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Steve Herschbach

GPZ 7000 Includes Free 19” Coil

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GPZ 7000 and GPZ19 are the only things on consignment. 

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3 minutes ago, phrunt said:

traditional dealers, their advantage is knowledge and training which the Big Box stores can't provide. 

100% agree.  But to most people if they can save $200 off a brand new Equinox 600 they will take it and then look to YouTube for ‘education’.  
I think if some people have to be fixed price then all should be. 

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6 hours ago, Steve Herschbach said:

Yeah, it’s basically heading that way, especially here in the U.S. If gold was still $300 an ounce we’d already be done. People who say they are doing it for fun and adventure, not the value, for some reason are not out looking for things of no value instead. They could be looking for copper nuggets but few seem interested in that for some reason, even though it is as challenging and has just as much fun and adventure as gold detecting. The price does matter, and ever increasing prices have kept this ship afloat. And if gold breaks above $US2000 an ounce I expect we will see another electronic gold rush as people detect for the last remaining dribs and drabs on patches pounded for decades. Yes, there are virgin patches out there, but it’s the rare true prospectors out spending the weeks or months of non-producing detecting needed to find them. Ultimately it is legal access to ground that is the limit, and if gold prices spike everything available will get claimed up to the hilt. Competition will be fierce again. We lose even if we win.

I feel like I missed the real heyday 20 years ago being busy running my business. But I am grateful I got to do what I did when I did near the end of it all, and see some virgin patches myself, and lots of large gold. The GPZ really did light things up, but now even the GPZ gold is getting sparse. I’m afraid I’m one of those spoiled old guys finding it hard to get motivated to go out and detect for a few grams. Beach detecting is more pleasant and with better viewing, and more what I’m inclined to do these days. :smile:

Well i dont know if you have noticed it but everyone out here have noticed the sun is hotter then ever. Being out in the sun isnt as pleasant. 

For now i feel better being by the water looking for gold in the shade and atleast i see the color of gold everyday. 

At the end thats what really matter because everyone says gold mining is an adventure or hobby. But when you get to find a steady income you cut that down to a very low percentage. 

People could find metal detecting a decent size nugget or patch but finding another is pretty tough for the same reason you stated. 

One person might be lucky but the odds of others be veryyy low.  


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I do not get excited about the lower priced coin and relic machines because there is just not enough margin relative to the time we spend on customers and the volume we can achieve in a small population centre, we do move a reasonable amount of Equinox but have to discount to remain competitive. TBH I have no issue with the chain stores stocking these items because for ML to make money out of them they need to sell volumes which cannot happen with shops like ours set up for more personable engagements. 


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Steve, I still have a GPX and have access to a GPZ whenever I should want to use it. I have been accused of being a Minelab hater, just because I have the temerity to criticise some of their products. This is ridiculous, as I will use whatever product produces gold for me.

As a prospecting tool I now use a QED for a number of reasons. It is light and ergonomic. The target response is sharp and definite, and depth quite impressive.

For areas that have been proven and have the potential of producing at greater depth, I have no qualms about using a GPZ and X coil, or a GPX with either X coil or concentric.

Different detectors for different soil conditions.

PS I now use X coils exclusively on my QED as I can run them on 'hotter' settings.

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1 hour ago, Reg Wilson said:

I will use whatever product produces gold for me.

That should be the only criteria that matters. :smile: Thanks Reg, and hope all is well on your half of the planet.

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Hi guys here is the first target I dug with the 19in coil;





I went specifically to this gully as I knew there had to be some deep gold left, and I had gone over it very carefully with a 11, 14, 20 and 25in coil on the GPX and the zed with its 14.

On the day I had my friend with me who was using a gpx and a 18in coiltek elite coil, he slowly walked up the gully before me and checked every target before I dug it to see if he could pick it up with an equivalent coil on the GPX.

The specimen contained 67g of gold and was solid inside. I detected it at a staggering 900mm +! I could not belive it. And the gpx didn't pick it up until about 300mm was taken off.

My pick handle is 1150mm long as a reference. And the nugget was trapped in a bedrock crack.

Payed for the coil within 10min of its first use... Can't complain about that.

Then 30min later I found this 27g solid manganese oxide covered piece on a patch same as above. Gpx didn't pick it up until 100mm was removed. Depth on this one was about 450mm. My pick head is 400mm long for reference.


