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1 hour ago, vive equinox said:

well let me say that i find all your congratulations "bravo rick, well done steve ..." indecent! it seems to see a small group of privileged people gargling with the disappointment of users outside the US.

of course it is the fisher strategy that is to blame.

It’s as if it would have been said, well the designer  is French so it will only be sold a few units in France at half price and the rest of the world will have its "improved" version a year later twice as expensive. What would you have thought?

Either we sell for everyone or we continue with confidential testers, this whole circus makes no sense.

I do not dive and I can be content with 3h30 4h of battery. Are you serious to tell me that I cannot get this AQ after all this waiting?

Well, since you asked what I'd think, I'd not think people who have no control over the situation are "gargling with the disappointment of users outside France" or wherever. I'm certainly not pleased with anybody being left out on this and have no control or say in that matter. I can however take the future owner discussions to a private forum so as to not be shoving it in the face of others, if that is what people prefer.

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Thanks Steve. Very kind of you to spread the word. I will spend a day or so getting organized . Probably first I should disclose that I contacted Steve a couple of weeks ago and asked if he would

I have been following the pulse induction developments at Fisher Labs since January 2015. Things heated up in January 2018 with the Manta prototype that later became the Impulse AQ. I followed and pos

Thanks Simon. I look forward to getting my hands on this detector and sharing what I can about it with you all. I think it is a good idea for Fisher, in that if they do this right they can use the fee

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Thanks for the link to the battery thread, Steve.  Didn't see that.  It starts off erroneously saying the battery life is 5-6 hours though - you might want to edit that.  Although you say the battery is easily replaceable, it isn't clear to me how that elliptical pod is removed.  Is there a manual on this published yet that discusses it?  I think the majority of purchasers will be anxious to obtain a lithium-based solution with integral Bluetooth audio in place of that pod. The risks I see with lithium-based batteries are expansion problems if overcharged or overheated -or even just due to ageing. Probably not recommended for underwater.  I would think 4 18650's (L-ion) could go inside the shaft, for us above ground guys. 


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20 minutes ago, bklein said:

It starts off erroneously saying the battery life is 5-6 hours though - you might want to edit that.

Yeah, the life kept getting shorter over time, settling at 3.5 hours in the final NiMH version. So I have to do some search and cleanup editing - thanks for letting me know. Fixed.

I know there is a downside to this but must note that NiMH eliminates many shipping and airline issues. It is not all bad.

The battery is slotted on top, and there are two big knobs on the side just under the armrest that tighten clamps that fit into the channels on top of the battery. Just slide it in, tighten two knobs, attach cable, done.

Manual is in progress and will be available soon. I just posted charger information here. Photos below courtesy Rick Kempf

Fisher Impulse AQ Limited battery attachment clamp/knob

Fisher Impulse AQ battery top showing attachment channels

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Apologies for sticking this in here, but I’m a bit rushed these days and I thought I posted it earlier - if in fact I DID post it earlier today - then 2 apologies. Here


is a link to my Vimeo site - it is the Hardelot beach video which Alexandre and Co. did several years ago with a Manta prototype. I added some captions in English to sot of guide you through it (assuming you don’t speak French) The AQ is many development versions later than this, but it operates just the same (except even better)


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About the battery run time. Their early figures were calculations based on battery capacity and detector consumption. When more in the field testing was carried out, it became apparent that the early numbers were not reflective of in the field use.  Now they have good test data to support this conservative number.

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6 hours ago, Sting Ray said:

I have been lurking in the various threads about this machine for quite awhile!  It has been very frustrating with the on again, off again production release.  I must say that Fisher did not send out any Minelab type hype media as a teaser and for that I congratulate them.  Yes, I have watched the YouTube Impulse videos but it didn't appear to be a Fisher promotion only examples of performance.  Although I am reluctant to dive into something new on the market, it is my hope this machine will be a joy to use along the Atlantic beach coastline.  I rarely hunt more than 3 hours before needing a break and the waves are usually too strong for me to jump in deeper than knee level.  I threw my name into the hat and hope to be part of the lucky group of USA first users!


Well Fisher just had a difficult birth with the AQ, but it's not to late if they follow up Steve H. advice, start with the Wader version, and naturally the Land version, and the last but not least the Dive version which is harder to make and more expensive due to water pressure for diving.

But you never know Fisher still can see the light, and change !!! And I hope they will.

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It's a sad day when basic detector care (rinsing, cable care) have to be layed out for customers.  Manufacturers shouldn't have to "idiot proof" their products.   One things Jimmy Pugh (Anchor Electronics Barracuda) told me" "...your cables are like your veins".  Very good advice.   This sounds like a very exciting machine. 



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I wonder if Fisher has 100 people to sell the AQ to within the USA........Rick ??

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that will be no problem. The problem is that NORMALLY they want to sell several hundred per month or even per week.

It is a niche machine and only a fool would have spent what they have to bring a beach detector to market. BUT

The Impulse AQ is  just the first of a line of detectors which will change first one, then another detecting “job” At least that what Fisher is convinced of.

And knowing Alexandre, I’m betting (literally) that they are right.

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18 hours ago, Steve Herschbach said:

I definitely hear and understand your frustrations after waiting all this time. But it's not my gig. All I can offer is that there will supposedly be a fully waterproof version more in line with what you are really wanting at some point later, that you will presumably be able to buy from dealers in Italy. For you and all the people like you, I truly am sorry. However, I will also say that it is what it is. I'm not going to let all this devolve into a litany of complaints. I want to recognize your concerns and dissatisfaction as being real and for good reason, but at the same time I want everyone to be aware that complaining further here won't change anything. Your best bet if you are really upset is to contact Fisher directly with your concerns.


