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Detector Operation And Storage Temperatures

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Hello all,

    I was reading Steve's post on "Best detector values under $500 dollars"! And noticed something!

I noticed that MineLab is the only manufacturer that listed the operation temperature, and storage temperature of their equipment!

Being a Native of South Florida with its oppressive heat, humidity, and salt air, most of the year! I have experienced first hand what happens to electronics,  plastics, adhesives, etc... that many of you in certain States, and Country's, have also experienced!

¬† ¬†Suffice it to say to the uninitiated, that it is a¬†bad¬†idea to leave these items in¬†an enclosed vehicle for an extended period of time!‚ô®ÔłŹ

   The last couple of weeks, i have been trying to figure out if coil or detector color, can adversely affect function and longevity, in these types of conditions! (not just inside vehicles)!  Proof has been hard to find, without the advantages that the designers,  and bench testers, have at their disposal!

   I know "most" electronics have overload protection built in; from energy spikes , as well as heat! That would be an obvious "failure"! But short of this "failure", will detection depth, or circuit function be appreciably reduced based solely on the surface, and internal temps of the parts themselves?  Especially the copper windings of the coil!  Are PI detectors more likely to suffer, due to the added power output? And is this a cumulative,  or situational effect that goes unnoticed? ( loss of depth with hot coil, or circuit function)!

¬† Just wanted to get that out there for any input you all have!! Based on the huge knowledge base on this forum!ūüĎćūüĎć



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Have detected many times in Southern calif, nevada, and arizonia  with outside temps @ 115f or 46c. Detector has worked fine but I have to take a lot of cooling breaks and drink gallons of water. At those temps I have more detectors in my vehicle which is locked with the windows cracked and just guessing temps do reach 135+f and have not seen any ill effects on them as well.  

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The only thing I would worry about is the batteries. If they are Lithium and you are going to charge them while hot on a system that is cheap and nasty <- dont do that. I wont charge the 7000 bat straight from the car if it's hot and this battery would have all the protections built in. Batteries are expensive suckers.

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