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I Hip Mounted My Equinox 800 For Water Hunting

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11 minutes ago, midalake said:

I like your enthusiasm Chase!!!!  However saying Minelab engineered anything on this coil with the amount of them that have broken [and will break] is a joke.

I can tell you though I have an ENGINERRED solution. When I get my fix done I will post. There is no way in Hell it will break after I get done with it!!!!!!!

Well I never said ML did an adequate engineering job.  Whether or not the existing bracing was engineered to provide enough strength doesn't invalidate my point, it just further reinforces (no pun intended) the fact that removing the bracing in the first place is probably not in the direction of goodness for water work.

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Whether it works or fails I can appreciate the thought and effort you put into your project. Possibility of failure isThe cost of innovation. 
   Hope it all works out for you. 

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  • The title was changed to I Hip Mounted My Equinox 800 For Water Hunting

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