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9” HF Round Versus 5” X 9” Elliptical

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I have used the ORX and Deus with both HF coils for gold prospecting and other detecting tasks too. Even though the ORX has less information on its big screen in the Gold Modes especially the XY Graph, I do prefer the ORX over the Deus for prospecting for other reasons. That being said, personally I only have an ORX for backpacking, for its two excellent almost "all metal modes"and for its Coin Fast mode which does well in moderate mineralization. In bad mineralization it would not be my first choice. I would much prefer the Equinox for bad mineralization over any other VLF made today. 

I measure the gold I've found in ounces not in tons like Steve. I have seen a couple of Australian gold prospecting videos from a couple of "famous" prospectors. They were running the Equinox in the Gold modes with ground balance tracking ON and were having a really hard time locating the small gold targets after detecting them. Ground balance tracking ON looking for sub gram gold is not a good idea no matter what Minelab says and lets me know that the people making those Deus/ORX/Equinox/Gold Monster comparison videos either had no clue or did it on purpose.



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Disagreeing is one thing. Speaking without any personal knowledge and taking a shot at those who have the experience that you do not... not so much. The thread is for people who have used the coils to

Thanks for the feedback everyone! The fact is I have used the elliptical coil - I had one of the first ones out. So I'm familiar with what it can do on gold nuggets at least. The bottom line for

I have used the ORX and Deus with both HF coils for gold prospecting and other detecting tasks too. Even though the ORX has less information on its big screen in the Gold Modes especially the XY Graph

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I use both coils for iron laced sites,  Prefer 9” HF coil over the elliptical for most hunting conditions. These are terrific coils for relic hunting, I’m after thinner worn seated/bust coins and mainly stay with higher KHz.  Sometimes,  lower KHz may miss worn silver especially deeper 1/2 dimes so with the 9” HF I’ll run 54KHz.

Occasionally,  Switch to the elliptical HF if time allows and that’s after using the 9”HF.  Both do a good job, Somehow the elliptical has survived hasn’t hit the classifies. 

After reading several of these responses from the others,  I tend to agree 9”HF coil works well.



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    • By dogodog
      I finally got my old 11'' replaced. This new coil is working great and I couldn't be more happy. Thanks to Dilek all my problems have been resolved. Yesterday and today were the first times I have given it a good run. 
      I decided to hunt a farm house yesterday. I usually think the finds are getting low. Well low and behold I was wrong. Yesterday was good and bad as posted on the coin and relic forum. Today was even better!! same farm plus a kids camp. In two hours at the farm I scored a 2 oz. sinker, a bunch of odd lead, 2 wheat pennies, a girl scout pin from the 60's and two fabulous 1952 and 1957 roosevelt dimes. Around 1:30pm I decided to hit the camp. In another two hours I scored $1.05 in clad (not much) and a very awesome 1810 to 1830's button. inscribed on the back is Treble gilt Standard colour. seems to be a british button. Most of the clad from the 60's and 70's were at 6 to 7 inches deep. this button was around 3''. I did dig a bunch of deep trash always looking for the gold rings. The only thing is the id numbers are a little off, they are a couple of points off, but that was an easy learn. I'm thinking the old coil was bad from day one and today just proved it. I can't wait to hit some more of my sites and see what I missed with the old coil. The MK has yet to let me down and has been a great machine in the short time that I have owned it.

    • By shellhouse
      Hey guys, I've been doing some reading on Mars Lion 7" coils to see how they might compare to NEL or others but coming up a bit dry.
      Saw something about the MARS coils maybe being more sensitive but noisy.  I really like the way the NEL are built, as least externally.  Would be great to see the construction too, can only hope..
      Looking at the Mars Lion, NEL Sharpshooter / CORS Fortune, and maybe the 7 or 9" Nokta Makro concentric for kind of a smaller coil to user in dense areas with an Anfibio.  The primary now is a NEL Hunter 12.5x8.5.  Really "digging" that one, so much so that I got one for my E-Trac and Anfibio both.
      Doesn't have to be for the Anfibio but if anyone has experience with these makes with other units it could be helpful in hearing how they run and any pros/cons.
      Thanks and HH!
    • By Rick Kempf
      I just got word today that the new lightweight 15” coils are in production. I have a prototype for the T2 - it weighs 750 grams (26 oz.). MSRP is $149. If anyone wants one, I can get it shipped direct from FTP to you. 
      It looks identical to the previous 15” coil - just made with different epoxy and much lighter.
    • By KOOPDOG50
      Hey there peops, i have a Nokta Fors CoRe with  13x11web coil ,9x5web coil and a 4x4 coil, and i also have a pinpointer.
      I haven't found any gold with this machine,, but on a test nugget it does register/ give a signal.
      My question i ask is , can i fit other coils to the machine that will be better for finding small nuggets ??
    • By Al F
      For all the beachers.....I read somewhere ( don't remember where ), to periodically remove the coil cover and dump out the sand.... I did so on the 3rd and found a considerable amount....... After cleaning it out and reinstalling the cover, I took it out to a beach and seem to have gotten a better response on all coins and silver.....BUT I now wonder if there is a FIX to keep the sand from invading the miniscule space betwixt the coil and the coil cover......any viable ideas??????
    • By nuggetnewbie
      Just joined this wonderful forum. I was trying to decide on my first Detector and found a Deal I couldn't pass on. Took the plunge on a Fisher F70 bonus pack with 11" & 5" coils, Headset, carry bag and some other stuff. $475. I thought that was a good deal. Wasn't planning on spending that much on my first one so i hope it works good enough to find some nice small nuggets! We have a camping trip planned in Sept. in the Sierra Nevada's so I can't wait! Probably do some testing at or near home before the trip just to get a feel for it. Any tips on settings for around / in Streams? Here's a newbie question for you, if the coils are supposed to be waterproof, does that mean i can submerse them in shallow waters to detect? I'm hoping i can along the shores. REALLY itching for my Detector to get here now! Good Hunting! ?

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