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Zed In Sunny Hot Yuma


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I made it home to godforsaken Yuma AZ. Temps are downright awful. Low of 84, high 107. Fortunately, there are a couple hammered gold areas 30 min from my front door. I've been out for a couple hrs at sun up for the past few days. The ground is relatively mild so I run the Z hot, HY, ,Normal, Sens 12, minimum threshold. Clay domes and red bedrock send the machine into yowling and growling fits, but I'm getting impressive depth on tiny bits. The smallest is 2 grains, the largest 2.9 grams. The 2300 missed that bigger nugget last year. I saw my own dig spots not a foot from the bigger nug, but it was down a solid 12 inches. Can't wait for cooler weather and a chance to do some serious detecting.


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Nice nuggets, and not even very far from home!   :)


Very interesting the SDC missed that 2.9g piece at 12".  It seems the GPZ really is for the bigger, deeper stuff.  I really do like how portable the SDC is though...

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