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I'm a definite buyer as soon as it comes out. I plan on spending a lot of time in Hawaii and currently have an Equinox for beach hunting. I like trying new technology and if the discrimination works well, it will sure be fun!

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For me:


  • I like it but I do zero beach detecting.
  • There doesn't appear to be manual ground balancing which is necessary in all areas I like to hunt.
  • I do dive and wouldn't mind taking on underwater in a few places had this been capable. 


  • Form - this looks fantastic.
  • Refined discrimination in a pulse machine? Yes please.
  • Weight - Hooray!

All considered - I will be eagerly awaiting news of tests in the gold fields and/or a second iteration of the machine meant for land/gold field use.

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I am patiently waiting. I am hoping the price is right. Where would I make the purchase?

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While detecting a while with the Aquastar prototype.  I did do good with the 8 inch coil with the 10 micro second pulse delay but the 11.5 inch coil had to run at a slower delay in ocean water more then 3 feet deep.  I then got Eric Foster to build me a 10 inch coil for my Aquastar.  The 10 inch coil became my main coil because it would operate at 10 micro second pulse delay in ocean water over 3 feet deep.  Later on Eric only sold Aquastars with the 10 inch coil.

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In the meantime i may do a PI session tonight on the beach with my G5c LTD twicked by Alexandre and now equipped with a TDI coil the best of 3 worlds.....probaby gonna find jack shit but a bit of fresh air won't hurt




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I only  have the infinium for a PI machine.It has found me many rings.  I like the audio on that  machine  even though it is not  the depth demons as other Pi machines.I have not used it since july 2018 .Which is a month before I got my Nox 800, but in digging only deep    targets I found 3 gold  rings that were all nice in      size the last time I used it  .I  Dug my biggest gold with it in 100 gram 10k medallion  with chain.   I wonder how much     deeper this new machine is?

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I will be an early adopter. I too have followed the news on this machine since I first heard of it being developed. I am impressed enough to take a chance that it will perform "close to" what I have seen and or heard. My last PI was the ATX and although I had multiple problems with coil cable issues (all under warranty) thankfully, it did me well. As far as being only good to 1 meter...so be it. I only hunt to chin deep so I should be within its limitations. I haven't heard if it will be semi buoyant or will sink like a rock. And when it is too rough to get in the water, and that happens a lot, then wet sand hunting will be no problem especially with its light weight. A 4 hour battery is not good for me, as a 4 hour hunt is on the low side of the time I spend and extended driving to some locations requires me to do extra long hunts. So another battery or a larger one will be in order. 

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I did great with my ATX and am quite satisfied with its performance. My bar for Impulse is simple... just do as well as the ATX. Anything else I will consider a bonus. Even the disc thing... whatever. Just give me the PI power I crave.

It was that ATX heavy 7 lbs out of water (honestly was just fine fully submerged) plus constant issues with keeping rods and camlocks free and functional that finally put me off. I’m actually a little more inclined to be walking the beach or wading these days, so the lighter well balanced design of Impulse is a big plus. The 1 meter rating in my case therefore offers no real impediment. Even for mask and snorkel use I can live with that, though I would far prefer at least a 10 foot rating.

90% of my detecting in the last decade has been with high power PI type detectors. VLF detecting by comparison for me is a surface scratching sideshow, and being without a PI now for almost two years has made it hard for me to get very enthusiastic about going metal detecting. The bottom line whatever flaws exist I really need to get another PI detector ASAP so I can get my metal detecting mojo back. Yet I’ve not been willing to just go back to something I’ve had before. Impulse is coming just in time to prevent my making that mistake. I don’t know how many times I’ve looked at the TDI in the last year, only to shy away from the buy button at the last moment.


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Steve... Your thoughts are mine exactly. My PI experience started years ago hunting the black sand swimming areas in the Adirondack Mountains. I was using a very popular submersible VLF and going nowhere with depth. I even sent it back to the manufacturer thinking something was wrong. No problems with it except thick Black Sand especially near the shore!  Bring on the Infinium and multiple gold rings emerged from my hunted out areas. After that enlightenment I never used a VLF again. Next came the ATX and you have heard my story with that. I too would be happy with a machine equal to its performance.  A little better waterproofing with the AQ wouldn't hurt, but I'll take my chances. I was going to get the TDIBH but have been waiting patiently for the AQ. I've hunted with different VLf's and PI's for over 30 years in the gold fields of Arizona and Nevada. At least now if I trip and fall down it's in the wet sand and I'm not pulling cactus spines out a month later. 😄 

