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Great finds, like you said it's all gold and that is good.

Happy hunting and good luck!

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7 hours ago, Jeff McClendon said:

Five Golden Rings...

Nice, must be the 5th day of Christmas!  Without revealing too much, were these recovered from the water?

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All access to public lake beaches and rivers/streams is closed in my area due to crowd control and avoiding water rescues for paramedics who have their hands full. So these are all turf finds with some mower damage included that will definitely go to the refinery. 

Those water restrictions are a real bummer since my favorite thing to do (besides detecting) is to hit Clear Creek near Golden Colorado for a quarter of a gram of gold (or more!!) in an hour or two of exercise via river sluicing when the weather gets really hot like it will be this week.

Just heard water restrictions will begin to be lifted on Wednesday June 3rd.....whoopee.


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That's a great bunch of gold, and I agree nothing beats dropping the sluice in a creek on a hot summers day for a bit of fun.

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May you have more Mays.

It is a shame you have to change your normal hunting pattern and find gold as a result.  Maybe it is a pattern worth keeping!


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    • By okara gold
      Hello everyone, Got my AQ over a month ago and it had a faulty set of headphones from the get go as one side would intermittently cut on and off. FT wasn't sure about the problem being in the headphones and had me send back the whole machine. It was gone for almost a month. FT gave me a new headset and all is well again.
      I've been out about 7 times now and just finished a 6 hour water hunt today. The AQ found its first gold today... a small 14K, 1.5 gram earring, silver ring and junk jewelry and 21 coins. I have found a number of gold rings in the past at this spot and have been hunting it for years with 2 different PI's and more recently the Excalibur and Nox. The last time I used the Nox for (5 hours), I found 5 coins and no jewelry. Targets had been very hard to find until today. This was my first time there with the AQ, and there were plenty of DEEP targets that created just a slight bump in the threshold. There is very little trash and I am now learning some differences in the sounds. The first 3 pictures are today. If you notice the coins and jewelry... nothing there are "fresh" drops. All is deep and only one bottle cap that was banging loud and close to the surface along with some other trash. There are also a couple pictures of some of the past days with the AQ. I don't usually take pictures of the trash but will start doing so. Our beaches are really sanded in so pickings are slim. I am using Joe's 11 hour Big Battery, It works great and is just what I need. Stay tuned...Bob 

    • By stevejhgla
      I absolutely love the extra ground coverage it gives me. 
      Still playing with the settings, today it was running smooth at 18 sensitivity/4 recovery speed underwater and 23 sensitivity/4 recovery speed in the wet sand. 
      After scoring 3 .925 peices doing up and downs on the shore line (found a rusty screw line not a coin line lol), I decided to continue them into the water.  Low tide was half an hour away and dawn was slowly approaching. 
      About 10 feet in, on my first line into the water, BAM! Solid 9, 2-4 inches down.  The excitement start flowing through my veins.
      First scoop, Cartier platinum ring. 🤑
      Gotta love that Fresh Drop Factor.


    • By Againstmywill
      I had about an hour before we were going fishing for fish this morning, so what better to do than to dirt fish? I was trying out a new set of aptX LL BT earbuds that were ordered for when the other ones start to fail. They paired fine, but they certainly were not fast. If I'm running 7 recovery, I don't want them to sound like a 3 recovery. I disconnected them and continued to hunt. About 5 minutes into no earbuds, I got a strong 11 ID. Not knowing what it really sounds like, having taken the earbuds out, I decided to dig as it seemed like a robust signal. The Carrot was able to hit the object from the surface, so it wasn't too far down. There are no markings, but from the looks of it, it appears to be about 18K based on my wedding band at 14K. I believe this makes 10 gold rings/necklaces for the year. To my recollection, all found with the 15" coil with 7 recovery. I remember the first few years of detecting when I found no gold. I really appreciate this machine! Florida weather doesn't hurt either, as it is far easier digging in non-frozen soil year-round! Almost forgot...fished for fish for 4 hours and didn't catch a thing. 🤪


    • By Mike Hillis
      I haven't been able to get out very much due to work and this COVID thing, but the few times I was able to get out were productive.    
      I hadn't used my EuroTek Pro in a long while so I broke it out and found this nice little 10K gold bracelet in school playground a few weeks back.
      While getting re-acquainted with my new Tek Omega 8500 I found a couple of silver rings.  
      Been going nuts so while I was bench testing last night I decided to throw up a picture.   Maybe it will encourage some one to get out and find something.

    • By Compass
      ...hits a big silver chain in his first beach hunt! In baseball a batter has hit for the cycle when they get a single, double, triple and home-run all in one game. I sort of hit for the cycle on a recent hunt by finding an earring, ring, bracelet and neck chain (all sterling silver).
      However, on the previous day I took a friend along for his first real beach hunt and set him up with my old Whites Pro PI. That day I found 5 rings, all junk save one small silver but my friend scooped out a 26 gram, badly tarnished, sterling silver chain which I took home to clean for him. He hasn't seen it yet but I think he will be pleasantly surprised.

      My friend's chain is the one on the outer perimeter. My "cycle" finds are inside of it. As much as I would have loved to have found that big silver I was honestly thrilled for him and think that he may now be hooked on the hobby.
    • By Dan(NM)
      Well, my lake hunting days are coming to end due to a move to Hamilton TX very soon. Had a very good day hunting at the waterline as the lake level continues to drop. Ended up with 5 rings, 3 silver, 1 10k class ring and a junk toe ring. 2 of the silver rings are James Avery's. I'll begin to track down the owner of the class ring. I can't make out the year as it's almost completely worn off. But, maybe the school can fill in the blanks.
      The bigger silver ring hit at 32-34...the other 2, solid 26...the 10k gold ring locked on at 14

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