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9” HF Round Versus 5” X 9” Elliptical

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2 hours ago, brys said:

snippet from a gary article



I like his HF coil settings program.  I’d probably bump disc up to between 7 to 10 but I’m just glad to see Gary using disc for once, he notoriously favors setting disc to minimum settings.  Deus disc is a powerful tool because it doesn’t just filter ferrous audio, it stabilizes borderline ferrous/non- non-ferrous response and tends to mitigate the effects of ferrous down-averaging of non-ferrous target IDs.  Pitch audio is underrated, what lacks in conveying discrete tone ID it more than makes up for in terms of giving you a better sense of target depth/size.  Furthermore, the pitch audio really distinguished itself against the low grunts of iron audio which really helps you zero in on desirable, potentially keeper, non-ferrous targets.

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Guest Tnsharpshooter
On 11/13/2021 at 10:02 AM, palzynski said:

OK you found 2 coins with the Deus elliptical HF , but what were the results at the same site with the other machines ( etrac , ctx , etc .. ) ?   Curious to see your results , thx ...

There are 2 sugar maples trees real close to area where I found coins with Deus Hf coil.

This area I had hunted a load of times testing and using many models detectors previously.  This area I figured due to where house sit would be path moreso where folks would have walked versus walking to the road and then down or up the road.  Even had a gent in this same area (for a while) just couple days before I did what I did with Deus and Hf coil.  I had been around these 2 trees a bunch.  Zero coins found previously.  Did find couple shotgun backs.  No copper or silver at all.  Site has a lot of iron.  CTX, Etrac stock and smaller coils in there, Deus and 9” and 11” LF coils in there loads and loads.  Deeptech warrior with stock coil in there.  Nokta relic with stock and small coil in there.  Remember first outing here with Deus and elliptical Hf coil was just to listen to the detector.  Didn’t hunt much.  Then second hunt in just a few minutes bam.  Third trip in just a few minutes bam.

It’s no secret in heavier iron Deus and Hf coils will see nonferrous other detectors can't See.  Alert on.  Could the round 9” Hf coil have located?  Don’t know.  I can say I bought 9” Hf coil and busted this area again around 6 times and found no other copper or silver whatever.  EQX with stock and small coils has been in there too.  No copper or silver whatever found.  That half dime, nontelling how many times I had swept right over the top of.  And I was non the wiser.  Not deep. About 4-5” deep.  

Half dime in pic below found in first site.  The real small bit was found across road near old fort site.  About 7-8” deep.  This was found if I remember correctly on my 4th outing with elliptical Hf coil.  This area too I had searched.  No landmarks like first site I hunted with elliptical coil.  Smallest bit I have ever seen in person or found.  Obviously this bit not from Spanish dollar.  Some other denomination Spanish coin.  Found other bits in this general area with other detectors.  Too many nice smaller finds made for it not to mean nothing or beginners luck.  I posted about a lot of my excursions in this area on Dankowski site over the last 8 plus years.


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