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Gold Basin Thief Caught

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Several years back I was on the north side or the east side of Dolan Springs on the way to Gold Basin in the area where there isn't much but the speed limit was 45 mph in the day.  Now I think it is 55.  I came up from a dip and I was going 57 and a sheriff's deputy was there.  He stopped me.  This is only about the 2nd time I've ever been stopped.  He came to the car and said "Do you know what speed you were going?"  I said yes.

He went back to his car, checked my license (California tag) and came back and said, "You know, I could give you a ticket for about $200 right now.  We keep the speed limits low around here because it is open range.  Instead he said I want you to take that $200 and go have a nice dinner with the young lady beside you over there." (It was Lu ... we're now married)

It just depends on who you get I guess.  

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Another update the sheriff dept conveyed to me: If anyone had (or knows anyone who had) any mining equipment stolen, deputies have recovered a bunch of mining gear and its stored at the annex. The thieves and/or their associates were running some sort of mining operation which the sheriff dept described to me as "digging out a big hill" back apparantly near where my ATV was recovered. It sounds as if most of it is wet washing stuff (sluices, pumps, etc) or maybe a small washplant. 

Also good news is for general crime control, they will be doing patrols when possible down Gregg's and environs. 

There was also cartel involvement with this thief ring, though mostly on the meth distribution side of things. Sounds as if it's been dealt with, but be aware on those remote backroads as that is what they were using and who knows if they might be back. If there was any question about the seriousness of the crime back there, the scale, or the danger, it was justified. But it sounds like they are confident they have eradicated the "big dogs" now, even though arrests and investigations may be ongoing.

Mitchel, was that deputy in his 60's? If so, I forget his name (Brooks?) but he used to patrol out there and then retired. He was awesome, old school law enforcement guy. 

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I think you are right.  I had that warning from him for years I remember the name.

He certainly did 'right' by me.  He told me he wouldn't give me a second chance!  That is good enforcement.


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White Hills and Dolan Springs are border towns to Las Vegas. I worked drug enforcement for years and border towns like these are great for criminals. There are 3000 police officers in Las Vegas with several hundred in specialized drug and gang units. It's a great place for chop shops, drug houses, grows, human smuggling, and yes squatters, tweakers, and thieves. 

White Hills and Dolan Springs have one deputy in the area if we're lucky. So unless you literally run into the side a sheriffs car, chances of getting caught are slim. To be fair when the community does call the sheriff about thefts, they do respond and make arrests when possible. The problem is people out here don't like or trust law enforcement and won't call many times. 

In Arizona any adult can carry open or concealed... Just saying... 


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