Fisher Labs
1120 Alza Dr.
El Paso, TX. 79907 USA

Thanks Steeve for your concern and info.I did use the link you post for contacting Fisher and write my thoughts and disappointment about the whole issue not been able to buy one in Europe.I know they do'n't care about what I wrote but it's better than be quiet. 

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    • By schoolofhardNox
      So the tides were decent enough on my days off to try again for some gold with the AQ or GPX. Since my beaches will not relent with the sanding in, I decided to try another strategy. Day one was split between the AQ for low tide and the GPX for deep silver. With the beach heavily sanded at low tide, all I could do was get some junk jewelry with the AQ. The GPX scored 3 silvers using the monster 18"DD Detech coil. It must have been a sight watching this guy struggle with that coil while holding a side stick and a big spade shovel 😄 The GPX wins that day. But... Day two was raining, so the GPX loses by default ... tough luck GPX (needs to be waterproof, hint, hint) So all day long I used the AQ at another beach which has a decent low tide. But as usual around here, it was sanded in more than ever. Low tide produced very few targets, just 3 zinc cents, some small junk jewelry and bottle caps. It looked like a wasted trip. But I wandered around all over, from high to low tide looking for a break. I knew that the rings were out of reach by the level of the sand against a breaker wall, so I decided to look for small jewelry in hopes of finding a gold stud or even a charm. No luck until I hit a small slope. By this time I had put gold out of my mind and just wanted to dig for the rest of the day. I used the all metal mode exclusively, just to boost the number of targets. I did get a lot of iron and bottle caps but then it happened. I got gold!!!!! No, not Joe or Mitchel kind of gold, 🙄 but more like anything I can get will do gold. So a small prayer necklace pendant shows up. I could tell it was gold right away. 10k it is...my FIRST gold with the AQ. I could now relax. So I started to grid this area carefully and a little while later I got a hit and could see a small bit of the target I thought was going to be a small silver earring.  But it turned out to be a 10k diamond studded Ankh symbol. Looks like a cross with a loop at the top. It's used in ancient Egypt, representing the symbol of life. Gorgeous little piece and my SECOND gold with the AQ. I was in shock. So I start to look around as I am getting back up and about 3 feet from that target I can visually see pieces of a gold rope chain sticking out of the sand. In my moment of professionalism, I tried every combination on the AQ to better find chains......... Actually I just grabbed that thing as fast as I could 😂 So I haven't tried the AQ to see if it actually would pick the chain up or not. But technically not my THIRD gold of the day since it is .925 with 1/12 10K overlay. I think they call that Vermeil. My bad day turned real good, real fast. I hunted a while longer and called it a day.  Thank you AQ for hitting that first gold target and making me stay in that area!

    • By mn90403
      I received my AQ yesterday afternoon.  I put the battery on charger and about an hour later it was fully charged.  After some scrambling around to get out of my apartment I hit the beach on an incoming tide.  I went to an area where I had seen beach PI holes before and decided to give it a try.  As you can see it was not a productive location except for the eCig cartridges which I got 3 of them.  They were deep and the sound was high.
      I started out in everything preset as the Quick Start suggests.  I didn't know what it was going to sound like but it is a higher pitch than I normally listen to.  The waves were making some noise as I was mostly in ankle deep but sometimes knee deep water.  The headphones were comfortable for the 3 hours I was out.  I didn't have a coin for the first 1.5 hours.  I've never had so many bottle caps but I don't hunt this area of the beach.  My deepest target was about 20 inches and was the bottom of the can.  I couldn't find one target at 24" and still digging.  At the end of 2 hours I decided to 'experiment' with going down a notch on frequency delay.  Then on the way back to my start I switched to tone mode.  That was when I heard a 'weird' low tone and when I dug it it was a dime.
      When I first started I had put my cell phone in my top pocket and on the 3rd dig hole it dropped in mud.  Now I have a finicky cell phone that doesn't want to charge properly.  I ordered another BLU phone to replace it. 
      When I put the two shafts together and tried the length I thought it was going to be too long.  It would be if it was a heavy unit but I was able to use the first notch with the push out pin but this would not be good for my wife.  I would suggest that the pin be moved on the lower shaft and also make it shorter.
      It is going to be a learning curve to find a beach that is PI 'friendly' which means that it holds deep jewelry/gold and not just deep trash.

    • By tvr
      Low water at the local hole today. Low enough that I had wet sand to do some testing with. I can call fish hooks well in the wet sand in all metal ... but not well in the water where I don't have the same ability to change coil speed like over the wet sand. Got lots of lead today, not too many fish hooks other than those attached to rigs with lead or with brass swivels. A couple of deep nickles, one really deep spark plug and one junk child's ring. Was chest deep over a target that sounded really good ... and the battery died. Didn't pack the second one because I had to take care of some other things today, so it was my alarm clock to head home ... and enough of a work out in the shape I'm in. A bit sore this evening, but it is a good sore.
    • By cuniagau
      It took me 4 short hunts to finally run the battery down.  Total run time was approximately 11 hours and 35 minutes.  That sure beat the 3 1/2 from the factory battery.  I ran about 95% of the time in AM and only switched to Tone or Mute to check targets. Running mostly presets on the other settings.  The audio of certain targets is starting to become inbedded in my brain now.  Nickels are easy to recognize now.
    • By cjc
      One layer rubberized and an outer layer of "Flex Seal".  First trial in fresh water with just the rubberized seemed to mute the mid-depth interference.  Made the noise easier to tune out--not such sharp reports from waves passing.  Would like to hear back on  some salt trials.

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