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Interview With The Tarsacci Inventor Dimitar Gargov

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I've been reading through Dimitar's patent today. It uses a square wave (voltage) transmitter which produces a triangle wave current. When the coil is non-ideal (due to resistance) the triangle wave becomes slightly exponential, especially at lower frequencies. The patent describes an analog correction process after the preamp that compensates for this. Then it describes a the possibility of multiple demod stages (I/Q pairs), each with a preceding notch filter. One demod pair has a notch filter for ground, the others have different notches for different target responses. That's as far as I got, these things are tough to read. I fell asleep twice.

Bottom line is, the Tarsacci is 100% continuous-wave VLF. It is NOT sinusoidal like most single-frequency VLFs, but the demods are continuous-time just like SF-VLFs so it does not use time-domain demodulation like BBS/FBS. However, the preprocessing before the demods is done in time-domain fashion, so overall I would call it mixed time/frequency domain. I have to admit, I've not seen things done quite like this.

My own developments have included square-wave drive designs and I've considered coil compensation methods but at this point I've pushed it into DSP. But I understand exactly what Dimitar is doing there. The ground/target notching is more interesting to me and I think I know what he's doing but I need to keep reading.

Congratulations to Dimitar on a different and clever solution. Too bad FTP didn't hang on to him.


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I for one hope you continue to study his patent and share your thoughts here. It is nice that you have settled the issue VLF or PI, at least to my satisfaction. Very nice compliment to Dimitar I think coming from you. I can tell you, he stands behind his detector and is never to busy to talk with anyone. Very down to earth guy. Look forward to more reports on the detector.

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      I’ve been wanting to use the pig tail that comes with my Tarsacci but at the same time I wanted the new Sun Ray Pro Gold headphones to go with it. I just like being able to unplug from my Tarsacci anytime I want. The headphones have a universal plug that the 1/4” screws down over the 1/8” making it two plugs in one so to say. It also has a volume control for each ear that helps me a lot being the hearing in my right ear is not as good as the other.
      If you’re wondering why it’s called a pig tail because it’s short like one.

      One important thing you need to do is anchor the pig tail down to the shaft so not to be pulling directly on it . If you don’t it’s going to take a beating and not last long at all.
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      PS The headphones came from Rob’s detectors .

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      Over on the Tarsacci forum a lot of us have been expressing the need for a smaller coil.
       Some say they want a round coil of different sizes from 4” to 7” but I’m the one who’s throwing a pipe in the spokes. I’m wanting a elliptical coil say around a 10 X 5” that I think gives you more ground coverage on each swing.
       We’ve been told that the powers that be is thinking about coming out with one. That’s the rumor and right now that’s all it is .
       I just think any detector can’t show it’s full potential if held back because of lack of coils.
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      We all know that if you put the Tarsacci down on the ground with the coil flat it’s not going to fall over. I don’t know if you notice when you do put it down right below the hand grip can hit the ground.
       We spend lots on our detectors and I like protecting my investment. I’ve made other stands for other detectors I have so why not my Tarsacci.
       The best material for them is 1/2” Hot Water PVC pipe. 
       Here’s what you going to need.
      One PVC T
      4-45 degree joints  
      3 -end caps 
       About 6” of 1/2” PVC
       Just remember everything is 1/2”
       You will need cleaner and glue. I always use the clear glue.
       I didn’t want the stand too wide so I cut off about 3/16 off each side of the T and the same on two of the 45’s. I done this so to narrow the stand so not to hit you when swinging.
       I hope all the pictures will help if you wish to make one. The black paint is the type that will stick to any surface.

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