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With eager anticipation I assume many of the early adopters are currently using the Equinox and as such are addicted to wireless headphones. Recent posts on Bluetooth transmitters by Chase and others have tried the Trond and Tautronics and seem to have more success with the Trond. Which direction are you guys headed on Bluetooth transmitters for the Impulse?



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I just received the latest version of the TaoTronics yesterday as a matter of fact. I was surprised how tiny it is, half what I imagined looking at the pictures. I plan on using a Velcro tab to stick it on my Goldmaster 24K, Time Ranger Pro, DFX, and when I get it, the Impulse. I assume it will work with my Equinox phones, which I am just fine with. Anyway, I wanted one solution that would work for everything. I’ll report back when I get a chance to try it on all my machines.


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Thanks Steve, I have not pulled the trigger yet. One of my pet peaves is USB mini and micro charging plugs. The tiniest piece of debris get in either end of the plug and the charging gets wonky. Really like the newer USB C plug, much easier to clean the debris out.

You know the situation, the plug doesn't mate up perfectly, so you have to hold your mouth just right then balance the cable position just perfect and hope nothing moves. The offending fly speck never just blows out our comes out with a few taps. You have to find a very thin wire the size of frogs hair to dislodge the speck.

I'll let you all know if I find one with USB C port!


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Don’t know, I have a table covered with mini and micro and every other darn thing and I really don’t have problems. For $30 it’s not something I lose sleep over.

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KInd of related to the subject. I have a telephone back up battery pack  that I use to add to my Go Pro's run time. I just turn the Go Pro on and it runs for 6 plus hours..I have it strapped to the top of my head phones on the crossover band. It's been working for over a year now, and I hunt in the water only. Amazing with all of it 3 small plugs I've yet to have a problem. 

The white chamber on the headphones I made to make sure the audio of the detector is fully captured. Something very important for I learn from watching my own video's.

I don't mind the coiled cable on the detector, more of a safety tether for me being in the water mostly

go pro headpones.jpg

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Since Steve went with the Tau Tronics i went with the Trond, see if there is any differences. To look at the thing it appears identical to the Tau.

I mated it to a plug I had for my Vallon VMH3  and it works like a champion, I like it a lot.

I see a few practical problems for use on the beach.

-Clearly it isnt wàter tight so no wading. 

-In the picture the blue ring is the switch,  A grain of sand can get in there and I'm sure will mess it up.

-The charging port is also uncovered, in short order the salty beach  mist and fog will do it in.


I have been using a bit electricians tape to cover the openings while I used it on the beach but I dont think it will be practical on the beach with the Impulse AQ. I will be using it for sure with my other land maçhines, the low latency works fine!



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I used my Trond on the wet sand for a year with my Tarsacci and never had any problems. I plan on using it with the AQ as well.

It's not likely to ever get wet so I'm not too worried about it.

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On 6/8/2020 at 5:23 PM, Tmox said:

Which direction are you guys headed on Bluetooth transmitters

Since the Equinox requires line of sight, it is worthless to me at the beach. There is no where on the front of my body I want that thing. If it is on the machine it is in the splash/wet zone. 

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I don’t see how these micro BT transceivers are even practical for use on Impulse given the special connector for the audio output.  The connector alone must weigh more than than twice the Trond module and that is not even accounting for the weight of the patch cable that you would have to custom fabricate yourself.  Besides the module can’t really can’t be exposed to moisture.  For something like this, it would have been preferable for the transmitter to be built into the detector (a la Equinox, Vanquish, Simplex, or Apex).

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    • By phrunt
      One of the things that always bugged me with the GPX was it didn't have an internal speaker.  Once you make a little Lipo battery setup for it the detector becomes a pretty good cordless detector if you use something like the Quest Wirefree setup to give you cordless headphones but if you want a speaker instead of headphone it gets more complicated.  The Lipo battery setups generally don't have an amplifier and because you're no longer using the stock Minelab battery with built in Amp you're stuck with headphones or using an aftermarket Amp like the SP01 or B&Z which then ads cords back onto your cordless setup.
      I'd modified a Logitech X-50 Speaker to have a mount or my GPX and it worked well.

      This is a modified X-50 where I added a shaft mount.  It's downside is it sticks out the side of the shaft and is prone to bumping it on things.
      Now I've been advised of a better option, the JBL Wind.

