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My Disaster Filled Best Weekend Ever With The 10" X-coil On The GPZ

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I was very keen to go for a gold detect this weekend, only problem is the weather forecast wasn't really detecting weather, I wanted to go back to the spot I did very well last weekend where I found .

yup, mainly because of the double blip the GPZ does on the shallow targets, a double blip, a quick scrape with the pick or a kick with my shoe and I walk knowing it's a pellet, the GPZ is sure detecti

The hot rocks will have come from the structure that made the gold in the first place, somewhere upstream or higher up during weathering. Difficult will lose outright depth compared to Normal but has

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Great Hunts! Congrats. That 10" coil is really working for you. 

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Thanks, I've taken a real liking to the GPZ and 10" coil, in fact I've only ever used the stock 14" coil once and that was to do a few tests when I first got the detector, I doubt I'll ever put it on again, it's too big for the rocky terrain I hunt in.

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Wow, Simon, you have really got the hang of it now, that 10" x-coil on the Zed is.......well you know what it is, if the 8" or the 12x8 is any better then it will be beyond awesome.

What a weekend nine and a half grams to add to your tally is awesome, and between yourself and JW the tally for NZ gold is growing rapidly.

cheers dave


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WTG  and using manual GB? for a relatively new gold detectorsorist you are xing it big time.. On ya Phrunt.

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Wow! Incredible weekend hunts....congrats! You’re in the Zone with that coil!👍😃

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    • By Robert Eaton Jr
      Hey everybody. I've been working my butt off to try to get ready to go find gold.Sometime seems like one step forward two steps back. A week and a half ago I was at the bottom of gold hill outside Virginia City, testing out the GPZ in the gold monster with my wife and kids, and when we put all the gear away I had my keys on the minelab vest, and stupidly locked them in the back of our car right at sun down. Being off the beaten path, and having to work had no choice but to smash my rear window to get the keys and get my family out of there. Just so happens that rear window is more expensive than my windshield at 500 plus dollars :-(.
      Had to look of finding a free spirit Odyssey 45-in tent for only $2,000 near San Diego. Went down and picked it up, only to find out that the so-called towing Springs that I thought I ordered, and we're actually tihuan springs for a golf, and not the towing Springs that I thought. My mistake ordering them, now my car sags, and I've got a cough up another $160 and change the Springs myself. Times money. To make things even better, on the way back through the Mojave desert my heater core went out. Fortunately it's got a CPo warranty, unfortunately I can't trust the local dealership so I have to drive to Sacramento to have the dealership fix it, luckily it's only 50 bucks. And that covers this sway bar bushings too which are bad.
      Yesterday I spent all day delivering doordash checking out Auburn and a little bit placer County. Forest Hill road and some other spots. Found an awesome mining store in Auburn. I like to get back today to metal detector it caught a land where I saw people excavating for a new home in placer County. I've got to work my butt off to pay off these bills, I hope I could get one or two hours.
      I had went to Cold Springs to get some Paydirt with my wife from the bedrock that was exposed. So far I found tons of iron. Bringing it home to our kitchen, where I spent about an hour and a half learning to pan for the first time. With a five bucket gallon, it took me about a good hour to find a good rhythm. Wow am I a slow panner:(
      I'm working on it, ordered some classifiers, and realized I need to get a sluice box or something to make that process go faster. I totally don't have any cash left to do that though...
      So I also wanted to figure out how to make my GPZ and gold monster operate better where there's tons of iron. Sitting in bed right now I was just trying to set my machine with Steve's super hot settings, which apparently were not as hot as the ones I was running, when the ultimate nightmare happened.
      Not even dressed, GPZ in my arms, I can see a gray line going down the center of the screen. Un freaking believable. I hardly used my GPZ yet. Not the hundreds of hours required. I've never dropped it I have no idea how this happened. Every free second of my day I try to spend looking for gold. there's no way I could afford to part with it for a couple months to send it to Australia. I'm hoping there's some way to have it fixed we're able to fix itself. Has anybody ever seen it a grey line in their display?
      Now my f75 LCD is worse than my GPZ, and my poor GPZ has a line through it... I never let it go in lower than  15-20°....

    • By Lunk
      What better way to ring in the new year than going nugget shooting in the sunny desert southwest. 😎 In my wanderings through an area heavily worked by the old-time placer miners, I spied an old raked and drywashed nugget patch on a hillside that sloped down to a gravel bench deposit high above the dry creek bed. Back in the VLF gold detector era, the surface rocks were raked away in order to get the detector coil right on the ground, to make up for their limited depth capabilities. Detecting these types of environments with the newer PI and ZVT tech can reveal deeper nuggets that were beyond the reach of VLF detector operators. Slow and methodical coverage of the old patch with the GPZ 7000 yielded two small nuggets for the poke today.


