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Pretty Good Find

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French Jar??? i can read : NIVEAU.......





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That is an interesting find and it sure would be nice to know when/how it arrived at that site.  Did you detect it and then look down or did you spot it before swinging a detector over it?  I was with some clients detecting in Oregon years back and one of them dug a beautiful green bottle.  At the bottom was a couple ounces of mercury in it.  Not sure what he did, but I guess there could have been gold in the mercury too.  Cool find.


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On 6/9/2020 at 7:46 AM, madtuna said:

Spotted a jar half sticking out of the ground yesterday...….


Between 10 and 15 kg of Mercury. 👍 Will break it down into 1kg lots and process it through my retort as it appears quite gritty so could be holding a bit of gold.

Sure beats the 3 grams I found too😃

Please be careful with your retort. Remember that Hg can and will vaporize at room temperature and lower. Proper protection from Hg fumes requires a proper face mask with special Hg filters.

The photo below illustrates 450 lbs. of Mercury being cleaned using proper protection in a laboratory setting. 


Jim_and_Mirror copy.jpg

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Thanks for your concerns Jim.

I am well aware of the dangers of Mercury and have been using the same 1kg to process gold for a gazillion years reclaiming it each time using a retort and yes I use PPE.


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