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Equinox English Language Screen Protectors


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I know you can order multi-language packs of the screen protectors for the Equinox, but can you order a pack of just English (or any language for that matter) protectors?

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Pro tip - cut the English label off one of your included protectors and keep it permanently on your machine.  Then you can just change out the clear part of the protector when it gets scratched up.  In this manner you can use all the international version protectors by simply snipping off the bottom label strip.

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2 hours ago, Chase Goldman said:

Pro tip...

 OK, I'm going to go farther (call this an GB_amateur tip 😁) -- forget the screen protector / feature selection cheat-sheet that Minelab provides.  The optics of their screen protector is, IMO, embarrassing.  Similar items provided free (or available aftermarket) for cellphones, tablets, and laptops are noticeably better.  And as far as the cheat-sheet, maybe you use that at first but once you learn their icons and the sequential ordering of options you won't need it.  Take that from a guy whose brain is so atrophied that half the time he can't find his phone, garage door opener, car keys,....  Well, at least I can remember what's important.

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