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F3 Tear Down


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My 3rd Nokta works ok, it developed a problem with the VDI screen the second time out but oh well I can still see and I'm about done with doing exchanges anyways. They must not like Wyoming for some reason...


The last time around I was able to have them mail me the replacement detector as soon as they saw me ship the defective unit in the tracking report so that went quicker, might ask if they'll do that for you.


BTW, you might check Geotech forums. There are a couple guys that do coils here but a lot more over there. Also a decent book to read by Carl Moreland called "Inside the Metal Detector" which goes over BFO, VLF, and PI designs including coils. Might be a good read if you are planning on tearing into stuff. I've got about halfway through myself, skipped the BFO stuff.

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