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Important Announcement From White's Electronics

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38 days and counting -- this thread has more life in it that White's Electronics, by far!


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I just received this email! Important Information from White's Electronics June 18, 2020 To our valued

This was very unexpected, I thought they had another 5 years just coasting. White's had a lot of problems, but I gotta say that in all the jobs I've had the past 40 years, the 6 with White's was by fa

There were a lot of problems, starting with the family. They never had a high opinion of engineers and thought they could be easily replaced as needed. And one particular engineer with an outsized ego

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First of all, it is necessary to realize ... that every metal detector ... even the successful one ..can be further improved..to perfection ... ,, and if it is not the right way .... then it is necessary to continue and to produce a new metal detector which will be better than before .... but at the same time it can address the requirements of many detectors for better performance of the detector and its effective design ..

There is no other way ... It is still necessary to go further ... It is still a competition ... where the other manufacturers of supers are also really good ...

If Whites get me a kind of chance .... it's right now for him .... to come up with something innovative .. "New Spectra" .and also rightly supported and advertised his still well and proven MXT detectors ...


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I am in no hurry to get my hands on the next best thing, Even against the newer models I am not loosing any ground but I am not gaining any either, My MXT has not stopped working just because someone has come out with a new machine, And all the wild claims that were posted before the NOX was released turned out about 5% truth and the rest was wishful thinking, It's a Great machine but it never made all other detectors obsolete and the end product is just another damn good detector,

As a good all rounder the Fisher F-75 DST is the only machine I would like,

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First of all, you need to realize that Equinox is a very effective detector at its price ... and the third firmware confirms that it wants to go further ...

That doesn't change the fact that MXT is super Good .... and Spectra V3 ... if it had another upgrade that was planned, it would also be significantly higher than it is now ....

Although my colleague claims that the original.. Spectra-Vision.. was the sharpest and deepest of all Spectra ... He already had 4 Spectra ..and he still uses Vision....

In 2 months we will hopefully do some Whites Spectra-Vision, V3.. and V3i tests on the test field .... and confirm or refute this idea ...

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Yep the V3/V3i was well ahead of it's time and in one respect it is almost future proof, Like a couple of early Whites machines you had to be a rocket scientist to understand them, They have far more adjustability beyond the scope of most detectorists, and if they had given it the MXT's Tracking it would of been even hotter on Gold for those who like an All In One machine.

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And maybe, just maybe, someone, somewhere can legally “purchase” the V3i platform, along with all the codes and IP rights.....and take it further...much further?

We can all hope, right 👍

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Steve, and Others With Contacts.

Whites has been around for so long with many thousands of machines still in use and many loyal customers who will still want to keep those machines and will need service and parts, yes I understand there is a service agent.

It just seems to Me that someone could use that service and parts business base to sustain the company while going through unused ideas and patents to develop new products, such as a V3i and High Power TDI in a Sport case Etc. I have several ideas myself.

MY Question To You --

Do you know of anyone with the financial means to just buy the operation outright with cash.?

Yes it would be risky, But a true Detector Enthusiast that has money to risk could turn the company around and either keep it for the fun and maybe pass it to their kids, or sell it once recovered.

I say buy for cash, because unless there was a mass amount of money thrown at it (not recommended) the secret would be to not have large overhead from company debt, then the repair business and minimal sales could sustain it until sales return.

As For Me,  I have a small Technical Troubleshooting Business in Arizona and do not have such cash, but what I would be willing to do is move to Sweethome and spearhead the Repair Business and General Recovery of the business, if you can find such an Enthusiast, I as another Life Long Enthusiast will supply my management and repair business expertise at a minimal cost for a stake in Saving An Industry Icon.


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The sentiment is nice but Whites willingness to give a thought about their customers has been less than economical and I think you would be hard stretch to find anyone here willing to help a company that has ignored the many requests for simple features for at leased the past 10 years in favour of their own career goals, Whites had the machines that could out gun all other VLF's 10/20 years before everyone else but they rode that train too long, If they had added the new features to a couple of their machines they would still be at the top, Companies from the EU saw the value in listening to their customers and Whites started the beginning of the end and even now they are blaming other countries for their downfall, They did not listen and they knew better, Or so they thought.

As companies go they don't deserve a second chance if the current management is involved,

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Hi Gary,

The last thing I would do if involved is pay money for an old, high cost production facility. It's a liability, not an asset. There are already people positioned to do repairs in the future, though that may come at a cost rather than under warranty. There are few assets one need buy. What patents do you think exist that would prevent anyone else from making a TDI or V3i, as long as the obvious look and feel issues were circumvented? None that I know of.

I could see some foreign company that wanted legal access to the American market buying the rights, and immediately moving production offshore to lower costs. Not much else makes sense to me other than selling off assets for a dime on the dollar.

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Whites should still have a patent on a Combo VLF PI detector if the rumor was true, and they did still produce until recently anyway products, it's hard to believe their production cost are much higher than any other U.S based detector manufacturer, given they are in a little town with relatively low wages, the service side I see as mainly just a backup income for times like now and the natural economy fluctuations, the main worth of the company is a 70 year customer base, BUT that worth declines rapidly if they stay closed, so it needs to stay open until new models start selling, and Serious Upgrades for old models could bring in new revenue also. I would push to develop a new basic universal main control board to use on almost every unit to greatly cut costs, and justify retail costs between models by level of additional features in programming and clock speed, Pulse machines or their successor could also use that board with an added timing feature or a small separate board, but all interface work would be done by the universal board, the V3i has the technology, it just needs to use updated faster smaller electronics. My guess is other companies have already consolidated parts more then Whites, and certainly miniaturized more, like with the Nox.

I am offering to head that effort, but only if someone has the funds and gonads to risk them, I'm not interested in a job, I already have a successful company, I would like to be a partner in saving a once great company that needs my help and is in a industry at the heart of a hobby I have been hooked on since building my first detector from old broken Transistor Radio parts in the 60's, pre High School.

Covid could be a blessing if industry wakes up and sees they are far too dependent on imported parts, supplies and finished goods, most electronics manufacturing is now automated so wages are less of a factor in production costs.



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