So the ml 19 earned its place in my arsenal on the first day.

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I dunno how long this 'consignment' GPZ arrangement with dealers has been going on, but what does consignment deals and free coils say to you, the potential buyer??? It says to me... 'Run out all the stock coz something new is coming'. I was in a dealers showroom a few days ago and a guy wanted to trade-in a 5000 on a 7000. The seller was advised to wait a few weeks 'coz ya might regret it'. I'll leave that for you all to ponder.....

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17 minutes ago, Aureous said:

I dunno how long this 'consignment' GPZ arrangement with dealers has been going on, but what does consignment deals and free coils say to you, the potential buyer??? It says to me... 'Run out all the stock coz something new is coming'. I was in a dealers showroom a few days ago and a guy wanted to trade-in a 5000 on a 7000. The seller was advised to wait a few weeks 'coz ya might regret it'. I'll leave that for you all to ponder.....

Bad advice I’d say.🥴 

GPZ’s have been on consignment since day dot.


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    • By phrunt
      I have ordered a new size X-coil, it's a 12x8" X-Coil,  It's already in the post however it's delayed in shipping due to international shipping delays the world over.  Hopefully this coil arrives soon. I am very excited about it as I think it will be the perfect size for NZ.
      It's even in NZ's black and white colours.

      This should be good in our rocky terrain on small gold.
    • By klunker
      I'm not shy about it. Yup. I have big clumsy feet. The good news is it gives me stabilizing ballast should sobriety forsake me. The bad news is it's hell on GPZ 7000 lower shafts. I have broken several. To make matters worse, the lines of communication between my big feet and my small command and control center often get disrupted somewhere between my gullet and my gizzard which allows my big feet to proceed on a different heading than the rest of me. Oops, there goes another GPZ 7000 lower shaft. But I don't take full responsibility for all of these broken lower shafts. I don't recall ever breaking the good ol' GPX lower shaft and they fit at least 10 different detectors and cost less than half of a GPZ lower shaft. So I lay most of the blame at the feet of Minelab and not because of the feet of Klunker. The shaft is just plain flimsy. 
       Being a "tight wad" by nature I have tried numerous times to repair a broken lower shaft using glues, epoxies, tape, splints and every flavor of bubble gum you can imagine. Nothing worked. I finally came up with the idea of totally replacing the lower end of the shaft and it work splendidly.
       This was made from an inch and a quarter by 1 inch pvc plastic pipe tee, a fine toothed saw, a drill, a round file, a sander, a heat gun and a bit of good epoxy. 
      This repair has held up for a couple of dozen trips and survived the icy conditions of early spring detecting, which is when my big feet are at their worst. If anyone is interested I will post instructions

    • By flakmagnet
      Why oh why does the WM12 take such an unusually long time to recharge when the GPZ battery charges in a couple of hours, and other electronic equipment charges in (much) less time than that? I am not actually complaining but I am very curious why this is so.
    • By mn90403
      Today I took a short beach swing and didn't find much but it was good to just get out in a sea breeze if you know what I mean.  I used the Equinox 800.  About midway through my 2+ hours I checked my settings and noticed I had recovery speed on 5.  I changed it to 6 and then the thought came to my mind, "What would I do or could I do with the Zed to immulate changing the recovery speed?"
      I've used the 800 in many different settings so far but mostly the beach.  I've seen the videos of nails next to good targets.
      How do YOU tease the good targets out of trash like the 800?
    • By phrunt
      JW contacted me in the morning saying he's got the day off work so if I wanted to go for a detect jump in my car and head on over to his place.  This is always a hell yes from me, the world would have to be ending to stop me.... oh uhm... whoops 🙂 maybe more than the world ending.
      We were going back to the exact same spot we were at the previous mission so figured I'd either use the 15x10" X-coil or the 10" X-coil, but because the area is very rocky I went with the 10", you need as small of a coil as possible for this terrain.

      The 10" can get into some pretty tight spaces.  Gold here would be missed with any bigger of a coil.
      JW noticed our Davsgold picks looked a little different, this is odd as we both have the same pick so we compared them

      The years of wear on JW's pick is pretty evident, his pick has gone through hell smashing up schist for years 🙂 He needs to give it a sharpen, the sharp point on mine is very handy. 
      I've also upgraded the magnet I had on my pick, it's been excellent.  I drilled out a 30mm deep by 20mm round hole in my pick and dropped the strongest magnet I could buy into it with the same dimensions.   Now not only is the base of my pick magnetic, the sides are too, it sucks up ferrous junk like mad.  I'm very happy with it.