    • By phrunt
      I went for a hike yesterday in the mountains with the family not too far from home and while walking a track a found a little bit of something with my eyes, looks like possibly some form of jewellery of some type or something off some clothes or something, I have no idea, it's not magnetic.
      As you can see it says Park Avenue NY on it, so hoping someone in the US might know what it could possibly be.  It's very small and could possibly be off an ear ring?
      Now I'll take you for a bit of a visual tour of where I was.  I did not know there was gold in the area but I've since been advised otherwise, here is the information I have about the gold in the area.  I think finding the gold mine area would be a bit remote without using a helicopter to get there though 😞
      Abandoned gold mine.

      The mine site is within a gorge on the Wilson River, 4 kilometers from Preservation Inlet, and accessed by walking along the old tramway. The Department of Conservation (DOC) keeps the site accessible by clearing vegetation, which is thick temperate rain-forest and tree ferns.

      The auriferous quartz reef was discovered in 1892 by James Smith, one of a party of alluvial miners. He had felled a tree, in the process this knocked down another tree, exposing the reef.

      Due to the site's remote location, little subsequently happened for a time. The prospectors sold a fourth share in the claim to raise money for equipment, and the Golden Site Mining Company was formed. Meanwhile the government began a slow process in constructing a tramway through the thick rain-forest to the location. Inclement weather, a lack of supplies, and a disgruntled poorly paid workforce all inhibited the development of the mine.

      The mine opened with a ten head battery in 1894, and over the subsequent thirteen month period it produced 640 tonnes of ore for 666 ounces of gold. By the end of 1895, 1,155 tonnes of ore had been extracted for 875 ounces of gold. Gold values in the reef then decreased.

      The company was reconstructed in 1897 as the New Golden Site Extended Company, and by 1899 the main shaft was down to 210 feet with two levels. Poor returns continued and the mine closed in 1901, and the battery was sold. The mine was taken over by Webster (surname) of Invercargill in 1907, but it never re-opened.

      When the mine closed, most of the equipment remained, as it was too expensive to remove due to the remote location. The ten head stamp battery, main winch, pelton wheel, berdans all remain.
        I doubt it'd be worth going back with a detector sometime... but I guess that's how gold is found in the first place, exploring random areas.  
    • By Libertas
      ..and bought a used GPZ 7000. It will compliment my 4500, GM and Nox 800. Hopefully it will provide an edge on old hammered patches I know of. Guess I had better start lifting weights!
      Any sage advice from the GPZ veterans here much appreciated.
    • By phrunt
      X-coils have now made Concentric coils for the GPZ 7000, It has been a while in the making and it's a long way off the standard DOD coil design the GPZ uses but it works, and it works very well.
      They are the future of coils for the GPZ.  The coil is also a spiral wound coil.
      Here is a video of the ferrite balance.  Settings at the time were HY / Normal / 14 gain.
      There is also a lower video quality longer version video of it balancing out the ferrite ring which shows it reacting more to the ferrite before the balance, the video quality isn't a good but if you're interested you can watch it here.  https://youtu.be/g_srJhzo5cI
      There are currently two sizes in existence, the 17" round and a 15" round.  They are not for sale at this stage but I figured people would be interested to see a new coil for the GPZ far different than anything that's existed before.
      Here is a video of it being tested on a nugget in the air,  This is in HY/Normal/14, there is a lot of EMI around as this is filmed in an urban area.
      I will be getting one of the coils as soon as possible in the 15" size, so I'll do some more video and showing how it operates when it arrives on some nuggets and other targets, and obviously I'll be aiming to find nuggets using it straight away 🙂
    • By GB_Amateur
      I can't remember this being discussed but maybe I've missed it or forgotten it.  Given how deep the Zed has been known to find small nuggets it seems to me it could do well on coins.  Any experience (or reliable hearsay 😁) on this?
      As a distantly related sidelight, a couple weeks back on Curse of Oak Island (TV show) Gary Drayton is seen with a GPZ-7000 and it had the ML 19" coil mounted.  It's impossible from watching alone to know how long he swung it but in terms of air time it was minimal and I don't recall any footage of them digging a target he found with it.  Later he was back to his trusty ML CTX3030, so maybe just a publicity/advertising stunt.  (It's also risky to interpret scenes on these shows as reliably chronological, so maybe we'll see more of the 7000 in later episodes.)
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