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  • Similar Content

    • By stateguy
      Is there anyone using the machine or is the forum blocking out post 
      I saw Joe recent u tube videos. But that’s it
      i herd there close to 30 machines out there. Makes me wonder
    • By Yellowstone
      Got a desert trip planned in a couple of weeks and was wondering if anyone (Steve especially) has had a chance to test out the AQ for nuggets?  I got mine at the end of September and it has already paid for itself in beach finds, including my first platinum ring ever, a 25.2 gram monster.
      I know it's not designed for prospecting, but was thinking about taking along it to play around.  I did air test a 2.0 gram gold/quartz nugget with Pulse Delay of 7, max sensitivity and minimum ATS and it was a solid hit at 5" and broke the threshold at 7".  For each 1/2 increase of Pulse Delay, I lost about an inch or so.
      If anyone has field experience, I would like to know your results.  I will relay actual findings (if any) after I get back.
      Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!
    • By schoolofhardNox
      So the tides were decent enough on my days off to try again for some gold with the AQ or GPX. Since my beaches will not relent with the sanding in, I decided to try another strategy. Day one was split between the AQ for low tide and the GPX for deep silver. With the beach heavily sanded at low tide, all I could do was get some junk jewelry with the AQ. The GPX scored 3 silvers using the monster 18"DD Detech coil. It must have been a sight watching this guy struggle with that coil while holding a side stick and a big spade shovel 😄 The GPX wins that day. But... Day two was raining, so the GPX loses by default ... tough luck GPX (needs to be waterproof, hint, hint) So all day long I used the AQ at another beach which has a decent low tide. But as usual around here, it was sanded in more than ever. Low tide produced very few targets, just 3 zinc cents, some small junk jewelry and bottle caps. It looked like a wasted trip. But I wandered around all over, from high to low tide looking for a break. I knew that the rings were out of reach by the level of the sand against a breaker wall, so I decided to look for small jewelry in hopes of finding a gold stud or even a charm. No luck until I hit a small slope. By this time I had put gold out of my mind and just wanted to dig for the rest of the day. I used the all metal mode exclusively, just to boost the number of targets. I did get a lot of iron and bottle caps but then it happened. I got gold!!!!! No, not Joe or Mitchel kind of gold, 🙄 but more like anything I can get will do gold. So a small prayer necklace pendant shows up. I could tell it was gold right away. 10k it is...my FIRST gold with the AQ. I could now relax. So I started to grid this area carefully and a little while later I got a hit and could see a small bit of the target I thought was going to be a small silver earring.  But it turned out to be a 10k diamond studded Ankh symbol. Looks like a cross with a loop at the top. It's used in ancient Egypt, representing the symbol of life. Gorgeous little piece and my SECOND gold with the AQ. I was in shock. So I start to look around as I am getting back up and about 3 feet from that target I can visually see pieces of a gold rope chain sticking out of the sand. In my moment of professionalism, I tried every combination on the AQ to better find chains......... Actually I just grabbed that thing as fast as I could 😂 So I haven't tried the AQ to see if it actually would pick the chain up or not. But technically not my THIRD gold of the day since it is .925 with 1/12 10K overlay. I think they call that Vermeil. My bad day turned real good, real fast. I hunted a while longer and called it a day.  Thank you AQ for hitting that first gold target and making me stay in that area!

    • By mn90403
      I received my AQ yesterday afternoon.  I put the battery on charger and about an hour later it was fully charged.  After some scrambling around to get out of my apartment I hit the beach on an incoming tide.  I went to an area where I had seen beach PI holes before and decided to give it a try.  As you can see it was not a productive location except for the eCig cartridges which I got 3 of them.  They were deep and the sound was high.
      I started out in everything preset as the Quick Start suggests.  I didn't know what it was going to sound like but it is a higher pitch than I normally listen to.  The waves were making some noise as I was mostly in ankle deep but sometimes knee deep water.  The headphones were comfortable for the 3 hours I was out.  I didn't have a coin for the first 1.5 hours.  I've never had so many bottle caps but I don't hunt this area of the beach.  My deepest target was about 20 inches and was the bottom of the can.  I couldn't find one target at 24" and still digging.  At the end of 2 hours I decided to 'experiment' with going down a notch on frequency delay.  Then on the way back to my start I switched to tone mode.  That was when I heard a 'weird' low tone and when I dug it it was a dime.
      When I first started I had put my cell phone in my top pocket and on the 3rd dig hole it dropped in mud.  Now I have a finicky cell phone that doesn't want to charge properly.  I ordered another BLU phone to replace it. 
      When I put the two shafts together and tried the length I thought it was going to be too long.  It would be if it was a heavy unit but I was able to use the first notch with the push out pin but this would not be good for my wife.  I would suggest that the pin be moved on the lower shaft and also make it shorter.
      It is going to be a learning curve to find a beach that is PI 'friendly' which means that it holds deep jewelry/gold and not just deep trash.

    • By tvr
      Low water at the local hole today. Low enough that I had wet sand to do some testing with. I can call fish hooks well in the wet sand in all metal ... but not well in the water where I don't have the same ability to change coil speed like over the wet sand. Got lots of lead today, not too many fish hooks other than those attached to rigs with lead or with brass swivels. A couple of deep nickles, one really deep spark plug and one junk child's ring. Was chest deep over a target that sounded really good ... and the battery died. Didn't pack the second one because I had to take care of some other things today, so it was my alarm clock to head home ... and enough of a work out in the shape I'm in. A bit sore this evening, but it is a good sore.
    • By cuniagau
      It took me 4 short hunts to finally run the battery down.  Total run time was approximately 11 hours and 35 minutes.  That sure beat the 3 1/2 from the factory battery.  I ran about 95% of the time in AM and only switched to Tone or Mute to check targets. Running mostly presets on the other settings.  The audio of certain targets is starting to become inbedded in my brain now.  Nickels are easy to recognize now.
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