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Dealer Sale Limited Supply - Jim Straight's "3 Hours To Gold" Book

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Hey All,
As many of you might know in the mining/prospecting community, Icon Jim Straight passed away. Jim has been a mentor to hundreds, if not thousands of people over the years. Jim wrote many books, including the famous NuggetShooter's Bible, Advanced Prospecting and Detecting for Hardrock Gold, 3 Hours to Gold and many other smaller books. Jim also over the last 30-40 years was an active writer for many of the major prospecting magazines from Gold and Treasure, GPAA, ICMJ and many more.
Without a doubt, Jim will always be looked at as a Icon in the prospecting and mining community. That being said, Jim and I were friends for over 30 years, so I always promised to support, promote and sell his products knowing what they would do for others.
I had a recent opportunity to have a limited amount of "3 Hours to Gold" books reprinted to hopefully get some in new prospectors hands, as they are a huge help and will not be offered again.
Pretty much all Jim's books are out of print and will not be reprinted again. Lets hopefully get the last of the "3 Hours to Gold" book into some peoples hands that don't don't have a copy, or would like to have a backup.
I promise, you will get some great information out of this book.
Below is a direct link to my online store to order this limited copy by Jim Straight.
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Jim and I belonged to a couple of the same detecting clubs back in the 1980's. I bought my first nugget hunting detector from Jim in 1985. It was a Compass Gold Scanner Pro. Jim also held some Detecting classes at a local collage and I attended those as well. He was always willing to help out anyone and was just a great guy. We were nugget hunting near Ransburg, CA back then and Jim had hurt his hand, and had it all bandaged up. He got a good signal but after digging down to some Caliche he asked another buddy, Don Brown to help him dig the signal. Out pops a 3/4 Oz. nugget. Although I never got a nugget with the Compass, I did get my first nugget with a White's Eagle SL 90.5 using a GoldFoot coil in the same area as Jim's nugget. Jim wrote many Good Nugget hunting books including "Follow the Drywashers". He will be missed. 

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Hey Tom,

   I agree, I hate to see Jim's book die to the wayside.   This is the reason I had a limited batch of "3 Hours to Gold" reprinted and trying to work on getting a bit more "Advanced Prospecting and Detecting for Hardrock Gold" along with the famous "8th edition of Nugget Shooter's Bible."  

The 3 Hour books are going quickly, about a quarter of them sold within a few days. Anyone looking, please get your order in soon to make sure you have one of the last new copies we might ever see again.  



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Rob, count me in for your printing run of Nugget Shooter’s Bible!

I had two copies of Jim’s “3 Hours to Gold” book and donated one as a fundraiser for the Randsburg Desert Museum to help them out during these hard times.  For anyone reading this, it’s a great book and a must read if someone is ever thinking if going to detect in the Randsburg area. Even though the book is centered around the Rand area, It includes discussions on the geology of the area that produced and concentrated the gold, and some of the things to look for when prospecting which would be useful to know while detecting in other desert areas. The other must read to also get is his ”Avanced Prospecting and Detecting for Hardrock Gold”.  It is a treatise about the formation, discovery and recovery of hardrock gold, and even includes a informational section about meteorite detecting as well. I didn’t know Jim, but I wish I met him. He was a prolific writer and published several books about prospecting that are all good reads. The only thing I would recommend for those starting out with geological terms, also keep a dictionary of geological terms, or at least Google nearby while you are reading his work. It’s not highly technical, but you will be learning some new terms and processes that are very useful for those interested in detecting for gold.

Thank you Rob, for republishing 3 Hours to Gold and for wanting to keep Jim’s other books alive, and please do let me know when that 8th Edition of Nugget Shooters Bible comes up!




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Will there be a reprint for : Follow The Drywashers, want one when in reprint and count me in on the Nuggett Shooters Bible.

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Hey Guys,

   There is a good chance later this year I will work a deal to have "Follow the Drywasher, Nugget Shooters Bible, 8th edition reprinted.   Like I mentioned before, the book has a lot o pages and printing cost have doubled.  The last time I distributed the book here in the US, I had to sell the book at $34.95.  That being said, even at that price, I couldn't keep them in stock.  I'm hoping I could keep the price around the same, maybe just a tiny bit more, but to keep Jim's books alive and going.  



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Just received my copy this afternoon.  Thumbing through it I noticed this photo.  Guy on the right is the author; in the middle the name is Gary Balcer.  Anyone recognize the person on the left in the blue shirt -- a regular participant here?  You'll have to do some mental 'aging', but that applies to all us.


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Arizona Outback shirt, hmmmm...

I am really enjoying reading this.

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