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I find that with trying to find reliable suppliers. Tried to order a new computer for work and ship date was July1st!!! I cancelled the order. Try getting anything from Amazon without paying for stupid Prime and you might as well ride your bike to the nearest warehouse and pick it up yourself.

Apex is a bit of an exception as it isn't officially on the shelves yet and that promo was a pretty good teaser.

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Hi Chuck, 

some people do not like the Equinox and really like the Vanquish.  I will leave that one alone. I like both for what it is worth but I'll let you figure out which one I pick 9 times out of 10.........it won't take long to guess.

The Mi-6 XP pinpointer works fantastic with the ORX. Another possible upgrade are the Quest over the ear headphones that the WS audio puck fits on. Outstanding headphones. Even Chase likes them!!!!

Rob Allison is a fantastic dealer and a really good nugget prospector and person.


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Hey Jeff

  You’re right what you said about Rob . I was dealing with that kid before he turned gray and I hadn’t yet.


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Yea, sitting around waiting for a new toy won't find you stuff 🙂 I had to put my GPZ down for 6 weeks because of the lock down, I was worried I'd forget how to turn it on, now I've got to learn how to use it all over again that we are out of lock down as I only had about 5 days on it before the lock down started and winter is rapidly approaching, on the plus side every time I took it out I found gold except my first time using it which was in heavy rain and a short hunt because of that 😞

I doubt it'd be worth waiting for an Apex when you can buy a Nox 800 now and start finding stuff straight away, I think you made the right decision 😉  I agree with Steve though, for a lot of normal not detector nerd people the Vanquish is just fine and they'd probably find a similar amount of good stuff using it and I'm sure the Apex would be the same, the location is often more important than the detector!

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Great choice Chuck! The ORX compliments the Nox beautifully and vise versa! Good luck!


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    I too feel like i was catching " New Toy Syndrome" from hanging around here with you all!🤣  I will just have to go back to "Reality Rehab", and use what i have for now!

Thank's for reminding me Dr. Steve!😞

  Now leave me alone, to drown my sorrows in a cup of  "Get Over It"!

I think i will dust off my old Bounty Hunter 840, go for a hunt, and post some finds with it!

"Whats old can be new again"🤥😞🎻  🎶🎶🎶

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I'm not a line guy so I usually let other guys do the research, and make my decision after the smoke clears. But I always find myself drifting back to my older stuff and wondering why I bought some of the impulse buys ( bad thing to do). Bottom line is we all think that something might be better, when its really not. Fancy racing stripes do not make a race car. 9 times out of 10 its the place your are hunting and not the machine. No silver, No gold, No stuff, No find with any machine!!   I do wish Garret well with the apex and hope its a home run. Any Mfg that's still competing in the market is a great thing for all of us. Multiple detector choices are a wonderful option for us new toy driven enthusiast.

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The  metal detector you don't have will never  find  you anything. Getting   a nox is a  good move.It can do so much compared to most machines.My explorer user friend just found an 1856 seated quarter in a pounded park with his new nox  .I found half a  walker half with mine. His quarter was very deep.

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      The main question I have is the hardware. Will the new model still use the existing CTX housing? It’s a little heavy, but well balanced, and does allow for much more battery capacity. Or do they use the Equinox design? Hard to imagine in an upscale model, so I’d kind of doubt that. Something brand new, with the best features of CTX, but lighter weight? A new design would help keep the price down, which is a key now if you really want a best seller.

      New Minelab Ultimate
      The most requested thing in Equinox is more target range, so mating a CTX type display with Multi-IQ would seem a bit of a no-brainer. All I know is that if a Minelab can successfully put the best of CTX and Equinox together in a single detector, something that would make owners of either of those detectors want one, it could be another major home run for Minelab. And yes, it is the next detector that I personally am waiting for, now that I finally got an Impulse in my hands. Well, and whatever follows the GPZ 7000. Impulse plus CTX replacement plus GPZ follow up is what I’m shooting for as my future personal lineup.

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      I buried my 1.2 ounce 14k yellow gold   chain at measured 10" in very wet    dirt and tried pk1 sens.21 50 tone recovery 4 and F2-7 which I never use in     turf and a got a soft but   not bad signal with mostly a 2id with almost no  iron id showing up.i would dig this if I was going for chains. That is more then I expected for park 1 with high iron bias.This is the  limit for this target for a    signal you would dig on target information.
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      I tried  the gold chain from my Gmx test with my 11" coil on my nox and this machine just walloped it on multi freq. gold2 mode with sens. at 22.It gave me the proper #4 id mostly on this 7" target with a few 3or 5 numbers if I was off center a bit.I could raise   the coil over 10" and    still get it.In 20 kz. at 22  sens. it hit it very hard with  very bouncy  id from 2to  11  .In 40 kz. at max sens.  it pounded it very hard also with less bouncy id from 2to 8. I am very impressed with this mode on this target.
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      Just throwing this out in case anyone else has had this problem or for future reference.in case anyone has it in the future.  I bought my Equinox 800 in April 2018 and it has been great with no problems until  a month ago. I started getting problems ground balancing and getting very different ground balancing numbers even over the same ground.  I tried factory reset but didn't help .  Also, it didn't always have the problem. I called Minelab and they had me send control pod and 11" coil to their service center in PA. in early June as it was under warranty.  (thankfully). After getting message they had it and processing might be delayed due to Colvid-19 issues I finally heard back from them July 7.  They indicated "after much testing the unit has begun showing issues.  However, the issue is very sporadic and does it when it decides too.  The issue is a ground balance issue. When trying to ground balance the unit it will ground balance correctly.  The unit will be wildly off in the 80's.  Next it will ground bale to 0, all in the same location of a couple of feet. The difficulty of pin pointing it however is that it seems to do it even when replacing an item.  Our test coil will experience the same issue on the customer's pod.  The I tried the customer's coil on our control pod and will experience the issue again.  I have done factory resets and reloaded the latest firmware to insure it was not just a software problem. Out of an abundance of caution, I strongly recommend the replacement of both the coil and the control pod.   NOTE: There will be a delay on the control pod as there are parts difficulties due to Covid-19. Once art is received  we will update the ticket and return the unit to the customer."  This all was very weird.  I recontacted Minelab about what the new timeframe might be for getting my detector back and why I just couldn't have them send me a brand new detector(minus wireless headphones] .  No response back as yet.  
    • By CmonNow
      Found a 1926-D Mercury dime and a 1908 Barber dime today. Just about passed out from heat stroke in the process, but I got 'em.

      They were about eight feet apart and both about four inches under the surface. The Merc is in pretty good shape. It rang up 25-26 on the Equinox.  The Barber is more worn and has a gouge in the rim on the lower right in the pic.  That one rang a little higher at 26-27.

      Also found a very green 1936 Wheatie about a foot from the Barber dime.

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