      I can move the black sand around on it 🙂
      JW was back detecting his highly productive cliff edge armed with his hammer and screwdriver, so I figured I'd go back and check around where I was the other day.
      It wasn't long and I had a very faint signal, a few scrapes and the signal improved.  The bedrock in this spot is about 4 to 9 inches down.  It turned out to be quite a nice bit of gold down in the bedrock that required breaking up some bedrock to get to it.  For the first time I managed to record a good part of the find on video as I was so confident it was going to be gold.  I've wanted to capture a find on video for a long time.
      Here is a photo of the spot I got it, it was actually quite deep, and the gold was on edge, it's a very skinny bit.

      My biggest of the day.
      I spent the next hour or so checking the area slowly.  Plenty of pellets but nothing else.
      I moved back down towards the little gully JW was detecting and on the path we bike in I had a signal, I'd done this path bit the other day with the Nox, I'd spent an hour or two on this small area with it but I missed this piece, maybe just too deep for the Nox.

      Down through the gravels to the bedrock again.

      Almost like a little ball 🙂  This round gold is common in this spot, JW's been getting a lot of it.
      I then realized I forgot to balance to my ferrite ring, seeing I'd gone from the 12" to the 10" X-coil I thought I may as well do it.
      Again I don't know if I am balanced to it being new to the GPZ but I did the procedure and the noise of the ring all but disappeared after a couple of sweeps over it.
      The day was getting pretty exciting, I was hoping for a 3rd but for the next few hours I got nothing but pellets... I had a break and drink and watched JW for a while, I usually learn a few things doing this and I was able to see his coil control is far better than mine, he drives that thing around keeping it so close to the ground hugging the rocks while checking the bedrock cracks.

      The cracks in the bedrock like in this photo can contain gold, but you have to check the entire rock as the gold has proven it can be anywhere in the rock in healed over cracks.
      As the day was coming to an end I went over to a spot that chased JW away with the abundance of pellets there, they were everywhere!!!!
      It paid off though, my final nugget for the day

      This is up on a bedrock ledge, the ground is 10 to 15 feet below where this little ledge is

      and down deep in the gravels was a bit of gold........ and about 8 pellets 🙂

      The gold had a louder and more distinct signal than the pellets.  Another ball type bit.
      And now the weigh in.....
      My junk

      Not as bad as last time, I'd already done a lot of the cleaning of the area 😉

      Not too bad 🙂 I haven't had three in a while.  Almost worth celebrating with a beer at the pub

    • By phrunt
      Now that I've got your attention no JW didn't only get one bit of gold 🙂 He got many but that's his story.  I managed one bit.  I had to borrow his gold bottle as I forgot my own, I also forgot my harness which is not the best thing to do for someone with a sore back!
      A week or so ago we went for a detect at a spot on the E-bikes, JW did really well over at a rocky cliff area where gold was getting trapped like a sluice box in the schist.  I was detecting some bedrock nearby.  My back was terrible at the time due to an injury so I used my Equinox rather than my GPZ.  I mostly spent my day digging shot gun pellets but I did manage a bit of gold in a crack in the bedrock, I had only the week before been watching JW smashing gold out of bedrock so when I found this bit I was pretty confident it was gold when the target needed smashed out of bedrock and it was.

      You can see the thin layer of soil over the bedrock and minor cracks in the rock where I had to smash it out.

      The smashed up crack above in the coil in this photo and the little bit of gold.

