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Does anyone know what the waterproof plug Nokta uses for the headphones is, I have a pair of Tony Eisenhower headphones for my Nox 600 and want to convert them to Nokta, they are much more comfortable than the Nokta waterproof’s, Thanks

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I believe you can find this at https://www.altronics.com.au  Its a M12  8 pin male connector, ip68

waterproof. part numbers are p9875  $11.95 ea. or p9875A $13.75 ea. Not sure what the

difference in part numbers are but just double check with them for proper applications.



P9875 (1).jpg

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Thanks guy’s, just what I needed. Really enjoying your old Anfibio Sven!

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    • By Kaolin washer
      I am not a headphone guy , dont like wearing them dont like the fact that i cant hear whats going on around me , but i tried out the wireless headphone on the ORX, and was amazed at how nice they are and simple and yet i can hear my suroundings and i dont get all sweaty, and the sound is great , and if you really want a cool sound keep the speeker on and the headphones it sounds like suround sound stereo sound .  you hear the lows clearly , and hear i figured they may have been a cheep joke, but now that i have used them i give them a A+
    • By Bohemia Miner
      This almost seems like a stupid question but I have to ask.
      Does anyone wear their Hearing Aids with Headphones?
    • By AlbyM
      In all the research I've done so far, the 2 waterproof headphones that get mentioned the most as the "best" options for underwater with the Equinox are the Patriot Headphones (http://metaldetecting.com/en/patriot-equinox-water-weq) and the Tony Eisenhower's Headphones. Has anyone actually used both and can accurately compare the 2 models? I'm talking in terms of volume underwater and comfort.
    • By kac
      Before the sun broke out in full force today I did a quick run about  1 1/2 hours to test out the Nokta waterproof headphones on my Multi Kruzer. Ran it at 19khz looking for small jewelry, found 2 1/2 earings, cruddier one might be gold brighter one is plated. This pond is brutal with iron as you can see the black chia pet looking thing on the side. It is a hard drive magnet I stick in my scoop to catch nails and bobby pins. You can see some of the rocks that also stick to it. My GB was low to mid 90's so ended up using Gen Mode in the quieter areas and 3 tone for the most part.
      Headphones are little better on audio than my Garrett waterproof ones, audio sounds similar, maybe bit less tinny but you do need to kick up the volume. I usually run the machine on 3 but use 10 on these. Vibrate mode proved to be useless because of all the iron in the ground there as it just constantly runs. Bottom line if you got a Kruzer or Amphibio, well worth the investment if you plan on splashing around.

    • By Steve Herschbach
      The headphone cable on the AQ underwater headphones is over 6 feet long. But it is coiled up so tightly it pulls on and stresses the cable near to where it connects to the detector.
      Now certainly a good preventative measure is to use a tie wrap to attach the cable to the rod under the elbow as a strain relief. I'm a little lazier though and want my headphones to not be pulling that hard in the first place. The cable should hang with a bit of a slack in it before it gets to the detector, instead of pulling sharply upward.
      So this is an oldtimers trick to relax the cable on new headphones. Just tie them up and let them hang. You usually do not have to worry about them getting too long. In fact, you may have to do it again later as the try to go back to the original coiled configuration. But I get mine to where I want them, and worry a lot less about stressing the connector down the road.
    • By Steve Herschbach
      I will be using my Impulse with the battery end well out of the water while shallow wading or on the beach, etc. I wanted to get away from wired phones and save the waterproof phones for when I actually need to submerge the machine. No sense putting any more wear and tear on the cable than I need to.
      So I found a source of relatively inexpensive M8 pigtails and cables, AutomationDirect. Never ordered from them before, but it was easy and cables arrived in two days. I got two pigtails for the headphone 5-pin connector, one straight, and one 90 degree. And I ordered a couple longer 4-pin cables for the power connection, to work with a high capacity power pack I have on order. More on that later when it arrives.
      I decided to use the 90 degree cable to make an adapter for my new TaoTronics transmitter/receiver box so I can use my Minelab phones, which I like, with all my detectors. There is also a less expensive transmitter only version.
      M8 5 pin 90 degree pigtail

      I dug through my pile of adapters and found a spare mono 1/8" extension cable and cut it off, saving the female end for this project. The TaoTronics comes with a RCA to 1/8” female cable that would also probably work for this. I hooked up the 90 degree cable and powered up the Impulse. I randomly hooked up the two wires from the 1/8" socket to the five while having some stereo earbuds plugged in, and found that the brown and gray wires gave me audio in both ears. According to the chart below brown is #1 and gray is #5. I wanted to make very sure there was audio in both ears using the mono socket but with stereo phones plugged in, so good to go there.
      I cut the cable down short, spliced and covered with shrink tube, and wrapped a little electrical tape on to add some beef. Not pretty but it will work - a typical Herschbach job. I bent the cable under the armrest, and added a stick on square of Velcro to back of the TaoTronics transmitter and the leg stand. I'll add more squares to my other detectors so I can move this transmitter around to whatever I am using. A little tie wrap secures things.
      Fired it up, paired easily with my Equinox 800 headphones, better audio than the Fisher phones, and frankly the Equinox phones are not the best in that regard. Cheap, super easy... I'm quite pleased with this. I can of course use 1/8" type wired phones or ear buds if I want. I'll make another adapter with the straight connector but go to 1/4" with it, so I can use my Sun Ray Pro Gold headphones without an extra adapter. I'll probably make that cable a little longer than this one, which I wanted as short as possible.
      If you got the TaoTronics transmitter only box for $20 and this cable for $8.50... well, this is pretty cheap and easy, and will work with a huge number of headphone options.
      Ironically my new Tarsacci MDT 8000 comes with am M8 to 1/8" adapter with one little problem. Fisher uses a 4-pin connector for the power/headphone combo cable, but then for some reason they use a 5-pin M8 for the headphone only connector. The MDT 8000 headphone adapter is of course 4-pin. I swear they must all have secret meetings to make sure nothing from one detector ever works with another. 
      Click or double click photo for high res version.

      AutomationDirect M8 Cable Specs pdf

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