      Designed for bike handlebars it sits over the shaft facing upwards so good for the audio pointing towards your head 🙂  It also lasts 10 hours of detecting.
      Splash Proof Portable Bluetooth speaker for motorcycles, bicycle and outdoor travel. An all-in-one speaker with built-in FM Radio, SD card for MP3 playback, Aux-In and Handsfree conferencing function.
      Wireless and To-Go Speaker. Easy connection with your electronic devices wirelessly. Hand free calling on the go with built in microphone. Carabiner and bicycle handlebar mounting and bracket supplied for dual outdoor usage. Built in FM Radio (20 stations), microSD card slot (up to 32GB) for MP3 playback and Aux-In for cable audio connectivity, JBL Wind is IP45 rated against water splash resistant with built in Lithium-ion battery that can last up to 10 hours of music playback I've ordered one this morning, I'll update the post once it arrives and let you know what I think of it.  Unfortunately it probably won't fit my GPZ shaft.
    • By Yellowstone
      Got a desert trip planned in a couple of weeks and was wondering if anyone (Steve especially) has had a chance to test out the AQ for nuggets?  I got mine at the end of September and it has already paid for itself in beach finds, including my first platinum ring ever, a 25.2 gram monster.
      I know it's not designed for prospecting, but was thinking about taking along it to play around.  I did air test a 2.0 gram gold/quartz nugget with Pulse Delay of 7, max sensitivity and minimum ATS and it was a solid hit at 5" and broke the threshold at 7".  For each 1/2 increase of Pulse Delay, I lost about an inch or so.
      If anyone has field experience, I would like to know your results.  I will relay actual findings (if any) after I get back.
      Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!
    • By schoolofhardNox
      So the tides were decent enough on my days off to try again for some gold with the AQ or GPX. Since my beaches will not relent with the sanding in, I decided to try another strategy. Day one was split between the AQ for low tide and the GPX for deep silver. With the beach heavily sanded at low tide, all I could do was get some junk jewelry with the AQ. The GPX scored 3 silvers using the monster 18"DD Detech coil. It must have been a sight watching this guy struggle with that coil while holding a side stick and a big spade shovel 😄 The GPX wins that day. But... Day two was raining, so the GPX loses by default ... tough luck GPX (needs to be waterproof, hint, hint) So all day long I used the AQ at another beach which has a decent low tide. But as usual around here, it was sanded in more than ever. Low tide produced very few targets, just 3 zinc cents, some small junk jewelry and bottle caps. It looked like a wasted trip. But I wandered around all over, from high to low tide looking for a break. I knew that the rings were out of reach by the level of the sand against a breaker wall, so I decided to look for small jewelry in hopes of finding a gold stud or even a charm. No luck until I hit a small slope. By this time I had put gold out of my mind and just wanted to dig for the rest of the day. I used the all metal mode exclusively, just to boost the number of targets. I did get a lot of iron and bottle caps but then it happened. I got gold!!!!! No, not Joe or Mitchel kind of gold, 🙄 but more like anything I can get will do gold. So a small prayer necklace pendant shows up. I could tell it was gold right away. 10k it is...my FIRST gold with the AQ. I could now relax. So I started to grid this area carefully and a little while later I got a hit and could see a small bit of the target I thought was going to be a small silver earring.  But it turned out to be a 10k diamond studded Ankh symbol. Looks like a cross with a loop at the top. It's used in ancient Egypt, representing the symbol of life. Gorgeous little piece and my SECOND gold with the AQ. I was in shock. So I start to look around as I am getting back up and about 3 feet from that target I can visually see pieces of a gold rope chain sticking out of the sand. In my moment of professionalism, I tried every combination on the AQ to better find chains......... Actually I just grabbed that thing as fast as I could 😂 So I haven't tried the AQ to see if it actually would pick the chain up or not. But technically not my THIRD gold of the day since it is .925 with 1/12 10K overlay. I think they call that Vermeil. My bad day turned real good, real fast. I hunted a while longer and called it a day.  Thank you AQ for hitting that first gold target and making me stay in that area!

    • By Matelot
      Hi all.
      Over the last couple of days I've had a complete nightmare trying to pair my ML80 headphones to my Nox 800. So much so that yesterday I had to detect just using the speaker. Had a fairly good day though so it wasn't all bad! Anyway I didn't want to resurrect the two and a half year old thread below and thought I'd post a solution I found today whilst trying to get the damn things to connect.
      So, after trying all the solutions in the thread below, reading the manual, factory resetting everything and watching various Youtube vids I still couldn't get them to connect to the detector. Now my headphones WOULD connect to my iPhone so it wasnt a problem with them.  In the end I tried to connect the WM08 wireless module to the detector, which worked so it wasn't a problem with the detectors bluetooth card. Now I was pulling my hair out! Anyway I tried connecting the headphones again after the success with the WM08 module and bugger me if they didn't connect within five seconds! I've confirm tested that they will connect automatically going forward so all is well. There doesn't seem to be any logic to that solution but it worked. So if anyone has an issue in the future and nothing else works, try connecting the WM08 module first then trying the headphones again. Well, guess I now have to go and redo all my detector settings. Cheers all. 
    • By mn90403
      I received my AQ yesterday afternoon.  I put the battery on charger and about an hour later it was fully charged.  After some scrambling around to get out of my apartment I hit the beach on an incoming tide.  I went to an area where I had seen beach PI holes before and decided to give it a try.  As you can see it was not a productive location except for the eCig cartridges which I got 3 of them.  They were deep and the sound was high.
      I started out in everything preset as the Quick Start suggests.  I didn't know what it was going to sound like but it is a higher pitch than I normally listen to.  The waves were making some noise as I was mostly in ankle deep but sometimes knee deep water.  The headphones were comfortable for the 3 hours I was out.  I didn't have a coin for the first 1.5 hours.  I've never had so many bottle caps but I don't hunt this area of the beach.  My deepest target was about 20 inches and was the bottom of the can.  I couldn't find one target at 24" and still digging.  At the end of 2 hours I decided to 'experiment' with going down a notch on frequency delay.  Then on the way back to my start I switched to tone mode.  That was when I heard a 'weird' low tone and when I dug it it was a dime.
      When I first started I had put my cell phone in my top pocket and on the 3rd dig hole it dropped in mud.  Now I have a finicky cell phone that doesn't want to charge properly.  I ordered another BLU phone to replace it. 
      When I put the two shafts together and tried the length I thought it was going to be too long.  It would be if it was a heavy unit but I was able to use the first notch with the push out pin but this would not be good for my wife.  I would suggest that the pin be moved on the lower shaft and also make it shorter.
      It is going to be a learning curve to find a beach that is PI 'friendly' which means that it holds deep jewelry/gold and not just deep trash.

    • By zippykar
      Newbie here,how do I connect the  Garrett Z-Lynk to the Equinox 600?  Doesn't the WT-1 box of the Z Lynk have to be physically connected to the 600 via adapter cord? I didn't see any such cord on the Minelab site.
      I just bought this 600 havn't even used it yet  but fter reading post from different sources, I think I'm going to hate this thing.
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