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What Is Your Favorite Gold Detector And Why?

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39 minutes ago, Mike Hillis said:

Gold Hound....you leave me speechless......


I agree Mike. And it takes some doing to leave me speechless! :laugh: I bow in the general direction of Australia in recognition of Gold Hound's amazing and no doubt hard earned detector success! :smile:

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Favorite now or favorite ever? Favorite now for finding gold would be a GPZ 7000. Why? It produces the gold. If I had to pay the bills with gold, I’d have to be using the GPZ or a GPX 5000. It's

I and my wife favorite gold detector currently is the White's GMT, both detectors are body mounts and very welcome feature as most of our hunting is detecting almost vertical tailing piles. We have ha

My current favorite metal detector for gold is the 7000, for obvious reasons. But my favorite past gold detector is the 5000 as I found my 5 largest bits with it and it has found me more gold tha

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Yes Dale, once again you are showing why you guys are working far beyond the capabilities of most
modern day prospectors. It is always uplifting and inspirational to see the results that hard work, great research and smart decisions can bring. 

You deserve what you find.

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Gonna take me awhile longer before I catch up with Gold Hound.  Todays hunt was 6 bits for .9 gram....lmao!

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Thanks guys

Treasure hunting and prospecting are very similar.

Location location location... did I mention location!

Finding the gold/treasure location is the hardest bit. Reserch using historical and new age technology and of course boots on the ground leads to success. 

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20 hours ago, Gold Hound said:

My first gold detector was the GP did well with it and never looked back.

Dale, Dale, Dale ... we're looking back with you.

Thanks for the share.  I can't think of a post you have made that is better.


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As we can see from the many folks posting their favorite gold detectors, there is no right or wrong unit.  Each of us has our own style of hunting, our own physical limitations to our body, our own desired features we prefer, our own limited areas to use a detector, our own knowledge or lack of (better be user friendly to some and can be the most complexed detector for a few, if they understand it), our own budget range and on and on.  Each of us has our own reasoning why we swing what we swing and I am fine with that.  If you are successful and happy with your results, then you should be proud of your gold hunting accomplishments, as we all know it's not as easy as most folks think.  

And another issue brought up.  Gold Detector or Lead Detector?  Well we all know the facts are more lead is recovered than gold, but how many people would actually purchase the best VLF lead detector on the market or the deepest lead detector out there.  it is a play on words to keep our dreams alive.  Yes on a rare occasion, we do dig a target that is in fact not lead, but actually gold and as some of you know (Simon comes to mind 1st as we have witnessed his progress), it is very addictive and gold fever does exist.  Just think of Ron who found the 3 pound rock with his SDC-2300 this year (having over 16 ounces of Au in it).  I'm most certain that Idaho man will spend the rest of his winters in AZ with his 2300 swinging those hills.

Weather your favorite gold detector is one of past (a couple detectors from the 80's were mentioned) or present ( a nice selection of brands and models were touted) and some of us keep dreaming of the future gold only?  But the reality of it is, we do want a variety.  Not only want, but I feel we need to have a strong group of leading metal detector manufactures to help fill our itches.

I look forward to hearing some more of your favorites as it just goes to show so many different styles, reasons and flavors.  We have seem a few folks are find with what they have and that is good.  I am the kind of guy who just wants more options, more features, more disc, more, more, more (and less weight) all at a better price.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Goldhound, OMG!!!!

Gerry, those look like Equinox headphones in your photo at the beginning of the thread. I wear mine a lot too. To say the Equinox 800 is my absolute favorite detector for just about everything including gold jewelry and gold nugget prospecting would be an understatement. I have used most of the "gold specific" VLFs and the Nox and its many available outstanding features for gold nugget prospecting are hard to beat. Swung a Tesoro Lobo for many years successfully.

I just started using the SDC 2300 so I can't comment too much about it except to say that I really like it so far. I have used TDIs and Minelab's SD, GP and GPXs too. Never swung a 7000 and probably never will since I could barely afford the 2300!!!!

thanks for the topic Gerry 


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On 6/6/2020 at 5:25 PM, Gerry in Idaho said:

Yes I have my favorite but will not share it at this moment.

