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got out Sunday, it was perfect to detect, hit the woods, a new spot, picked up a few keepers




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Cool finds! Great to live where history left some clues!!👍👍

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    • By Chase Goldman
      Managed a couple keepers at a new site last week including an 1863 CW Patriotic token with "Army and Navy" on one side and an engraving of the Capitol building on the reverse.  A little crusty but I'll take it.  A fishing weight carved from a lead minie ball, another lead fragment, and a large flat button.  Enjoyed the hunt though it was a balmy 95F out there.  Snagged the token and lead with my GPX and the flat button with my Deus.  Cheers.

    • By Rick N. MI
      This is from the lumbering days in Michigan. It would be hammered into the end of a log and logs were floated in lakes and rivers. This one must have broke when they were hammering on it. I was in Pickerel Lake detecting. http://mauriceeby.org/My_Books_files/Great Lumbering Era 4.pdf
      When I was a kid this was a boys camp. Now it's a county camp ground. I was detecting in the water where the beach is. That's a native Brook trout stream running thru it.

    • By relicmeister
      Weather has been awesome. Stopped at new site on way home from work for brief hunts and both Saturday and Sunday between family time and usual chores like mowing the lawn. 
         I’m quite efficient at cleaning up my finds and putting them in my display and almost never post before I do. Among my favorites shown is the spur ( my first ) the brass sash buckle which may be 18th century military, the big toy car,  the big iron spoon and model T door handle. 

    • By Againstmywill
      Last week I had the opportunity to go back to Wisconsin and hunt my old homestead that was settled in 1845. Last year I found my first Barber Dime dated 1899 when I detected there. This year, the only old coin was a buffalo nickel from 1939 ( I'll post that pic later.). There were a couple neat relics, however. The Equinox 11" coil was used, Park 1, highest sensitivity possible, and speed of 4. Here are a few pics. The bell still rings, and it is a first for me. The lantern has a patent date of 1872, and the stove board has a patent date of 1878. 

    • By Gerry in Idaho
      I was detecting a site yesterday (1900 to 1940's) and made a few interesting finds.
      The video can be view on my "Gerry McMullen" facebook page.
      How old do you think this Dr. Scholl's brass metal insert is and does anyone know of collectors for such stuff?
      The other 2 items are sterling and the pin is stamped.  Looks like a military type pin, and your help in ID'ing is needed.
      The flower was a little more black and when I rubbed it it shined, like a coin does.  it looks like it could have had a stone in it.
      Anyway, I was hoping some of you could ID a couple of these and other folks can learn from them.
      Thanks in advance.

    • By Rick
      Well Im a rich man I can retire    This it what I found up front 6 inched down     and the other 2,    20 yds from the first, 8 inches down ,20ft away from each other...... Wow I  need a drink now.........

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