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Detech has introduced two new coils for the Minelab GPX, GP, SD series of Gold Detectors. They are listing them as "New Technology".

They are currently being tested in the Australian Outback.  I will have pricing, availability and more information as I get it from Detech.


Please pm me if interested.



Rege            Creek Detector Sales



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Hey Rege,


I am interested....was waiting to get the Elite around Christmas time, but now you put a twist in my plan...haha...please keep me informed about the new coils. The Detech 10x15 Mono is my primary coil these days. I put on the others for a while but always resort going back to the Detech because of its stability and its not bump sensitive.



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Hi Jasong,

As soon as the Zed came out Detech realized the need for some new coils for those swinging the other GPX, GP and SD detectors. They took their time as I and Stinky Pete in OZ asked for some new coil offerings many, many months ago, so much time was involved in research and development.

I have no info on the " New Technology ", only that they listed the coils to me under that heading in an email.

So, I guess they will compete with the others out there.

I expect an initial order soon and will post more on pricing and availability.


Thanks for your interest.

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Hi Rege,


Yes I am and I cant explain how it does it....but I do know when I have my D coil on I find gold. I think it has something to do with how dang stable they run. In the beginning I had to throw something on the ground so I knew it was working, realizing its just stable and you can't beat the fact that it passes the bump test very well. The only other coil that comes close is the Nuggetfinder coils I have, but Detech coils are priced better. Can't wait to hear the test results and how well it does compared to the Coiltek Elite 14" Mono.



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      I've got no doubt that there is improvement in the new coils in how they enhance the target information or audio response of the detector through better windings etc. but I'm not entirely convinced it's as substantial as some make out. My thoughts are it may be about 10% performance improvement  (every bit does help regardless) & 90% of a placebo effect i.e. you buy a new coil excited by the possibilities of it's performance, you regain some enthusiasm & become more positive in approach even detecting more carefully + with more purpose - then when you find gold of course it's the new coil that done it right? 
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      New detectors could also have a very similar affect on us. What do the experts reckon?
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