      I forgot to weigh this one before throwing it in with my gold collection.  I wasn't going to bother posting about it as it was just one nugget.  That was it for me for the day.
      JW and I were discussing the virus pandemic yesterday morning as NZ has now locked down it's borders, anyone at all who wants to enter the country needs to go into quarantine for two weeks and he suggested we go for an afternoon detect.  I was keen for this as I felt my back was ready to use my GPZ again with the extra weight it has so I jumped in my car and went up to JW's house.  We decided we'd go back to the same spot as JW had unfinished business at his very productive little spot and I figured I'd go over the same area I was doing with the Equinox to see what I could get out of it.  I hadn't completely finished the area with the Nox as my back got too sore to continue that day.
      I'm still getting the hang of using my GPZ, I haven't had it long and haven't used it as much as I'd like due to my back injury.  It's very much a learning curve for me, it's different to using my GPX and QED.  For example I only really learnt yesterday the left and right of the coil are the hot spots, not the center like on my GPX with spiral coils as I was confused recovery targets they were never where I expected them to be 🙂
      After a bit of practice with it I've settled on my general settings of HY / Normal with gain of 20 and smoothings off, this seems comfortable enough for me to use in the spots I've tried so far.  Everything else is on defaults.   I did the ground balance over the ferrite at the start of the day seeing some people say it's necessary, I'm not convinced in my soils it will make a difference but it can't hurt so why not do it.  I guess this would be considered balanced to the ferrite? I have no idea, remember I am new the the GPZ but seeing it was setting it off loudly before balancing and afterwards it was like this I can only assume It's done.  I'm pretty happy with how the GPZ runs as I was very close to JW, about 60 foot I guess away from his GPZ and they don't seem to bother each other much.
      I could hear JW chipping away at his cliff edge and I had myself what appeared to be a good target in some bedrock (in the above video you'll also hear JW chipping away at the bedrock), I was confused trying to target where in the rock I needed to smash and couldn't locate where the target was, the rock was solid hard rock and hitting it with my pick wasn't doing much.
      I went over to JW and asked if he'd mind helping, he came over and we attempted to get the bit of gold out, I'd been at it for about 20 minutes already and with JW's assistance and another 15 or so minutes we had smashed it out, JW instructed me on following the lines in the schist to try smash it out in the layers, working my way from the edge to where the nugget is.  My Davsgold Gold Digger pick was copping a beating taking on this rock but I had no choice.

      My hand didn't enjoy it either, hitting the rock with the pick was hard work 🙂

      You can see here I'd been smashing out layers of it to try get to the spot with the gold.
      I was originally a bit confused with where the gold was, thinking it was in a big crack in the bedrock, but it turned out it wasn't in the crack but in the rock itself.

      That's the crack I cleaned out above, and the smashed out rock below trying to get to it.  A few more king hits with rock flying everywhere and the target was out, but it disappeared, we could not find it anywhere!!!! All that work and it was gone.
      We detected all around the area and the only thing we could find was an odd bit of magnetic metal in the rubble below the rock, at first we thought it was a bit off my pick but it was weird and one side smooth and shiny.  When I got home and put it under my phones microscope I found it's slightly magnetic, you can see the black sand and also a little bit of a metal substance stuck to it.

      Very weird, this likely came out of the rock as it wasn't there prior to breaking up the schist.  We assumed that was the target in the rock and JW went back to his spot to resume his gold recoveries 🙂
      I wasn't ready to give up and kept detecting around the area thinking maybe there was still a bit of gold that flung out of it and about 5 minutes later I had it! A little nugget was sitting on the surface.

      This sun baker had to be my nugget from the rock, it's VERY unlikely there would be a sun baker here.

      I continued detecting the area for the rest of the afternoon, I was digging a lot of junk, mostly shotgun pellets and little shards of metal and all the ferrous targets I'd left behind using the Nox with it's discrimination 🙂
      I had another target I was so sure was going to be gold, I was clearing away the surface soils and the target was down in the bedrock again....  I was so sure it was going to be gold seeing it was in the bedrock I took a video of the target.
      But no, after smashing out the bedrock the only thing I could find was a damn shot gun pellet that had made itself down into the crack in the bedrock!

      That damn little pellet was down in that crack!  I think it's a steel one too.

      I called it quits after that one and decided I'd go have a drink and snack and watch JW for a while and see what I could learn, at this point he'd come over to my spot as he was sick of chipping away at the rock in his area and the lucky bugger found two bits of gold in an area I'd been over with my Equinox the week before, I wasn't sure if I went over it with my GPZ but I am pretty sure I had not.  The target signals on his GPZ with 10" X-coil were very good, stood out like dogs nuts so there is no way I'd miss them.
      So my total for the afternoon

      A bucket load of junk, mostly pellets and little bits of metal

      And one nugget for 0.086 of a gram. I'll take it, I'm still continuing my pattern of not getting a skunk since getting the GPZ... Before getting the GPZ I regularly found no gold, since getting it I always find at least 1 piece every time I go out.
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