ threads with interest and how it now compares to the GPX. 
      In one particular thread I read the GPZ Audio Smoothing when set to its OFF position is similar to a Stabilizer setting of 20 on the GPX.
      Therefore my question is in relation to the GPZ Sensitive setting, which is like the Gain setting on the GPX, and since both detectors have their range between 1 and 20 would you say the GPZ Sensitive default 9 setting be the same as running a Gain of 9 on the GPX 5000?,
      Thanks in advance. 
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