On 6/6/2020 at 5:25 PM, Gerry in Idaho said:

Again,  I'll mention my favorite at a later time. 

Did this happen in any detail? If so, I missed it. :smile:

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1 hour ago, Steve Herschbach said:

Did this happen in any detail? If so, I missed it. :smile:

It's coming, but I just play to hard on the weekends and when I get back in shop, my customers are #1.

I promise it will happen in the next couple weeks.

Heck the new EQ-1000 might be out by then and if so I could change my mind?  Or was that the Gold Monster 2000 or the GPZ-7500.  

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    • By GotAU?
      This was our first test with her out in the Mojave Desert, and all I can say it is very easy to walk about detecting with this one.  Firstly, there was no stooping over with a scoop to pick up bad targets with this detector, they were all the real thing! And GeoSense works amazingly well, love being able to go with her automatically and easily keeping up with wherever I detected, it was a breeze.  I've detected with others that were unwieldly and hard to control in the desert, but I can say this one is really something special.   We walked for a couple miles on the edge of a dry lake looking for meteorites and she really showed her stuff. She almost seemed to know her way over the salty ground, and picked up anything I threw at her.  She easily found nuggets of every size left behind by many others, and was very quiet and hardly made any noise anywhere I went, even in the most briny parts of the ground covered with white salt, underneath the buzzing high tension power lines that cross parts of the dry lake, and even going over hot rocks did not seem to bother her much.  She's quite a detector and we are finally really lucky to have one like this!  All I can say is wow, everyone should have one like this for detecting!

      June is a great detector dog, we rescued her from the pound, and one day I hope to find a GPX 6000 too. Happy April 1st!
    • By Dances With Doves
      It is mind boggling that almost all my buddies and other  people  I see hunting or talk to have a Nox.The same thing could be said for the  Garrett At series.Almost everybody I know  has had one and I have seen guys  I don't know  using them a lot before the  Nox came out.With Garrett the At pro was the most common.On this  Forum  I would bet that most have had a Nox.  Even  though  I used the X-terra I never saw that many being used around here even though it seemed to  be  popular around the  world.The At  pro was more popular compared to it  in the US probably because of Garrett  marketing and it being all terrain and cheaper compared to the 705 version.For the turf I would take the X-terra any day because it    could be  tailored to more hunting  situations.The x-terra and the Nox sound very    alike which made it easy for me to gel  with the Nox.
    • By Ridge Runner
      If we look at the detectors that are already out and the one’s coming out what do you want?
       The Nox 800 may not be the best swimmer but other than that it still does a good to great job of detecting. I can pick it up to go relic,coin and gold hunt on land or water.
       The Tarsacci bye the videos I’ve seen can be a good to great relic detector . What being said it really shines as a beach be it land or water. I myself haven’t seen it at a straight dirt digging coin detector.
      Then here comes the new AQ from Fisher and up front they say this is a water detector. It’s specialty is to find gold deeper than ever before in wet sand are in the water.
       The Nokta/Makro we just not sure but according to Dilek they are working hard to get it to us .
      The Garrett people not too long ago came out with the Apex . Any new detector some will say it’s as great as moms Apple pie and another say it’s not for me .
       What all this comes down to would you want to buy one detector that can do everything good to great? In  a roundabout way getting something free. The other choice you would have is buy one for water another relic and another for nugget hunting. Then to if you wanted to go digging in the dirt for coins only you best add another detector.
       I really don’t want to be hauling all those detectors around that fits in it’s own little niche.
       I could see were it would be best to have a water detector if it’s made to handle saltwater. My reasoning is saltwater is unforgiving if it gets into the electronic of your detector. Now if you don’t do saltwater hunting but just freshwater I know from pass experience it is forgiving. Then you may not have need for water only detector.
       It comes down to buy one and get three free in that one. The other choice is buy and buy until you’ve got yourself covered in all of what you like to hunt .
    • By calabash digger
      Do you care about these things? How good is your detector? How do I become a better detectorist? How do I become more successful at finding the old stuff?
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