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Steve Herschbach

Apex Release Already Slipping

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”Release date is in August some time.”

These things always seem to take longer than planned. Don’t be holding your breath folks. It will be ready when it’s ready, and not before.

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Looks like Treasuredepot is no more.  🙁

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Yup, I guess that was officially my last quote from there, though they were rare enough anyway. That was from John-Edmonton, longtime Garrett fan and current Apex tester.

Treasure Depot lives on in the Internet Archive, but only some old saves.

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I never like seeing websites die.  

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Not too surprising, better for them to get it right than ship them out too early like they did the AT Pro when it was released.

I look forward to seeing what the Apex line brings to the table, and I'm glad they went the SMF route.

Hopefully Nokta will get theirs out sooner than later (I suspect we'll see an announcement at Detectival and it released in Spring of 2021 which seems to follow their historic release cycle.

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Damn I'm really looking forward to seeing how this one performs.

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    • By JohnnyRox
      Looks like the Apex is as good as my Nox at finding lots and lots of junk.  lol
    • By Nuke em
      With the word ACE in the title its going to replace those I think or at least be a big boost to them. The Apex is I think going to kill Vanquish sales , its likely to be far better and has many more settings than the Vanquish. 
      I don't care about waterproof on this machine. They are going for a lower end model not middle or top end. And I know some will say Simple X "As I call it"!  That is simple and has 1 frequency and is I have heard a lover of Iron . I actually think it is a middle end machine and will take orders from their own top enders like the AT series.
      I will be buying the Apex . With numbers from 1 to 99 and 5 tones it will outgun the Nox on target info "multi tone on the Nox is poo" . It can be used in single freqs though there are not the places to save your own programs in each mode like the Nox.
      As for battery replacement , if the machine isn't waterproof then it most likely can be stripped down , maybe the battery can be done by any old Joe Bloggs ? 
      Anyway I am on the list and I haven't anything that puts me off. Yet.
    • By Nevada Brian
      I came across this you tube video of the Apex being “field tested”.  After watching the video, it’s not much more than a promotional video, however there are a few areas of interest. 
    • By Steve Herschbach
      “HYBRID AUDIO SYSTEM - The Apex target audio provides the simplicity of binary audio (found on existing ACE detectors) with the additional benefits of subtle proportional audio for faint targets.”
      Binary audio is a fancy name for “beep.” No sound, or full volume beep. A deep target sounds like a shallow target. Beep.
      Some people prefer this as they want to be sure to hear all targets no matter what.
      Proportional audio means the signal strength is tied to the volume, so now you have strong beeps and medium beeps and faint beeps. This allows experienced detectorists to tell a deep target from a shallow target, or better discern small targets from large targets. However, if you don’t have sharp ears you might miss that faint target. Almost everybody else refers to this as modulated audio.
      Garrett is claiming to somehow do both, creating a “hybrid audio.” Strong targets will be clean solid beeps, while fainter targets will be proportional. I guess I’m missing what the difference is here between Garrett’s hybrid audio and normal modulated audio. In modulated audio strong targets do deliver clean solid audio hits, which fade on the weaker targets to fainter audio responses. Sounds just like what they are describing with this “new” hybrid audio.
      Don't know, maybe there is some difference in what Garrett is doing compared to the rest. Regardless, I do prefer proportional or modulated audio myself as being more informative about the nature of the target. Good modulated audio makes any kind of depth meter redundant, which is why I guess I never look at them.

      Garrett Ace Apex features
    • By Chase Goldman
      They only have one compatible coil so far.
      "Fully waterproof, the Viper is a blend of two of Garrett’s most popular DD coils. The 11" size is large enough to cover plowed fields, but its narrow 6" footprint allows easy separation of targets in iron-infested areas. The Viper is designed as a low-impedance, broad-bandwidth coil to support the new Apex Multi-Flex frequency technology.
      Note: As a result of the Multi-Flex coil technology, the Apex Viper coil is not compatible with older ACE detectors. Prior ACE coils are not compatible with an Apex detector."
      Garrett Ace Apex Data & Reviews

      Garrett Viper 6" x 11" Multiflex search coil for Ace Apex metal detector
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