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Got sick of buying 9v batteries for my Profind pp. Blackube just came out with rechargeable 9v lithium batters that have the same voltage as an alkaline. A little pricey at $25 for 2 but the PP no longer falses out when put on it's side then turned back up. This used to drive me crazy. Batteries put out near full power until they run out instead of fading in power like alkalines do.

IMO worth the few extra bucks.

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21 hours ago, kac said:

Batteries put out near full power until they run out instead of fading in power like alkalines do.

Besides rechargeability, that's an awesome benefit, right there.

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The Profind seems more sensitive to low voltage, probably why it has mixed reviews. I have no falsing out since I put the lithium battery in. Be nice if ML just made it rechargeable in the first place.

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9 hours ago, kac said:

Be nice if ML just made it rechargeable in the first place.

As long as they are user replaceable common cells, I would definitely agree.

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I didn't expect the Profind to run so much better. Just got the rechargeable because I got tired of replacing 9v's. Nice not needed to turn it off then back on again if you lay it down. Actually like this pp now.

I suspect when other pp's act up it could be just low battery power.

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50 minutes ago, kac said:

I suspect when other pp's act up it could be just low battery power.

I got the impression that one of the issues with the F-Pulse was that it glitched/froze when the batteries couldn't provide enough power to it at certain times. I think I remember reading that someone had issues when using regular alkaline batteries, but when using primary lithium (like Energizer), it worked perfectly.

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I started using the rechargeable lithium aa's on my Tejon as I was just burning through alkalines. I had a problem with one AA not taking a charge and BlackUbe replaced it right away so their support is fantastic. I found on the Tejon that with the lithium it runs at full power and far more stable and with the alklalines the performance would fade after a few hours..

I bet the F-Point would work good with those.

Only downside with these types of batteries is you should keep tab on the time you put in on them as they run full power and will suddenly need to be recharged. On average they run about double the time alkalines do as a reference. Battery indicators may not accurately display life left.

I have been using a set in my external battery pack for my Kruzer with good run time.

The 9v's are fairly new so I haven't had to recharge it yet but guess they will be the similar to the aa's.

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  • 6 months later...

Glad to read this.

If that's the only problem with the PF35 , I'm getting lithiums !

(I've been using dollar tree carbon cells so far LOL ....it's a wonder the thing worked at all if it's that voltage sensitive ????)

The 2 pack posted sounds like a reasonable price to me...doubt I'll go through both in one day !

I live in my camper and (hopefully)everything charges off the solar/battery combo. Rechargables are my world.  


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